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    How to successfully migrate a website without harming your SEO

    An old, outdated website isn’t a good representation of your brand, especially if you were hoping to remain competitive and authoritative in your industry. Nevertheless, even the best products and services can accomplish opportunities within their field with a simple website facelift. So, if it’s about time for a re-skin and you’re worried about site migration and how it will harm your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, we’re here to offer some advice. 

    What is a site migration? 

    The term site migration refers to the process by which a website gets largely revamped in areas that impact its visibility on search engines. Generally speaking, these areas include the website’s design, its user experience, the platform, the location, and the overall structure. The end result will likely be a cleaner interface, an improved user experience, and quicker functionality. 

    That being said, while there are many benefits to an updated website, if the migration is executed poorly, you may end up with status code errors, a negative SEO performance, and some annoyed website visitors. So, how do you prepare to ensure that your site’s migration doesn’t harm important elements like SEO? 

    What should you do to ensure the migration goes smoothly? 

    There are many reasons that you may need a site migration or redesign which could include a website location server change or a simple change in the domain name. Whatever the circumstances, leave yourself time to prepare and execute the migration professionally. 

    What can you expect from SEO services in Vancouver and beyond pre-migration?

    • Crawling of the existing site: This part of the service is retrieving URLs and markup of the site to assist in future mapping.
    • Recording benchmarks: Sometimes, analytics data will get erased during migration, so it’s valuable to take the precautions to retain it before there are any changes to navigation, architecture, or design of the site. 
    • Mapping the URLs: This includes elements like redirections, which from a usability standpoint, assist users greatly in landing on the appropriate page instead of receiving an error on their screen. From an SEO perspective, you don’t want to lose all the history, backlinks, and old page build-ups that have been telling Google where to appear. 
    • Titles, meta descriptions, and HTML markups will be retained: The information that made up the bulk of your website’s content will be lost or look different post-migration if it’s not organized beforehand.  

    What can you expect from SEO services in Vancouver and beyond the day of migration?

    • The preparation of your site’s DNS settings: Moving to a new server involves coordination with your web team and hosting provider to ensure the site’s new location is set up correctly. 
    • Launch: The setup of forwarding redirects, unpublishing old content, and implementing new must be done quickly and efficiently will the site is momentarily down. 
    • Crawl the new site: As soon as the launch is complete, a crawl must be done to ensure that migration happened as expected with the proper indexability and crawlability. 
    • Identify and fix missing or duplicate content: Both missing and duplicate content affect your SEO, so a crawl report must be done to fix these issues. 
    • Update Google Analytics and Google Search Console: This will avoid gaps in data and reporting to make sure things are running properly. 
    • Submit sitemaps: Your XML site map needs to be updated to ensure there are no errors. 

    What can you expect from SEO services in Vancouver and beyond post-migration?

    • Performance monitoring: Your site will experience a temporary dip in traffic after a migration, which means it’s important to monitor the analytics to ensure there is nothing else affecting performance. 
    • Site audit: Any issues affecting your site’s performance can be found using a third-party site audit tool.
    • Update your platform: Any ads that are running on your old platform will need fresh links to bring shoppers to the right place. 
    • Update backlinks: If you have any third-party publishers, you must reach out to them and ask them to swap to your latest things to ensure that your existing SEO efforts will continue from these high-value websites

    What did you learn about website migration and SEO? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.  

    How to use Google Adwords for your business

    There are a lot of expenses that come with e-commerce operations and since most small business owners don’t have access to endless marketing resources, it’s important to select the best advertising methods to start generating revenue. So, since it can take months to increase your organic search ranking through the use of search engine optimization (SEO), we recommend investing in pay-per-click advertising campaigns like Google Adwords to get yourself started. 

    What is Google Adwords?

    Google Adwords is a pay-per-click online advertising platform developed by Google where advertisers can bid to display brief ads, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. These ads can be placed in the results of search engines (ex. Google Search, Bing Search) as well as non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos. Google Adwords also works as a keyword tool, allowing users to target specific words or phrases they’re hoping to target to get their ads highly ranked on various search results pages. 

    How does it work?

    It all starts with a query. When a user searches for something on Google, it will look at the Adwords advertisers pool and determine whether there will be an auction for those terms. If one or more advertising is bidding on keywords that Google deems are relevant to the search, it will trigger an auction. This is where the advertisers will identify which keywords they want to bid on, how much they’re willing to spend, and create groupings using these keywords that can pair with their ads. Google then does the work by entering the keyword from that advertiser’s account, along with their maximum bid. 

