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    Social media marketing mistakes to avoid

    social media marketing tips

    Social media is a terrific medium to develop and promote brand identity, but it’s different than how you maintain your personal pages.

    If you post inconsistently, post everything on your mind or even occasionally use colourful language, there are social media marketing tips you should adhere too for professional content. Learn which mistakes to avoid, so that consumers and fans continue to follow and share your stories and photos.

    Lack of direction

    It may take some time for you to find your voice and what types of posts result in the most engagement. Remember that’s okay. Followers like your company for a reason and they’re going to expect similar comfortability and familiarity with your online persona. First you need to determine your style (informative, fun, formal or casual) and themes (guest posts, news or behind the scenes videos). If it’s gaining attention then stick with it, but if it’s lacking try to keep at it until you find what helps define you.

    Absentee admins

    We’ve all seen pages that clearly have little to no administration. If any original content is posted, it’s usually because there is an autopilot setting and the rest of the time content is off-topic or offensive.

    When you’re reviewing ideas for how to use Twitter or how to use Pinterest for business keep in mind that you need someone to be in charge of those accounts. Whether it’s one person’s job or a rotating team, make sure that they are monitoring your content, skimming the comments and replying to any personal messages. These tasks will ensure your social media pages will not lose any following.

    Avoiding or erasing negative feedback

    No one likes negative reviews or comments, but they’re relatively impossible to avoid because you can’t please everyone. However, one of the most important social media marketing tips you can follow is to remember not to delete them this feedback or respond aggressively. An August 2017 report on the relationship between social media and customer service found that 65% of followers look towards social media channels for customer service and are more likely to continue patronising a company if there is timely communication.

    The most important thing you can do is respond to all comments maturely, professionally and civilly, regardless of how strong-minded the review or complaint is. If comments are harassing, threatening or abusive, then of course remove them – only after documenting and reporting them.

    Making it solely about you

    Social media is all about communicating, so treat it the same way that you would a face-to-face conversations. Don’t lose focus and remember you’re promoting your company on these pages. You should also be creating dialogue with consumers, rather than only concentrating on your products in a salesy way. Try to utilize interactive social media ideas (such as linking to posts) so that followers truly feel connected.

    You won’t have to worry about marketing mistakes with us in charge of your social media content. Let our social media marketing services help you produce memorable, shareable posts that lead to increased traffic and sales!

    Social media marketing ideas to engage your audience

    social media marketing ideas

    Like any marketing tool, social media management requires constant upkeep. It’s not just simply planning ideas and themes, but also making posts stand out in feeds and enticing consumers to respond. The following social media marketing ideas act as CTAs (calls to action) for subscribed followers and appeal to new users as well.

    Invite your audience to share

    Ask and encourage your audience to share photos of how they use your products. It’s a great way to learn what products are most popular and if consumers are looking for additional variations, or even have critical opinions.

    International Data Corporation predicts that over 50% of marketing content will most likely be user-generated by 2020. With almost everyone takes photos of seemingly anything that catches their interest on the daily it evokes some kind of sentiment. It’s an organic means to use what people already enjoy doing.

    Go live

    Live video is another terrific strategy for engaging social media content that retains customer interest and keeping followers coming back for more. Build anticipation by announcing your plans the day before or within a few hours of starting.

    Also consider the following:

    • AMA (ask me anything) session
    • A tour of facilities
    • Showing how a product is made
    • Showing how you shop for ingredients or materials

    Create unique and memorable hashtags

    There’s nothing wrong with using common hashtags as part of your social media marketing ideas, but don’t shy away from creating your own original ones. Incorporate slogans, product names and unique descriptions into these metadata tags and then repeat them throughout Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts. Also try to work them into emails to increase branding and establish phrases that consumers associate you with.

    Spark conversations with polls and surveys

    Polls and surveys show your audience that you listen to and value their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions. It’s a strong component of how social media can help your business by strengthening relationships with customers and making you more than just another company to like. Asking followers to vote on product features (“Do you prefer this dress in blue grey or dove grey?”), or ideas (“If you could vacation anywhere, where would you wear our shoes too?”), will also encourage sharing and tagging.

    Tell us what your vision is to boost customer engagement, then let our social media marketing services help get you there!

    Which idea do you feel works best to entice engagement? Tell us in the comments section below.

    5 types of Instagram ads to consider for your business

    Instagram ad tips

    Although you may think that Facebook and Twitter combined are enough to attract and maintain customers, Instagram is another heavy player that helps with social media marketing. Follow these Instagram business tips for advertising to create posts that expand your audience, increase exposure and enhance branding.

    Why use Instagram?

    Developing your SEO, keywords and text are still effective marketing tools, however, there are certainly times when sharp imagery is better than stamping a post as TL; DR. In September 2017, Instagram reported that they had approximately 800 million active users a month, which means seemingly endless opportunities for your business to reach followers. We live in a vastly visual age, so you need to grab your audience’s attention quickly and keep those target groups coming back as much as possible.

    Which ad best relays your message?

    Facebook owns Instagram, so once you’ve created your Facebook Business Page, why not also set up an Instagram account so your ad manager can sync both apps? Then you can choose the type of imagery that best reflects your brand.

    • Photo: Everything is a photo opp these days, so show off products in ways that entice customers. Create snapshots of services that speak to your audience and tap into their desires and wishes. Of additional benefit, caption the images with strong CTAs.
    • Video: Consider this an expansion of the power of photos. You get 60 seconds to tell a story, but place the product or service within a few seconds, for maximum effect.
    • Carousel: A series of 5 photos or videos for customers to view, ideal for advertising that requires more than 60 seconds for effective messages. It can also illustrate multiple ways to use a product or service.
    • Story: These are ads that are only available for 24 hours and are shown between stories by followers. It’s a great tool to use for a limited time or special promotions. It is also based on viewing habits, so users can go right to your website or contact information while watching their favourite content.
    • Canvas story: Ideal for mobile use, you can create this ad from a Facebook or a custom template.

    Why settings matter

    It’s important to put thought into the settings for each post or campaign in order to monitor what works and what may need an adjustment. Ask yourself (or your team) which of the following objectives meet your goals:

    • Video views
    • Website traffic and conversions
    • Alluring posts
    • Mobile app installations and usage
    • More leads and event attendees

    Remember to name each campaign uniquely and just as you increase engagement on Twitter, use branded hashtags and short captions to entice your audience. Although you get 300 characters to say something, the recommended number is between 125-150.

    Other settings to note as you build your own analysis for Instagram ads tips include:

    • Audience and placement: Are you targeting a specific, “custom” audience (based upon interests and sales), or a “lookalike” audience (potential leads that already follow and are similar to other companies)? Filters include age range, region and connections, along with deciding any placement factors, such as categories and devices to include/exclude.
    • Budget: Instagram ad costs can vary. Depending upon dynamics and typically ranging from less than 50 cents to about $1-$2 per click (approximately $5-$7 per 1,000 visitors). You can choose a daily budget or a lifetime (length of campaign) option, with the ability to change the figure, but not the type of campaign you have just set up.
    • Bids: Related to budgets, this setting represents maximum monies spent for customer responses. It’s either manual, set by you, or automatic, determined by Facebook analytics.
    • Start and finish times: Continuously, or for a specific duration.
    • Delivery optimization: Choose how your campaign reaches viewers, either through impressions (as often as possible), link clicks (to followers most likely to respond), or daily unique reach (once a  day).
    • Delivery speed: Do you prefer your campaign to run at a standard pace, or rapidly  at a more accelerated rate?

    Are you concerned about correctly getting your message across Instagram? Learn how our social media marketing services can help make it happen!