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    3 ways to write engaging website copy

    You could possess the best product(s) and service(s) on the market but if your copy doesn’t lure your visitors into wanting more, it lacks the engagement needed to make sales. Since the following three tips aren’t specific to any one type of website, it’s time to immerse yourself and learn some content writing techniques that can be used regardless of your industry. 

    Write benefit-driven rather than feature-driven copy

    While it’s good to possess some copy on your website explaining your company’s accomplishments and distinctions, some businesses have far too much content boasting their brand, which distracts visitors from purchasing. Although it might sound harsh, people don’t care about your company, they only care about how it can solve their problems, and while there are fiercely loyal consumers out there, it takes time for your company to build up this type of following. 

    To distinguish what we mean, benefits are the outcomes or results that users can expect from your product’s experience, whereas, the features are some sort of functionality that your product has. It’s important to know the difference and ensure that your website content writer does too!

    Write using the customer’s voice

    The tone and style of your web copy defines the voice of your brand across all of its channels which is why it’s crucial to establish and maintain this editorial consistency. Not only does powerfully persuasive writing reach prospective shoppers, but it also resonates with their wants and needs creating a hierarchical structure of relative importance and satisfaction. Simply put, if the voice on your website is in line with the experience or expectations of your customers, they will want to purchase your products or services. 

    Be sure to A/B test copy on high-value pages

    While nobody knows your business better than you, that doesn’t mean that you should gamble with big decisions based on how you think that visitors to your site will behave. This is why website content writers often work alongside a search engine optimization team to test elements of campaigns, such as landing pages. Not all copy is created equal and the pages with killer conversion rates are the first that need to be addressed.

    Here are some web copy elements that you might want to test:

    • Questions versus statements in headlines
    • Headline length
    • Short-form versus long-form copy
    • Language and/or word choice
    • Points of view

    If conducting an A/B on your web copy seems like a daunting task, consider hiring a website content writer to handle the development of your new website content.

    Are there any other methods that you use to formulate engaging content? Drop a comment below to add a tip!

    These marketing tactics will help you to build your law business

    In a world where we are constantly finding new ways of doing things, like providing legal assistance, you must adapt your strategy to find new clients and meet the needs of those returning for your services. Digital marketing has continued to be useful for businesses in the modern age, which is why we’ve listed four marketing tactics that your law firm needs below.  

    Put effort into branding 

    While there are many ways to improve your digital marketing efforts, all avenues lead back to building a brand that clients know and trust. Without strong branding, people will be reluctant to consider your company in their search for legal guidance. That being said, when we refer to branding, we aren’t just referencing your company logo. Branding is a collective impact or lasting impression that’s seen, heard, or experienced by the consumer who has come into contact with your business and its products or services. In managing your branding, you have the power to create the effect passed onto your current and future customers. 

    Since most people don’t have experience searching for lawyers, and there are likely many firms in your area, it’s important to use digital branding as your way to set yourself apart from the competition.

    Optimize your practice’s pages

    Since law firms can specialize in a different area of law, all of your companies’ services must be covered on the website with seamless accessibility for all users. 

    Whether you need help creating content or are hoping to find out more about local SEO services and how they optimize your website for faster viewing, we recommend that you start by making a budget, setting some business goals, and researching how SEO-friendly copy will help you to bring in the traffic you need. 

    *Keep in mind that if your law firm services more areas than your immediate location, you will need to use location keywords to offer you the best chance of ranking high for more terms. 

    Keep up with the content

    No matter what type of legal advice prospecting clients are searching for, aside from relying on the word-of-mouth of their peers, most people will first research before they settle on a firm. Since creeping your Google search ranking and expanding your company reviews are both ways to help people land on your brand, you need to be prepared to show them what you’re made of. 

    Producing professional, informative content is a great way to advertise to potential clients that you’re knowledgeable about your field and willing to answer any questions they may have before committing to work with you. To ensure that you answer all of the right questions, consider local SEO services to be sure your content offers the best resources.

    Harness the power of email marketing

    When you’re looking to expand your law business, it’s important to keep in touch with your current clients and potential customers as much as you can. By getting started with email marketing, you can be sure that you’re staying in their minds and continue to offer support through the distribution of free e-content.

