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    What type of e-commerce businesses have prospered amid the pandemic?

    While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on economies worldwide, small businesses were the ones that were hit particularly hard. Many businesses weren’t able to reopen their doors after forced closures and some of the companies that have managed to survive are now scraping by amid the second wave. While this is the tragic reality that many industries are now facing, there are some businesses with e-commerce shops that have thrived throughout 2020 and will likely continue to do well with the help of professional digital marketing.  


    While the grocery store industry has always been backed by popular demand due to necessity, the pandemic lifted their business, as restaurant closures meant that those who normally spend money eating out would instead have to make more of their own dinners. Even with stay-at-home restrictions in place, supermarkets remained open and were considered essential businesses. While you would think that cooking isn’t something new, many people decided to test out some different recipes and began flooding their social media accounts with delicious home-cooked meals. If that wasn’t enough, amateur bakers also sprang up everywhere and many typical ingredients and kitchen items became very high in demand. Oftentimes when supermarkets experience a quick depletion of items from their inventories, this can cause the prices to rise, and since people began to fear product shortages, the demand for the above items (alongside cleaning supplies and toilet paper) also went up. 

    Historically speaking, grocery store chains have always needed to compete with one another and heavily rely on coupons to get customers through their doors, but the fear of running out of food and other basic comforts have kept many flocking to the supermarket since the start of the pandemic. Plus, it’s a good excuse to get out of the house! 

    Hand-sanitizing products 

    The concept of on-the-go hand sanitization is nothing new, however, as health authorities began to suggest using this measure to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, brands popped up everywhere to fulfill the global demand, with businesses such as distilleries and breweries going as far as to halt their operations and pivot to producing hand sanitizer. Even 10-months-later in today’s current environment, people are still using it everywhere they go! 

    Liquor stores

    We all remember that home alcohol consumption rose during the first few months of the pandemic due to the stress of people’s employment status and the added responsibility of home-schooling children while attempting to work-from-home. While sales likely returned to their usual levels throughout the months that had an ease on restrictions, the second wave is here, and since people are starving for socialization during the holiday season, one can expect that those sales will increase yet again. After all, aren’t you planning on having a virtual, Christmas cocktail party via zoom? 

    At-home entertainment

    Streaming sources such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ saw a huge growth in subscribers during the first quarter of 2020, as people looked for more at-home entertainment options in place of their usual activities. This is once again the case, as non-essential businesses like theatres and nightclubs remain closed to slow the spread, giving people more money in their pockets that can easily be extended onto these services. 

    Online shopping

    Everyone loves the care-free convenience of shopping online and having your items delivered right to your doorstep, and while this phenomenon is something most people have utilized for years, many have recently adopted this tradition. With everything from groceries, prescriptions, and skin care products available at the click of a button, there’s no reason to ever leave the house if you don’t have too. The best part is that while younger generations have already found comfort in the simplicity of online shopping, the gap is narrowing as older people are starting to utilize their computers and smartphones to take advantage of the digital experience.

    What does all this mean?

    What professional digital marketing and web development experts have learned in 2020 is that the entire realm of online shopping is now considered to be an essential service. Since people require a safer way to access items that can be purchased in-store (online grocery ordering) and services that have always been in-person (doctor’s appointments), an e-commerce website has the ability to satisfy this new-found demand, alongside professional digital marketing services that will allow shoppers to find the resources that they need. 

    While it’s a strange world that we have been living in these past 10 months, if you’re a part of the evolving technology sector, give yourself a pat on the back. We’re one of the groups of workers who have been shadowed by those working on the frontlines. However, your remote, work-from-home adaptability has allowed many of the essential operations to expand digitally to meet the needs of the general population and keep more people safe at home. Good work, everyone!

    Are you an e-commerce business owner who needs help with your professional digital marketing strategy moving into 2021? Drop a comment below to speak with one of our industry experts.

    How to properly plan for your Halloween marketing promotions

    The spooky season is in full swing and with All Hallow’s Eve approaching, you should be orchestrating a digital marketing strategy that embellishes all the chills and thrills of your business. While this autumnal holiday doesn’t involve gifting presents, consumers love a company that decorates their websites with festive charm, and even better, plans some ghoulish promotions to show off their holiday spirit! Below are some ideas that you can use to spiff up your online marketing. 

    Send out a spook-tacular newsletter

    For those of you who are equipped with an email list and customizable template, now is the time to use newsletters as a means for showing off your Halloween spirit. Whether you decide to slot in some products that embellish a ghoulish charm or you simply host a seasonal promotion with access to an exclusive coupon code or discount, whatever you’re offering should encourage shoppers to carry out purchases and skillfully align with the season. 

