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    What can emojis do your marketing strategy

    The use of emojis is a great way to personalize your business promotions and with World Emoji Day (July 17) just around the corner, it would be beneficial for you to learn how to incorporate these visually attractive icons as a means of brand communication. Chances are that your target marketing communicates using emojis as a way to cut down words and convey their emotions on various social media platforms. So, why haven’t you started using them to convey a richer understanding of your products and services? 

    What is emoji marketing?

    Emoji marketing is a visual engagement tool that can be used within your professional digital marketing strategy to drive social engagement in a way that impacts each consumer differently. While innovative brands likely already have experience using graphics and copy to creative inviting advertising, emoji marketing is a fairly new concept that has managed to bridge the gap between assorted demographics. 

    Emojis, also known as emoticons, are cute, cartoon pictures that convey more information in a single character than an entire sentence of copy. However, the best part about emojis is their capability to portray intent and mood (ex. puns, jokes, or realism). Nevertheless, if you’ve been looking for ways to give your brand a friendly, humanistic element, emoji marketing could present a more favourable way to be broadcasting your message.  

    What are the benefits of marketing with emojis

    Before we skip to how emoji marketing can further the professional development of your digital marketing strategy you will need to decide which platforms would best connect to your audience. Aside from ensuring that emojis are supported, you will need to brainstorm how to effectively promote them so that they promote shareability among consumers. 

    Benefits that come from effective emoji marketing:

    • Works as a fun way of promoting a brand, product, or service.
    • Personally interact with each consumer. 
    • The information or message is perceived in different ways.
    • Sometimes nonverbal information can be processed differently.
    • Works to provide a more emotional form of communication. 
    • Increases user engagement.

    Tips to consider in your next emoji marketing campaign

    The use of emojis in your professional digital marketing strategy requires finding the right balance between the marketing message, the intent of the advertisement, and the emotion you’re attempting to portray. It’s always best to use emojis to convey something that you want to be memorable or stir emotion with your audience. 

    Here are some things that need to be considered first: 

    • Research your audience: Not every demographic perceives emojis marketing the same, so you will want to select emoticons that fit the right persona for your brand. Be sure that there are no alternative meanings for the emojis you’ve used before integrating them within the message. 
    • Context and relevance are everything: Ask yourself, “Will my target audience understand the intent of this message, does it resonate with their needs and lifestyle, and will they express interest.”   
    • Use emojis in moderation: It can be easy to get carried away by using too many emojis in your marketing message, so be sure to not go overboard by creating a cryptic message that may be overlooked. 

    What did you learn about emoji marketing and how it works with your professional digital marketing strategy? Drop a comment below to start a conversation. 

    Should Emoji Marketing Be a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

    emoji marketing

    Many businesses are experimenting with emoji marketing and it’s quickly changing the way we communicate in terms of modern language. These small icons and images are an innovative form of digital communication that has the ability to embellish emotion through various social media platforms. Studies suggest that 92% of internet users are already on-board with using emojis, with many companies, including Google, Apple and Android, creating their own emojis to keep up with the hype and popularity. So, let’s find out how can you use them to optimize your digital marketing strategy?

    Emojis work great within marketing messages

    Since so many internet goers are speaking to each other through the use of emojis, it only makes sense for businesses to address their audience using the same language.

    Humans are visual creatures and many of us understand images easier than words. In fact, some studies suggest that “people only remember 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read, but about 80% of what they see and do” becomes stored, memorable information. So, in terms of marketing, roughly 10% to 20% of your written marketing messages are actually able to transform into sales. While you could be using emojis, paired with vibrant imagery, to cue a more impressive impact.

    Emojis are attention-grabbers

    While emoji marketing allows you to communicate a ton of meaning and emotion using a few simple symbols, it also acts as a means to grab your audience’s attention. Through the clever use of relevant images, designs and figures you’re able to leave a lasting impression with your consumers as well as embellish your brand’s personality through an effective way of relevant communication.

    How do you use emojis in your marketing strategy?

    A single emoji has the power to communicate a lot. They open the message to be read using a particular voice and allow the business owner to keep things brief when they’re attempting to convey a particular message. But how exactly are marketers and businesses using emoji marketing?

    • Emojis in links: If you’re wanting to add an emoji into a link or shortened website URL you will need to code it that way in order to develop compatibility with various browsers and operating systems.
    • Emojis in social media: It’s important to keep your social media posts rather short and to the point when you’re trying to attract customer attention. That’s where emojis are great because instead of typing a word like pizza, you can simplify the message and leave 🍕 instead.

    When should you avoid emoji marketing?

    While we’ve established that emojis are great when you’re wanting to simplify a meaning behind your message or grab the attention of the consumer, there is still a way that business owners and marketers can get carried away with emojis. For example, if you’re writing out your entire message only using emojis, it can quickly become very difficult and distracting for your audience. In order to avoid any break in communication, stick with three emojis or less when you’re writing a social media post.

    If you’re wanting some help incorporating emoji marketing into your social media strategy, then you should seek help from a digital marketing team that specializes in managing social media content.

    How do you plan to utilize emoji marketing in your digital marketing strategy? Tell us in the comments section below.