About us

eCommerce Marketing the right way

As most eCommerce website owners know, marketing for eCommerce websites can be done the right way—or the wrong way. Quick wins, traffic spikes, and questionable practices are all warning signs of marketing that isn’t designed to last. At Trek Marketing, we are steadfast in ensuring that eCommerce marketing is in keeping with the best practices so that site owners don’t just see results quickly but also enjoy the benefits of our work for years to come. No matter if they’re based in Vancouver, Fraser Valley, or elsewhere in North America.

Beyond the Data

Although we believe in being data-driven, we also look beyond the data to glean information that can help your business perform more seamlessly while also maximizing the return on your investment. We can help you with:

Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategies

Conversion Strategies

Search Engine Strategies

Content Marketing Strategies

Social Media Strategies

Email Marketing Strategies

Ready to Get Started?

Meet Feargal, he’s the Customer Success Manager at Trek Marketing. It’s his job to make sure that you’re not only happy but that you are fully “in-the-know” of what our e-Commerce marketing agency is doing to boost your website and business.