    Once you become comfortable with your email strategy, whether you’re doing it on your own or seeking assistance from a professional digital marketing company, you can segment your email list into groups to cater to customers at different stages (ex. Returning clients, new customers, or those needing more information on your services). This will ensure that your emails are more likely to reach the right people with relevant, important updates about your law firm. 

    Which of the above marketing tactics is the most promising option for your law firm? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

    Have you considered podcasting as part of your content marketing strategy?

    In a world full of businesses looking to make their mark, a well-developed content marketing strategy is essential for reaching and converting a prospective audience. The modern informational age has been ramping up for quite some time, and while delivering content regularly is the gold standard, consumers also expect that content to be available in a variety of formats, with the option to select the method that best connects them with your brand. So, if you want current and future customers to hear your entrepreneurial “voice”, be sure to consider using podcasting as part of your content marketing strategy. 

    Consumers are always looking for ways to reach new content quickly and conveniently

    While you may already have some working methods in place for reaching your target market, depending on the demographics of your ideal consumer, you may also want to consider how they will best engage with your industry. Although some people prefer to sit down and read their content, others enjoy on-the-go convenience, especially if they’re auditory learners. So, all this considered, a podcast possesses the potential to deliver your messages more quickly and conveniently for some, allowing the consumer to absorb your content by listening to your podcasts in the car, while exercising, or during their downtime. Aside from being a quick and convenient content marketing strategy for listeners, it’s also minimalistic, allowing consumers the ability to listen even when they feel mentally drained after a long day. Plus, since podcasting is usually orchestrated and placed together with consequential episodes, it’s a great way to take complex concepts and strategies and slowly teach them over time in ways that help make them easier to understand. 

    Audio content is far easier for business owners to create

    Unless you’re a professional writer, creating good quality written content takes a lot of time and a good amount of energy. This not-so-easy vice is oftentimes a struggle for e-commerce business owners for a variety of reasons—language barriers, low confidence in their writing skills, or lack of time. However, creating a podcast episode—or any auditory content in general—is far quicker, as you simply need to lay out a quick script, or if you’re confident in the topic, wing it by speaking into a microphone or some headphones. Aside from a bit of editing, creating podcast episodes will allow you to produce a whole lot of content in a fraction of the time it would take to write out and publish that same content. This is a great way to free up your spare time for other tasks that will help to build up your business and content marketing strategy overall. 

    Podcast content is diverse and can be repurposed into other content and formats

    While many types of podcast episodes are accessible through iTunes or other podcast players, your auditory creation can also be repurposed and inserted into a blog post, social media post, or newsletter. A great content marketing strategy is all about producing the most amount of content with the smallest amount of effort, so we also recommend repurposing your podcasts so that they can be delivered through other digital marketing efforts, heightening the chance of your reaching your ideal consumer. Since your audience likely uses multiple channels, it’s beneficial to formulate your content to be sent out on all types of mediums. This offers the greatest opportunity for your brand to connect with customers and utilize your curated content to nurture brand presence, which adds value to your business and those who buy your products or services. 

    Are there other reasons that podcasting belongs in your content marketing strategy? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

    5 tips for how to proofread like a pro

    Proofreading is an essential skill that many talented writers working at digital marketing agencies in Vancouver have, ensuring their client’s messages are communicated clearly, effectively, and professionally. While spelling and grammar tools are valuable as backups for business owners, it’s important for the person writing to thoroughly review their written content before anything is published live for the consumer world to see. Since many business owners are passionate about their products and often busy handling other affairs, they rely on the professional services of Trek Marketing to plan and create their content for them. Needless to say, we do possess clients that are aspiring writers themselves, and since today is National Proofreading Day, we have some tips for those who want to challenge their skills. 

    Tip #1: Be sure to read your writing out loud 

    Reading written content out loud is extra beneficial in the proofreading process because hearing the words can help you to find missing or misspelled words. Even the best writers will regularly read through their work as a benefit to the writing process. Not only will this technique help you in catching unnecessary phrases, but it will also allow you to create coherence in your writing, find your voice, and become a better reader and writer overall. 