    If you’re wondering how Google determines which ads are shown where, once an advertiser has entered into an auction, Google will look at two key factors to determine ad rank: maximum bid and quality score. The maximum bid is the set price the advertiser specifies for that keyword, whereas the quality score is a metric that determines how useful the ad is to the user (max bid x quality score = ad rank > position). 

    The auction is run billions of times each month. This allows results that users find relevant to their searches and advertisers to connect with potential customers for cheap.

    What are the top advantages of using Google Adwords?

    Google Adwords is a powerful keyword tool when it comes to advertising your business online. Listed below are a few advantages that you can enjoy on this paid marketing platform.

    • Targeting is more precise: This ensures that each ad is only displayed to users that are more likely to become potential customers. With the ability to filter audiences based on geographic location, age, gender, and more. There’s even a feature that allows the targeted audience to see the ad on specified devices or at certain times. 
    • You only pay for results: With Google Adwords, businesses only pay for the clicks their ads get, rather than the impressions. This advertising model only costs money when the targeted user takes action. 
    • Performance can be easily tracked: Whether you want to track the number of users that view and click your ad, those taking action, or those spending money, Google Adwords is the perfect tool to increase profitability. 

    Do you need help setting up and managing your Google Adwords account? Once you determine your budget, it’s time to speak with one of Trek Marketing’s Client Success Managers. 

    What do you think is the most advantageous part of using Google Adwords for your business? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

    How to successfully market for vape companies

    Since there are strict regulations that reduce the options available for digital advertising on vape products, you aren’t able to pay to get ahead on organic searches or to appear on the feeds of popular social media channels. So, whether you’re an e-cig business looking to increase your online presence or a digital marketing agency hoping to add a new industry to their portfolio of expertise, continue reading to learn about how to successfully optimize an e-cig website to market to the masses. 

    Invest in a search engine optimization service 

    For those that don’t know, a professional search engine optimization service should include the following elements: website structure analysis, content analysis, website code optimization, onsite content, and other off-page factors. While there is a lot of work that can be done over time with this service, we recommend heavily investing in the optimization of the online store so that it can appear high in organic searches. This would include keyword research and ensuring that all of the content is unique to elevate the shopping experience. 

    As a starter, here are some popular current keywords for the vape industry: 

    • e-cigs
    • electronic cigarettes
    • Vapors
    • vaper
    • Vaping
    • ejuice/e-juice
    • eliquid/e-liquid
    • vaporizers
    • electronic vaporizer

    Ensure the company has a Facebook page

    Just because the type of vape-related content that can be posted is quite limited, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a company page to regularly post content and engage with your/your client’s followers. Since it can be challenging at times to come up with posts that boost a brand while following Facebook guidelines on prohibited content, you can consider utilizing this channel as a means of connecting to customer’s hobbies and interests while also maintaining a presence that can be engaging through polls, giveaways, and discussions. After all, just because Facebook may not want to take money to advertise vaping, it doesn’t mean they have banned the discussion altogether. 

    While you’re at it, be sure to join e-cig related discussion groups as another means of promoting the online shop strategically avoiding an outright promotional post.

    There are also Reddit communities for vaping

    As another branch of social media marketing, you or your digital marketing team can join a vape-related subreddit to spread awareness of vape culture and perhaps spark a discussion about your flavours or e-cig gear. 

    Here are some popular forums that are active: 

     Opt for email marketing 

    Email marketing remains to be a paramount digital marketing tactic spanning a variety of niche industries. So, whether your business or client is excited about sending informative content or wants to use e-newsletters as a method for offering discounts, you will need to start by building a list and encouraging social followers and current customers to subscribe using their emails. 

    Whatever digital marketing tactics you use, it’s important to get closer to your audience if you hope to grow your business. Are you ready to speak with a digital marketing agency that has experience working with vape companies? 

    What other ways have you found success digitally marketing e-cig businesses? Please share your expertise in the comments section below.

    Marketing tips for St. Patrick’s Day procrastinators

    Has so much gone on in the past year that St. Patrick’s Day opportunities have slipped your mind? Yup, the holiday season is tomorrow and this reminder could be your four-leaf clover, and an incentive to get your gears moving. Don’t drown this missed business moment in a pint of green beer, but instead, skim the marketing ideas below which are intended to inspire the ultimate procrastinator. That’s right! We’re more than a Vancouver digital marketing agency; Trek Marketing is downright festive every lucky chance we get!

