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    Have you considered podcasting as part of your content marketing strategy?

    podcasting marketing strategy

    In a world full of businesses looking to make their mark, a well-developed content marketing strategy is essential for reaching and converting a prospective audience. The modern informational age has been ramping up for quite some time, and while delivering content regularly is the gold standard, consumers also expect that content to be available in a variety of formats, with the option to select the method that best connects them with your brand. So, if you want current and future customers to hear your entrepreneurial “voice”, be sure to consider using podcasting as part of your content marketing strategy. 

    Consumers are always looking for ways to reach new content quickly and conveniently

    While you may already have some working methods in place for reaching your target market, depending on the demographics of your ideal consumer, you may also want to consider how they will best engage with your industry. Although some people prefer to sit down and read their content, others enjoy on-the-go convenience, especially if they’re auditory learners. So, all this considered, a podcast possesses the potential to deliver your messages more quickly and conveniently for some, allowing the consumer to absorb your content by listening to your podcasts in the car, while exercising, or during their downtime. Aside from being a quick and convenient content marketing strategy for listeners, it’s also minimalistic, allowing consumers the ability to listen even when they feel mentally drained after a long day. Plus, since podcasting is usually orchestrated and placed together with consequential episodes, it’s a great way to take complex concepts and strategies and slowly teach them over time in ways that help make them easier to understand. 

    Audio content is far easier for business owners to create

    Unless you’re a professional writer, creating good quality written content takes a lot of time and a good amount of energy. This not-so-easy vice is oftentimes a struggle for e-commerce business owners for a variety of reasons—language barriers, low confidence in their writing skills, or lack of time. However, creating a podcast episode—or any auditory content in general—is far quicker, as you simply need to lay out a quick script, or if you’re confident in the topic, wing it by speaking into a microphone or some headphones. Aside from a bit of editing, creating podcast episodes will allow you to produce a whole lot of content in a fraction of the time it would take to write out and publish that same content. This is a great way to free up your spare time for other tasks that will help to build up your business and content marketing strategy overall. 

    Podcast content is diverse and can be repurposed into other content and formats

    While many types of podcast episodes are accessible through iTunes or other podcast players, your auditory creation can also be repurposed and inserted into a blog post, social media post, or newsletter. A great content marketing strategy is all about producing the most amount of content with the smallest amount of effort, so we also recommend repurposing your podcasts so that they can be delivered through other digital marketing efforts, heightening the chance of your reaching your ideal consumer. Since your audience likely uses multiple channels, it’s beneficial to formulate your content to be sent out on all types of mediums. This offers the greatest opportunity for your brand to connect with customers and utilize your curated content to nurture brand presence, which adds value to your business and those who buy your products or services. 

    Are there other reasons that podcasting belongs in your content marketing strategy? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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