    Tip #2: Change the way you look at your writing 

    Even the most proficient writers working at digital marketing agencies in Vancouver and beyond should take hold of an opportunity to revamp the way they analyze their writing. In fact, when re-reading the same types of content on the same types of platforms, it’s quite easy to glaze over simple mistakes, especially if proofreading is an essential role in your day-to-day job. As a way to combat this, try printing out the document, or conversely, open it on your desktop. Sometimes even changing the font or colour of your text is enough to visually alter the copy to make you more aware of mistakes that are slipping through. 

    Tips #3: Check for a variety of elements when proofreading

    Until your writing has been published it’s considered to be in its drafting stage, and there are an assortment of components that you could be looking for, aside from spelling mistakes and grammatical correctness. For example, you could fact-check your work to ensure that the proper names, dates, numbers, and resources were used to create the content. Once all of the above details are verified, you also want to read your work again to ensure that the overall flow of the writing is meaningful, systematic, and comprehensible. By splitting up what you’re looking for each time you proofread, it’s far easier to focus on an individual aspect and catch the little mistakes. 

    Tip #4: Ensure that any keywords and phrases you use are correct

    Novice writers heavily rely on their thesaurus to write a good piece of content, however, they should also remember to keep the dictionary closeby. Many words in the English language are interchangeable in their meanings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best words to use in a particular writing project. This is especially true for longer documents. While you may want to get creative to avoid using the same words over and over, you also want to ensure that these changes don’t affect the meaning of the copy. 

    Keep in mind that sometimes consistent use is beneficial, especially if you’re an e-commerce business trying to get noticed on the wide web. Digital marketing agencies in Vancouver focus on a list of key terms as part of their search engine optimization service and create custom content to help your business rank better on popular search engines.

    Tip #5: Edit and read your work with a fresh set of eyes

    If you’re reading through your content and can’t seem to find any mistakes, chances are that you’re too tired to catch them. We recommend that you take a break between long proofreading rounds and switch between tasks, giving yourself some time to focus on something different and taking advantage of looking at your work again at a later time. Be sure to utilize this time and plan in advance so that you can include these breaks, yet still have enough time to make any changes before your upcoming deadlines. Alternatively, pass your work off to a friend or colleague to allow them to review your content for errors or edits missed. 

    Do you have any proofreading tips that you’d like to share with our readers? Drop them in the comment section below. 

    Make 2021 the year you crush your digital marketing goals

    If 2020 has taught us anything as digital marketing professionals, it’s that consumers heavily relied on available online conveniences to keep themselves safe during these crazy times. Whether it was virtual doctor’s appointments, online grocery shopping, or simply transitioning to ordering more of their necessities through e-commerce sources, it’s clear that the digital age is evolving and growing to suit this new normal. So, if your business missed out on some of the digital opportunities that were available, why not start 2021 off right by crushing your digital marketing goals? 

    Invest in professional search engine optimization services

    For business owners who don’t already know, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or web page via search engines. Since SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct or paid traffic, it can take a bit of time to improve your business ranking, especially if you aren’t using professional search engine optimization services. SEO is broken down into two categories, requiring work to be completed both on-site and off-site. 

    Some examples of on-site work that your SEO specialist would do as part of your search engine optimization service would include: 

    • Page layout optimizations
    • SEO audits
    • Page speed optimizations
    • Finding and fixing broken links
    • The creation of engaging content

    Some examples of off-site that your SEO specialist would do as part of your search engine optimization service would include:

    • Public relations
    • Guest posting
    • The creation of engaging content for back linking 

    Consider the benefits of pay-per-click advertising

    Pay-per-click advertising, better known in the digital marketing industry as PPC, is a method of online marketing where business owners can place ads in strategic places online and pay a fee only when that ad is clicked on by a visitor. It’s a quick way to buy quality visits to your site rather than attracting them organically, which can take time as we’ve discussed above. 

    How does it work, you ask? Well, when a user clicks the ad, your business will pay the host a specified fee, which can range between $1 to $2 and as high as $50 depending on where your impression is posted. 

