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    Why your business website needs a blog

    A blog might not seem like the most important investment for your online business, but it has the potential to benefit your brand in a variety of ways. So, if as an e-commerce entrepreneur you’ve been wondering about whether your website needs a blog, the answer is a yes! Posting industry-relevant content, how to’s, and generic information reads frequently help businesses improve their search engine optimization (SEO), drive traffic to their online storefronts, build a roaring audience, engage with consumers, and ultimately, drive conversions. 

    How does blogging work to improve your SEO?

    When someone searches for a key term, phrase, or set of words in the hopes of finding more information on that item or service, your e-commerce business must appear high on those online search engines so that customers can find your websites organically. When you possess a company blog, each post that’s published creates additional pages for search engines to index. In addition to valuable content and relevant keywords, internal links are also helpful to include in your blog entries, as they help bots to crawl your website more effectively. So, be sure to invest in an SEO strategy that will help you to achieve a favourable ranking. 

    Bring your website some added traffic

    Now that you understand how SEO works to attract shoppers, you can also recognize how your blog will help you to bring in some additional traffic. When your e-commerce website has an active blog, the helpful, high-quality content gives shoppers a reason to peruse your website and may even encourage them to return regularly or subscribe to your online e-newsletter if they like what you have to say. It’s always best to use your blog to assert yourself as an industry leader by providing tips, tricks, and trends, rather than just sales content if you want to attract high-quality traffic.  

    Build up your audience

    Having an e-commerce blog that features a variety of excellent content will help you to build a reputation with your brand, which in turn, builds a sense of credibility and trust among consumers. So, as first-time shoppers and long-standing customers continue to read and comment on your blog, they may even make a point to consider you for future questions they have or even better, trust in your blog to provide them with some feedback you need. 

    Engage with your consumers’ long term

    Some business owners consistently experience a variety of diverse shoppers while others build a rapport with returning customers that have grown to know and love their product. Whichever side of the business spectrum you specialize in, there’s no arguing that blogging is an invaluable tool that will continue to share important information about new arrivals and established products, events that your company may be hosting, expos you will be attending, promotional offers for consumers to snag, and even tips about the industry that may interest your audience. Also, don’t forget to include a thoughtful call-to-action at the bottom of your piece to invite customers to comment and start some dialogue with other readers. 

    Does your e-commerce business have a blogging strategy? Since Trek Marketing specializes in creating SEO-friendly content for businesses of all sizes, we encourage you to reach out and contact us with any questions you might have. 

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