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    What Types of Social Media Graphics Can You Use to Influence Your Digital Strategy?

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    One of the best elements of social media, aside from the vast amounts of useful and share-worthy information, is the astounding volume of visual content. While there are many sensory perceptions that are stimulated when we scroll through our social media channels, the field of visual recognition is the most powerful by far. So, if you’re a business owner trying to gain social media influence or a designer creating stimulating graphics, it’s paramount to have effective visual content to reach out to your target audience.

    Social media marketing graphics

    Graphic design is probably one of the most important parts of your content strategy, because no matter how thought-provoking and moving your text is, if the graphic isn’t mind-blowing, how motivated will your audience be to tune into what you have to say? After all, the noteworthy quote is that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so, how can you compete with this age-old tradition?

    Vibrant graphics allow your company to tell a story without relying on words to convey a particular meaning. This means that when you’re on the hunt to revamp your social media marketing strategy, a designer has the power to utilize visual materials, based on your business model and marketing strategy, to draw in an intuitive audience and increase your social media influence. Not only does a graphic designer know how to use colors and typography to create an impactful image, but they also know how to navigate the graphics across professional and more relaxed social channels.

    What types of visual content can you work with?

    Did you know that there is an array of visual content that you can use to boost your social media influence? Here is a list to start:

    • Graphics: illustrations or visual graphs that stand out on social media feeds.
    • Photos: Using creative angles and photoshop to create something unique.
    • Videos: People are very engaged by videos, especially while out on-the-go.
    • Animations: Relatively new, but an incredibly powerful way to grab your follower’s attention.
    • Quote images: This innovative visual combines the best of both worlds, text and shareable images.

    What are some things to keep in mind?

    Although it’s always best to hire a graphic designer when you’re on the hunt for professional visual content, if you’re wanting to take a stab at mastering graphics on your own, here are some tips to keep in mind.

    • Understand colour: Read up on colour theory and how different hues have the ability to affect moods and emotions.
    • Understand contrast: This refers to how the colour, size, texture, shape and layout work together.
    • Understand typography: Font and structure of the visual content is an essential elemental detail to any graphic. 

    Do you have any other visual design techniques that have the power to increase your social media influence? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

    Which social media channel will attract your target audience?

    social media marketing

    It won’t matter how creative, innovative or aspiring your product or service is if it’s not being marketed to the right target audience. Many business owners make the mistake of taking over their own marketing efforts when they first start out. Although they should never feel discouraged to learn and grow in their in-house abilities, working with a professional digital marketing team will allow them to persuade and engage with their customers in a receptive way. After all, instead of simply marketing to anyone and everyone, a team in charge of your social media marketing strategy will start their efforts firstly by breaking down your target audience and curving the appeal towards that demographic. So, if you want to get noticed in your industry, you must first work towards identifying which social media channel will attract the right customers for you.

    Who uses Facebook?

    Facebook still holds onto first place as the most widely used social media platform across the world. With a monthly log in of over 2.23 billion users, 30% of which are aged between 25 through to 34, beginning your social media marketing campaigns on Facebook is always a safe bet. Once you create your business page remember to post regularly, promote your page, engage with your followers and contrive your page layout and content to appeal to your target audience. After all, if you’re hoping for a high level of engagement, your Facebook profile needs to be geared to attract the right shoppers.

    Who uses Twitter?

    The nice thing about Twitter is that the demographics of its users tend to possess a smaller age gap in comparison to the vast age range of Facebook users. With roughly 326 million people engaging on Twitter monthly, 37% of users are between 18 and 25, while 25% of them are 30 and 49-years-old. This means that young adults make up over 60% of the audience on Twitter. So, if your product or service would appeal to this age range, it might be worth setting up a Twitter account and regularly tweeting to the users compelling them to click.

    Who uses Instagram?

    Instagram has quickly made its way to one of the most active social media channels worldwide, especially among young women. This photo-sharing, smart-phone app is plentiful within the millennial generation (1982 – 2004) and allows business owners to get a little creative by sharing enticing visuals, using engaging hashtags and taking advantage of the story feature to promote their business. Considering so many people make purchases based on things they see through their Instagram feed, it’s a great way to exploit social media marketing to get your products or services noticed.

    What are a few tips to help attract your target audience?

    Now that you’ve narrowed down your essential social media platforms you might need a little help reaching out to potential shoppers. The following tips can help you to entice your business’s target audience.

    • Survey your customers to find out what they like
    • Determine your audience size do you know how often to post
    • Find a connection to your audience
    • Reach out to customers through the use of other social media groups
    • Tailor your content to appeal to your audience
    • Balance out your content plan to include something for everyone
    • Use visual quotes for motivation
    • Boost your content with promotional posts
    • Share education content from within your niche

    Which social media channel do you use to target your company’s demographic? Tell us in the comments section below.