    Here are some of the best benefits achieved through PPC:

    • Ads are extremely targeted to your audience
    • Ads retarget previous visitors
    • Ads are cost-effective
    • Ads are trackable
    • Ads are fast 

    Email marketing is good for sales and brand loyalty 

    Email marketing is the act of sending online messages and newsletters to a group of subscriber emails. In its simplest form, each email strives to target new and recurring customers to come back to the website and make a purchase. While email marketing relies heavily on sending advertisements to solicit sales and traffic, it also works as an opportunity to offer industry-news, business updates, or up-to-date inventory revisions. 

    Here are some of the best benefits of email marketing:

    • It’s good for customer acquisition
    • It’s an economic and cost-effect digital marketing strategy
    • Each email can be personalized through customization
    • Newsletters are designed to be action-oriented
    • It’s easy to measure profit using the appropriate tracking tools

    If you aren’t marketing on social networks, you should be

    Social media marketing is the use of an assortment of social media platforms and websites to promote your businesses’ products and/or services. Although it’s challenging to create a following with a strictly sales-oriented agenda, many business owners utilize the power of each platform to create a relationship with their customers by sharing images/videos and posting other engaging content. 

    Here are some of the best benefits of social media marketing: 

    • Increases brand awareness
    • Improves search engine rankings
    • Increases conversion rates
    • Leads to better customer satisfaction
    • Offers more brand authority
    • Allows you to gain valuable insights

    Top it all off with some insightful blogging

    Business blogging, while not as easy to track conversions, is an essential element that should be part of every digital marketing strategy. Business blogs are a space where you can create custom content that may appease your customer’s interests or even answer questions they have pertaining to your products, services, or the general larger umbrella of your niche industry.

    Here are some of the best benefits of business blogging: 

    • Increase your business visibility online
    • Builds brand awareness
    • Builds up SEO authority 
    • Asserts your position as an expert within your industry
    • Offers free content to your subscribers
    • Supports the growth of your business
    • Engage with customers

    Do you have any further questions about any of the above digital marketing services? One of our Client Success Managers would be happy to answer your questions via email, by phone, or through a virtual chat.

    Which of the above digital marketing services would your business benefit most from? Drop a comment below to compare with other e-commerce business owners.

    Digital marketing techniques that hold the most value for business owners

    Your online presence is essential, regardless of whether you’re starting a new e-commerce business or simply taking over from a previous owner. While the 2020 year has brought about a lot of changes, the only change to online shopping is that it has become more important than ever before, as more customers are flocking to the web to make their essential purchases. We’re in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s your job to keep on top of your digital marketing efforts to ensure that you prosper in the years to come. Here are some techniques that we recommend. 

    Understanding your audience

    As a growing, e-commerce business owner, one of the most important aspects of operation resides in knowing who your customers are. An engaged audience is key, regardless of whether you’re a startup business or you’ve been in the industry for years. For those who are hoping to better relate to your audience, this would require narrowing your content to meet the needs of that demographic, which as a result, will allow you to cater your digital marketing efforts towards campaigns that understand their pains, problems, and priorities. It could be as simple as communicating a compelling message that encourages a prospecting customer to purchase your product. However, it often involves digging a little deeper into the shopping habits of your target audience. 

    If you’re looking for professional digital marketing services that satisfy the above objectives, have a word with a member of the Trek Marketing team to get started. 

    Email marketing is booming

    One of the most cost-efficient, professional digital marketing services available is email marketing. Why is this? It’s because this type of digital service bridges the gap between generations. Pretty much everyone nowadays has an email, aside from using them to communicate with loved ones, most enjoy receiving special discounts from the online businesses they subscribe to. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal? However, the best part about email marketing is a quicker return-on-investment (ROI). While many professional digital marketing services take time to generate revenue, business owners can see the money that’s being made from a good email right away! Emails also help to create brand awareness, which translates to more valuable traffic leads down the road.

    Search engine optimization helps to increase your ranking

    Even if you have the most aesthetically-pleasing website, if you aren’t able to increase your search ranking, shoppers will have a hard time finding your online business. So, while there are many e-commerce entrepreneurs that don’t understand SEO, most invest in this content creating, link-building service! Since SEO involves a variety of crucial tactics, such as an initial audit, ongoing research, on-page optimization, and link building, it’s far easier to hire a professional to help you achieve your search result goals! 

