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    Fall-inspired social media content ideas for your business

    On the hunt for some fall social media post ideas that can offer your business that added edge? Engaging content isn’t hard to create and incorporating seasonality to make those connections sets you up for successful interaction. That being said, below are some fall-inspired content ideas to get your social media marketing strategy started. 

    Incorporate fall images

    A good social media marketing strategy involves harnessing the power of what’s going on around you to build content that’s inspiring and relatable. This means that if you want your social posts to get more engagement and clicks, perhaps offering an autumn vibe might get the attention you’re hoping for. Whether you sprinkle your products among fall colours (red, orange, yellow, and brown) or simply take some seasonal photos with the appropriate scenery (pumpkins, hay bales, and scarecrows), a stockpile of seasonal images is a great way to get yourself notice above other social media posts. 

    Offer a seasonal discount

    Who said that you needed to wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to offer your customers a little discount? Whether you want to highlight an upcoming Halloween sale or simply offer a coupon code that can be used until the end of October, shoppers get excited about seasonal savings and are inclined to start their holiday shopping early with the right incentive. 

    Update your followers about the seasonal activities you’re doing

    Consumers love getting an exclusive look at your personal life, whether it be with your friends and family or behind the scenes of your business, so, we recommend incorporating some fall-inspired activities into these types of posts. Share your employee pumpkin carving content, some DIY fall decor that you made for the shop, or even a trip to a local apple picking spot with your family. Also, make sure to ask your followers to comment on what they love doing this time of year as a way to connect with them. 

    Create a guide to fall essentials

    Pretty much any business can have a fall twist with the right imagination, which is why it’s important to separate your products from the ones that can be enjoyed more this time of year. Whether you sell coats, skincare products, or wine, think of an ingenious way to guide the consumer through your products and how they engage with the season. This means highlighting your water-resistant outerwear, products that keep the skin hydrated during cold weather, and seasonal wine flavours!

    Ask questions on social polls

    This is a great way to engage with shoppers on Instagram, especially if you utilize some fun GIFs on the story features. Keep in mind that not every part of your social media marketing strategy needs to be sales-focused, and at times, a greater focus needs to be on engagement and interaction. Ask your followers what their favourite activities are by giving button options for them to click, then once you’ve gathered lots of opinions, share the results back on your stories!

    Which of the above content ideas is most inspiring to you? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

    Looking for some last-minute holiday marketing campaign tips?

    If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs that aren’t quite ready to face this year’s holiday season, why not consider putting an innovative spin on your brand’s marketing? December is a festive time where shoppers are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming influx of holiday-inspired messages, which makes it easy for your campaign(s) to get lost in the noise of the season. So, if you want to generate some added buzz, consider the following tips to ensure that your communication has a quality rather than a chaotic approach. 

    Draw inspiration from your competitors

    Whether your holiday marketing strategy includes some social media promotions, a couple of enticing emails, some extra pay-per-click adverts or all of the above, it’s important to get creative when you’re orchestrating your agenda for the month. Although running a unique campaign is always preferable, when it comes to the holiday season, chances are there’s very little you can do to make your marketing strategy one-of-a-kind, so why not incorporate your brand into a festive year-end campaign that highlights a comparable feel to your competitors, but outshines them in the process? 

    Emphasis seasonal imagery 

    Regardless of what niche industry your business is a part of, brands likely see the holiday season as a time of year to connect to their audience through the use of festive imagery. A prime example of this lies with the graphics you use on your social media channels, emails, and website banners. Since images can visually communicate with your visitors, why not just let them do the talking? After all, setting the tone for the season provides a timely, relevant way for you to get your audience excited about limited-time offers and is a comprehensive way to add a little vibrancy to your holiday marketing strategy.  

    Emotionally charge your communication

    The holiday season is one of the most important and profitable times of the year for many e-commerce businesses, so why not add an element of human touch to your communication? Your choice of wording in your social media posts, emails, and homepage text should invoke emotion and inspire action (purchases) and loyalty (recurring purchases). In other words, your holiday content is most effective when it’s tugging at the heartstrings of potential shoppers. 

    If you’re still struggling to find the time, dialogue, or imagery to pair with your thought-provoking, holiday marketing, we encourage you to speak with a representative from our digital marketing team to get yourself joyously ready!

    Do you have any other tips that are could apply to a last-minute campaign? Drop a comment below to share.