    Offer your customers the green light with an intriguing discount 

    The beauty of being an e-commerce business owner is that you can change your website’s prices at the click of a button, while also promoting immediate attention via your engaging social media channels. So, just because tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t catch the attention of your target audience by putting together a last-minute sale. Also, be sure to let your customers know that they’re lucky to be a part of your thriving brand with a personable email about this fun holiday, including some highlighted products or services that are a part of your festive sale. 

    Play up the greenness 

    Whether you work alongside a Vancouver digital marketing agency or all of your efforts are completed in-house, one of the best ways you can showcase your spirit for St. Patrick’s Day is by playing up the greenness. While it would be ideal to have a web developer add a graphic or two to your business page, if you let time slip away and are wanting to do something last-minute, the best thing you can get on board with are some custom designs. The best part is that the same image can be used across your social media channels and if you’re set up with an email marketing framework, a simple announcement about your sale with some call-to-action buttons is all you need to bring in some shoppers. 

    Note: Just because the colour green is symbolic of St. Patrick’s Day, doesn’t mean you need to have a leprechaun and a pot of gold on your image. Instead, you could use the colour green to cast attention on the holiday, while also promoting your businesses’ eco-conscious (green) efforts. 

    It’s always good to do things a little differently

    Although the season is known for shamrocks and leprechauns, you can be different by leaving these elements out of your marketing material. In fact, consider doing a little research on the history of St. Patrick’s Day and use your digital marketing services to pass on your knowledge to your customers. It’s way less salesy, and even though it might not bring in a whole of conversions right away, this type of promotion is aimed at creating a connection with your audience, which you may find to be more “pot o’ gold” effective in the long-run than a traditional sale. 

    What other ways do you or your Vancouver digital marketing agency implement last-minute, seasonal promotions? Drop a comment below to share your expertise with our readers.

    5 tips for how to proofread like a pro

    Proofreading is an essential skill that many talented writers working at digital marketing agencies in Vancouver have, ensuring their client’s messages are communicated clearly, effectively, and professionally. While spelling and grammar tools are valuable as backups for business owners, it’s important for the person writing to thoroughly review their written content before anything is published live for the consumer world to see. Since many business owners are passionate about their products and often busy handling other affairs, they rely on the professional services of Trek Marketing to plan and create their content for them. Needless to say, we do possess clients that are aspiring writers themselves, and since today is National Proofreading Day, we have some tips for those who want to challenge their skills. 

    Tip #1: Be sure to read your writing out loud 

    Reading written content out loud is extra beneficial in the proofreading process because hearing the words can help you to find missing or misspelled words. Even the best writers will regularly read through their work as a benefit to the writing process. Not only will this technique help you in catching unnecessary phrases, but it will also allow you to create coherence in your writing, find your voice, and become a better reader and writer overall. 

    Tip #2: Change the way you look at your writing 

    Even the most proficient writers working at digital marketing agencies in Vancouver and beyond should take hold of an opportunity to revamp the way they analyze their writing. In fact, when re-reading the same types of content on the same types of platforms, it’s quite easy to glaze over simple mistakes, especially if proofreading is an essential role in your day-to-day job. As a way to combat this, try printing out the document, or conversely, open it on your desktop. Sometimes even changing the font or colour of your text is enough to visually alter the copy to make you more aware of mistakes that are slipping through. 

    Tips #3: Check for a variety of elements when proofreading

    Until your writing has been published it’s considered to be in its drafting stage, and there are an assortment of components that you could be looking for, aside from spelling mistakes and grammatical correctness. For example, you could fact-check your work to ensure that the proper names, dates, numbers, and resources were used to create the content. Once all of the above details are verified, you also want to read your work again to ensure that the overall flow of the writing is meaningful, systematic, and comprehensible. By splitting up what you’re looking for each time you proofread, it’s far easier to focus on an individual aspect and catch the little mistakes. 

    Tip #4: Ensure that any keywords and phrases you use are correct

    Novice writers heavily rely on their thesaurus to write a good piece of content, however, they should also remember to keep the dictionary closeby. Many words in the English language are interchangeable in their meanings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best words to use in a particular writing project. This is especially true for longer documents. While you may want to get creative to avoid using the same words over and over, you also want to ensure that these changes don’t affect the meaning of the copy. 