    Don’t forget to be socially involved

    Social media marketing has become an integral part of professional digital marketing strategies for businesses. Its importance is huge in helping e-commerce companies expand their following, as many small businesses start gaining traction through positive reviews and customer word-of-mouth. Needless to say, building your brand involves consistency and relevance in the quality of content you publish. That’s why many e-commerce business owners seek professional digital marketing to help utilize tools that are available on social platforms, create a vibrant posting schedule, and cross-share their content. 

    Blogging adds value too 

    While many e-commerce business owners often overlook blogging, we believe that it holds great value in the expansion of your reach to potential customers. Blogging allows you to establish credibility for your business, inputting regular entries that offer insightful information, as well as take a sales-based approach. Keeping in mind that it’s essential that you create a regular posting schedule (once a week is ideal), unless you’re full of industry ideas, many look to professional resources to create ongoing website content.  

    Can you think of other digital marketing techniques that have added major value to your online business? Drop a comment below to share. 

    How often should business owners update their blogs?

    If you’re looking for an answer to the question, “how often should business owners update their blogs?” we’re here to tell you that there’s no right answer. This is a contentious issue for e-commerce businesses everywhere and unfortunately, even as an experienced digital marketing company that handles professional copywriting, we can only provide you with feedback that has worked so far with our current clients. It’s to your companies’ advantage that you post at least once per week, however, the following things need to be considered for your submission to get noticed on the wide web.   

    Consistency is an important part of any blogging strategy

    Consistency is defined as the conformance in the application of something for the sake of logic, accuracy, and fairness. So, in terms of developing professional blogging content for your e-commerce website, it’s important for you to consider the publication of consistent blogs — same day/time each week — to show your readers and followers that you’re committed to your brand. Not only can your schedule content so that it automatically appears on your website, but you can take it one step further by sharing your blogs on social media. This is also something that should be consistent, for example, blogs are published Tuesdays and shared through social on Wednesdays. 

    Also, consistent blog updates allow visitors to see that your business is operating as usual, and in these uncertain times where many companies are struggling, you can continue to show potential customers that they’re good hands when they shop your collection of products and services. That being said, since leaving a long time frame between posting shows that your website is neglected, consider hiring a professional to handle the copywriting tasks for you. This will enable you to better organize your time for other tasks, while also ensuring that you always have fresh content that’s available to the consumer. 

    Short updates don’t serve a purpose on your blog

    Many business owners use blogs to provide customers with brief company updates and will write fewer than 100-word submissions to explain. What they don’t know is that short blog submissions lack the use of keywords, which is devaluing your website, leaving behind a layer of thin content that hinders search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and lowers the organic ranking. That being said, the best place for these types of updates is through your social media platforms, where short, punchy copy is always shared. Another way to ensure that your audience sees updates is by simply adding them to the bottom of long-form content as a way to increase your word count with something that provides value to your business. Keep in mind that while there’s no definitive word count for blogs, readers benefit most from submissions that avoid filler language and are 500 quality words or more.

    Relevance and quality are key 

    Whether you’re attempting to write your own submissions from scratch or have opted to hire a professional to handle all of your copywriting tasks, two of the most crucial factors to consider in your blogging posts are relevance and quality. Publishing content every day that’s irrelevant to your industry and riddled with typos and poorly constructed sentences are not beneficial to your website. In fact, low-quality blog content makes your site appear spammy to search engine algorithms. That’s why it’s worth investing time and money into the efforts that are needed to produce good quality content! 

    Is your business ready to develop a professional copywriting strategy? Get in touch with a member of the Trek Marketing team to get started. 

    What other elements need to be considered as part of a business blogging strategy? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

    Exceed your marketing goals with these digital strategies

    We all know that marketing is the process of communicating value to customers and many tools help to aid the development of your online strategy. As a savvy e-commerce business whose purpose is to always look for ways to connect products and services with consumers, the opportunities to boost your awareness and credibility are endless in the realm of digital marketing. That being said, here are some cost-effective ways to effectively engage with your target audience.   