    If you’re unsure of how to get started consider hire a digital marketing professional to carefully craft your Halloween email. If you don’t possess a list or an email design, it’s likely too last minute to have this task completed by Halloween, but you can look to other upcoming holidays and have a web development professional ensure that you’re sorted with everything your website needs. 

    Host a chilling contest on Facebook or Instagram

    While there are tons of opportunities for your business to utilize social media to gain consumer attention, Facebook and Instagram are great channels for visual promotions. So, as one of the best ways to engage with your audience, we recommend hosting a contest to sanction the start of the spooky season. This could include elements where you ask your customers to submit photos of their favourite Halloween-related activities, carved jack-o-lanterns, or party foods and the chosen winner would receive a special discount code to use towards their next purchase. Be sure to include rules such as, “must follow all of our social media accounts”, “must like this post”, and “must share this post” for bonus ways of gaining traction.  

    If you need help coordinating a contest promotion as part of your October digital marketing strategy, speak with a social media expert to get started! 

    Are there other ways to expand on your digital marketing strategy for Halloween?

    Since our favourite grim holiday is only 25 days away, we wouldn’t recommend making too many changes to the development details of your website. However, there are some small transformations that would make it rather eerie-sistable. 

    • Offer treats with each order: Whether the treat you offer is a bag of candy or a small gift bag of sample products, shoppers love receiving seasonal goodies with their purchases.
    • Live stream your haunted shop: If you’re one of the many e-commerce business owners who also possesses a brick and mortar store, be sure to decorate for Halloween and live stream what it looks like on your social channels. 
    • Get spooky with your product or service names: This change, while subtle, makes a world of difference to potential and recurring customers when they’re perusing your website. 

    What other ways in the past have you marketed your business for Halloween? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

    Popular trends in the realm of digital marketing that continue to stay relevant

    In today’s evolving digital landscape there’s an assortment of big business tactics that have proven to be beneficial to e-commerce companies. While generating results can be a challenge at first, many businesses are choosing to showcase a variety of digital marketing techniques to continue to flourish in their trade, and some of these popular trends are expected to remain relevant in the digital marketing industry for quite some time. 

    Digital influencing is becoming more common

    While some large-scale e-commerce brands have the budget to invest in a celebrity influencer, most can often use the funds towards another professional digital marketing service. However, it’s important to know the power of digital influencing as a business owner and how it can be useful when utilized by smaller influencers that have built their own community followings.

    For example, while it’s unlikely that you will be able to afford a celebrity like Steven Tyler as your brand’s digital influencer, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a micro personality that possesses an impressive following. In fact, some of the best ROI on sponsored content comes from local superstars! Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to outsource a digital influencer, allowing you to check out their content and ensure that they would be a good fit that aligns with the values of your company. 

    Podcasting is continuing to grow 

    For those of you who don’t know, podcasting is a steaming application of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to their personal devices for easy listening. Overwhelmingly enough, this form of broadcast has skyrocketed in popularity, with more and more businesses utilizing this technology as a form of digital marketing.

    As an e-commerce company, here are some things to consider before creating a podcast: 

    • Try talking about building your brand: Take a humorous or professional stance and establish yourself as an authority on the topics you discuss. 
    • Educate your current customers: Discuss industry-relevant news in an attempt to attract new clientele and answer the questions your current shoppers may have. 
    • Consider having a sporadic podcast: Unless you have a professional digital marketing agency handling your scheduling for you, consider podcasting once a month to provide some comfort to those loyal listeners. 
    • Take questions and offer answers: The ultimate goal of your podcast is to have customers tune in to what you have to say and if your content is important and interesting, consumers will feel that they’re in good hands with your in-depth, descriptive conversations. 

    The development of an intuitively designed website 

    While elements of web development and design have immensely changed over the years, the majority of business owners understand that a good website is needed to successfully market their company online. After all, what’s the point of investing in the strategic efforts of search engine optimization if the landing pages the visitors are directed to are slow and lack a positive user experience? Since a poor web design can cripple your digital marketing efforts, decreasing leads, conversions, and even your current customer’s trust in your expertise, when you hire a professional digital marketing agency to thoughtfully create your web content, consider the benefits of web design as part of your budgeted investment! 

    Which of the above popular trends do you feel is most useful in digital marketing? Drop a comment below to compare your opinions.