    Keep in mind that sometimes consistent use is beneficial, especially if you’re an e-commerce business trying to get noticed on the wide web. Digital marketing agencies in Vancouver focus on a list of key terms as part of their search engine optimization service and create custom content to help your business rank better on popular search engines.

    Tip #5: Edit and read your work with a fresh set of eyes

    If you’re reading through your content and can’t seem to find any mistakes, chances are that you’re too tired to catch them. We recommend that you take a break between long proofreading rounds and switch between tasks, giving yourself some time to focus on something different and taking advantage of looking at your work again at a later time. Be sure to utilize this time and plan in advance so that you can include these breaks, yet still have enough time to make any changes before your upcoming deadlines. Alternatively, pass your work off to a friend or colleague to allow them to review your content for errors or edits missed. 

    Do you have any proofreading tips that you’d like to share with our readers? Drop them in the comment section below. 

    Common digital marketing mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur

    Since it’s difficult to guarantee which investments will generate a consistent return, e-commerce business owners will often face marketing hurdles where they will struggle to see profitable results. So, whether you’re looking for help with various digital marketing activities or simply want assurance that you’re on the road to success, an assortment of digital marketing services are available at your fingertips. But first, here are some common mistakes you should avoid!

    Didn’t formulate a digital strategy

    While it would be silly to not utilize the power of social media for marketing purposes, most business owners use their channels to publish a stream of over-promotional content that generates little engagement, which is not beneficial for the time that it takes to perform the task. Any form of return in digital marketing requires the development of a coherent strategy that will underpin business objectives and push forward likable, inviting content. Focusing on posts that highlight keywords via pay-per-click advertising or only crafting brand-related content won’t get you the results that you’re looking for. This is why the best thing you can do is to take the time to understand your target audience and research how they engage with the channels you’re using because this will help you to narrow your focus and avoid wasn’t money by moving forward with no strategy in place.

    There are digital marketing services that can offer you help with all of the above and what’s even better is that hiring a social media manager is a cost-effective way to combine research and content creation with the added bonus of customer service. 

    Don’t cut your spend, move it around

    There are a lot of opportunities for growth in digital marketing, and as a result, common issues are faced by business owners. There’s a belief that return-on-investment (ROI) should come immediately after the trial of a small Google ad or a one-time SEO campaign, but often these investments take time to make money. So, instead of swiftly cutting your spend, consider moving it around to another digital platform that may produce more return. The best thing to do is evaluate your marketing budget, see what is and isn’t working, and increase in the areas where you’re seeing conversions. 

    Consult with a member of the Trek Marketing team to determine which digital marketing services would offer the best ROI for your e-commerce business. 

    Keep pace with the digital marketing trends

    E-commerce businesses have ramped up the use of trending features such as more video content and Chatbots, and have also increased their presence on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. So, if you want to remain competitive in your industry, you will need to keep on track of what’s engaging your target audience. The best way to implement and manage an effective digital marketing strategy is to constantly evaluate what’s working, allowing you to make positive changes and push forward in the areas that will generate a higher return. It’s also important to learn from your competition, remain focused on your growth, and keep in mind that building your business will be a long-term game of trial and error. 

    Not Knowing Your Target Market

    One of the most effective strategies in marketing your products or services is profoundly understanding your customer’s pain points and what type of person is more likely to be interested in what you’re trying to offer. Formulating a buyer persona is an excellent strategy used by professional marketers to streamline their target and know what type of people they are trying to aim. 

    Knowing your target market is as important as anything else, especially in advancing technology today. Social algorithms already have much more data than ever before about their users’ interests, hobbies, and even buying behavior. Therefore, having a deeper understanding of your target market allows you to maximize your campaign’s efficiency and even take advantage of sophisticated digital tools in today’s online business world.

    Failure to Track Measurable Goals and Milestones to Hit

    Many entrepreneurs have been successful in their business in the digital space but staying successful is a whole different conversation. In most cases, even a thriving business at its early stages could quickly lose track of its progress because of failing to track its progress and setting goals to target. 

    The e-commerce business is continuously ramping up, meaning you also have to step up your game and never lose sight of your improving your business as a whole to stay relevant to the market. Tracking your progress through statistical analytics by digital services allows you to have a leg up on your competition and gradually improve your online business over time.