    Invest in more time spent on social media engagement 

    If it isn’t already, social media should be an essential part of your business marketing strategy. The diverse world of social platforms helps you to reach out and stay connected with your customers, increase the awareness of your brand, as well as boost leads and sales. So, not only are you better able to improve your company’s image through social influence, but it also aligns with your desire to invest in some low-cost digital marketing strategies

    Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the continued success of your business, which is why social selling has proven to be a great way to reach new and recurring customers by posting relevant content mixed up in between sales and other promotions. The best part is that you’re able to try out various social media channels to determine which platforms reach your target audience and which are disadvantageous for your brand’s demographic. 

    Are you well-versed in visual or auditory storytelling?

    People are drawn to different types of advertising, including magazines, radio, television, billboards, and social endorsements, however, one thing all of the following examples should share is the ability to create an expressive, meaningful story. Regardless of what product or service you’re trying to sell, audiences value content that’s entertaining, informative, and either audial or visually appealing. This means that you should be focusing your attention on low-cost digital marketing strategies that can meet the continual needs of your customers, and there are so many professional services that can you help. 

    At Trek Marketing, we tell your brand’s story in a variety of ways by servicing low-cost digital marketing strategies such as PPC Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and Blogging. All of the above strategic digital elements involve carefully creating either content or visual elements to draw in your audience and boost conversions. So, if you’re looking for a service with a return-on-investment (ROI) that you can count on, let’s have a chat about getting you on board with some professional digital marketing services. 

    Looking for other ways to enhance your campaigns?

    If you’re a larger scale business, it’s possible that you already have the above services on-the-go, which is why we have a few more suggestions for those who’re furthering their company goals. 

    • Consider starting a hashtag campaign.
    • Look for new customers on search forums by proactively building relationships. 
    • Promote case studies to advertise on your business webpage. 

    Do you know of any other low-cost digital marketing strategies that may help prospective business owners amp up with advertising? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

    Why your business website needs a blog

    A blog might not seem like the most important investment for your online business, but it has the potential to benefit your brand in a variety of ways. So, if as an e-commerce entrepreneur you’ve been wondering about whether your website needs a blog, the answer is a yes! Posting industry-relevant content, how to’s, and generic information reads frequently help businesses improve their search engine optimization (SEO), drive traffic to their online storefronts, build a roaring audience, engage with consumers, and ultimately, drive conversions. 

    How does blogging work to improve your SEO?

    When someone searches for a key term, phrase, or set of words in the hopes of finding more information on that item or service, your e-commerce business must appear high on those online search engines so that customers can find your websites organically. When you possess a company blog, each post that’s published creates additional pages for search engines to index. In addition to valuable content and relevant keywords, internal links are also helpful to include in your blog entries, as they help bots to crawl your website more effectively. So, be sure to invest in an SEO strategy that will help you to achieve a favourable ranking. 

    Bring your website some added traffic

    Now that you understand how SEO works to attract shoppers, you can also recognize how your blog will help you to bring in some additional traffic. When your e-commerce website has an active blog, the helpful, high-quality content gives shoppers a reason to peruse your website and may even encourage them to return regularly or subscribe to your online e-newsletter if they like what you have to say. It’s always best to use your blog to assert yourself as an industry leader by providing tips, tricks, and trends, rather than just sales content if you want to attract high-quality traffic.  

    Build up your audience

    Having an e-commerce blog that features a variety of excellent content will help you to build a reputation with your brand, which in turn, builds a sense of credibility and trust among consumers. So, as first-time shoppers and long-standing customers continue to read and comment on your blog, they may even make a point to consider you for future questions they have or even better, trust in your blog to provide them with some feedback you need. 

    Engage with your consumers’ long term

    Some business owners consistently experience a variety of diverse shoppers while others build a rapport with returning customers that have grown to know and love their product. Whichever side of the business spectrum you specialize in, there’s no arguing that blogging is an invaluable tool that will continue to share important information about new arrivals and established products, events that your company may be hosting, expos you will be attending, promotional offers for consumers to snag, and even tips about the industry that may interest your audience. Also, don’t forget to include a thoughtful call-to-action at the bottom of your piece to invite customers to comment and start some dialogue with other readers. 

    Does your e-commerce business have a blogging strategy? Since Trek Marketing specializes in creating SEO-friendly content for businesses of all sizes, we encourage you to reach out and contact us with any questions you might have.