    What type of social media marketing works best during the holidays?

    social media marketing

    If you want to prepare your business for social media marketing during the holidays you need to be prepared to mix things up and get creative with your advertisements. It’s one of the biggest times of year for shoppers which means that all of your competitors are doing the same thing and bombarding potential customers with products perks and gift ideas. In order to stand out from the crowd, continue to grow in sales and not get mixed up in the intense flurry of posting on your social channels you need to tastefully separate your brand from the rest. That being said, here are a few suggestive ways that you can capture your festive spirit through the use of social media marketing over the holiday season.

    Run a poll

    Don’t worry, we’re not talking about personally running to the North Pole. We’re simply highlighting that you should be taking advantage of an easy-to-use tool that many social channels have. Polls are a great way to be fun and festive with your audience, whilst they also yield practical value with the results they manage to gather. You can post an image on your social channels and compare two popular products, asking your followers to leave a comment stating which one they prefer. You can also create a poll on your Instagram story as a quick method to gain social attention.

    Get creative with your visuals

    Through the use of vibrant greens and lavish reds you’re able to make your content visually festive. Optimize the images across all your social media feeds and make sure that they all follow the same winter wonderland, twinkly light theme and cross-post it for the rest of the month.

    Become a storyteller

    ‘Tis the season for being merry, so, why not embellish this through the use of social media marketing. The story feature on Instagram and Snapchat allows you to create artful stories that invite your followers to engage in your heartwarming holiday spirit. Perhaps a series of images with festive captions would do the trick or simply an interview feature talking about how cozy and cute your products would look inside someone’s stocking?

    Be engaging

    It’s one thing to make sure that you’re following a regular social media marketing posting schedule and it’s another thing to ensure that you’re engaging with your fans and followers. Bring an added holiday cheer into the mix and personalize as many comments and messages as you can. Although this method can prove to be rather time consuming, customers will relish in your well thought out responses and call outs.

    Use a festive hashtag

    Whether your creative personality has allowed you to come up with a top-notch hashtag idea or you will simply be adding an already trending hashtag onto all your social posts, never neglect the power of social media tools. Using a hashtag will allow new, potential followers to find and engage with you over the holiday season. Plus, you can keep on top of your competition and see what they are posting.

    What other ways do you use social media marketing to your advantage over the holidays? Tell us in the comments section below.

    Social media marketing for hotels and resorts

    social media marketing

    It isn’t unheard of for a customer to book a hotel or resort by means of an external booking site such as booking.com or trivago.com. In fact, it’s probably the most common method of booking people use. How you choose to position your hotel on your website and through social media channels helps potential guests to recognize your brand and steer them in the direction of your online presence. It’s all about presenting the right content, in the right place, at the right time that makes what you have to offer so desirable. But, just how do you choose which social media networks to use and how do you decide what content to post?

    Choosing the right social media channels

    Firstly, it’s important to know that there is no one-way street when it comes to social media marketing. What works for one hotel’s branding may not be the same case for another. You may operate a hostel that caters specifically to lower budget traveling. On the other hand, your business may be targeting business people that travel for work. Which social media channel you choose should be reflective of your target audience and geared towards engaging with them. Here are a few questions you could ask yourself before getting started:

    • How many social media channels do I have the time and money to run?
    • Which social media channels do my customers use the most?
    • How can I integrate my social media marketing strategy across the channels that I have chosen?

    Once you answer the above questions you will be able to narrow your scope to a couple social media channels that appeal to your target audience.  

    Choosing the right content

    In order to dominate your social media marketing strategy, you’ll need to post intriguing, eye-catching content that makes customers want to click and explore. The top social media channels for hotels and resorts are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s also recommended that you keep up-to-date on TripAdvisor as well.

    Facebook is the perfect general-use social media network for hotels and resorts. This platform allows you to add extra tabs, gain followers, post pictures, memes and stories as well as contact your guests easily and conveniently.

    Instagram, on the other hand, is incredibly important if you hope to draw in customers by the use of visual content. You want people to get excited about your hotel and by posting beautiful images of your local sites, activities, dining and rooms, you’ll be able to help paint a picture to your guests about what they can expect upon booking.

    That being said, Twitter is a great tool for hotels to conduct their customer service or any other time-sensitive updates and events.

    Lastly, Pinterest allows user to spend time pinning images of places and hotels they would like to visit sometime. Who knows? Maybe your unique hotel will be added to boards used by people all across the world?

    What social media channels do you think would work best for your hotel and why? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.