    Not Flexible Enough to Try and Test Different Strategies

    There is no shortage of digital marketing strategies that effectively ramp up your engagement, traffic, or even sales almost instantly. While there’s a value in staying consistent about your current method that has already been working for you, being open to other opportunities would open up so many doors for your business, especially in a constantly evolving world.

    An Entrepreneur’s ability to do trial and error, whether through specific marketing campaigns, trying out new digital strategies, or other things, is a massive advantage for taking advantage of opportunities ahead of you. It is likely that an effective digital marketing strategy from just six months ago now could no longer be relevant today. That is why it’s best to keep being updated and allow yourself to try out new things that might or might not work for the sake of the business. This is a common trait for thriving businesses in today’s world.

    Focused on blending in instead of standing out amongst your competition

    Another common mistake for up-and-coming entrepreneurs trying to find their success in the digital space is focusing too much on blending in instead of finding ways to stand out. The reason behind this is to remind you that you’re in the business of offering products/services that are distinctly unique from what the market already has to offer.

    Unrealistic Overnight Success Expectations

    Setting goals and targets are excellent, but expecting unrealistic results over a short amount of time is detrimental and could hold your online business success even further down the line. There is nothing wrong with high-ambitions and having the confidence that your product or service online would do well. However, patience is a huge thing, especially when entering a highly competitive market. 

    Understand that you’re not the only one who’s trying to get a fair share of the market and that you’ll have to earn it gradually with patience and wit if you want your business to thrive. A good rule of thumb when it comes to setting expectations is to set goals that are hard enough to keep you going but aren’t too challenging and leave you in a slump. Small wins, whether in sales, engagements, followers, or any progress in your digital marketing pursuit, get you going and are much more effective for sustainable growth instead of unrealistic expectations.

    Failure to Adapt to New and Updated Strategies

    Keeping an eye on and constantly updating your digital marketing strategies is a huge plus for your e-commerce store to stay relevant to your chosen niche market. Many factors may impact how well a particular digital system might or might not work, so it’s always best to keep open and flexible for future adjustments.

    Undervaluing the Power of Customer Reviews and Feedback

    Online Reviews and Customer Feedback is an excellent social proof and way to get more traction on your e-commerce business. However, not many entrepreneurs understand the value of having honest feedback from customers, whether good or bad and how it could impact your business as a whole.

    Genuinely listening to what your customers like about your products and what they dislike gives you ideas on improving your business. Businesses that listen to their customers will likely have their way to building their community and engagement over time.

    What did you learn from the above blog submission? Drop a comment in the section below to converse with other readers. 

    Three things we learned from last month’s SERP glitches

    For those who’re well enveloped in the world of digital marketing, you likely caught wind of Google suffering a massive indexing glitch last month. Since this bug dejectedly impacted the search quality among users for many hours, it’s worth discussing how this kind of disruption can affect business owners and those who work alongside companies performing their digital marketing services

    What does the term “SERPS” refer to?

    Search engine results pages (SERPS) are web pages that are served to users when they search for keywords using a search engine, such as Google or Bing. The user will enter their search query using specific terms and phrases, upon which the search engine will load and present them with a SERP. 

    Each SERP is very unique, as many search queries are performed on the same search engine using the same keywords at the same time. This is also because virtually all search engines will customize the experience for their users by presenting SERPS based on a wide range of factors aside from their search terms, such as the user’s physical location, browsing history, and social settings. This ensures that users get a more intuitive, responsive experience because while two SERPS may appear identical and contain some of the same results if you look closely, they will often feature subtle differences that might better appeal to that searching user. 

    Why SERPS matter for SEO

    If you’re looking to find out “why SERPS matter for SEO”, then you’ve come to the right blog. Think of SERPS as a search engine optimization (SEO) opportunity that shows users your site’s value by offering them passage with a clickable title and inviting page description. 

    Since the order of the pages that appear in the SERPS are determined by a complex algorithm that’s formulated by the search engine used, it’s easy to see how SEO is important. The search engine will judge each website based on a variety of factors that help to determine the relevance and value it shares to the searched phrase or keywords. Often, search engines will also make changes to their algorithms and offer users some insight into how the update impacts SERPS, to allow them to make changes and have a competitive advantage over other businesses who’re also looking to strike an appearance on page one. 

    What did digital marketing experts learn from August’s SERP glitches?

    On Monday, August 10, 2020, the SEO community noticed massive ranking changes in Google’s search results. While it initially appeared that Google updated its algorithm, it was way too far off to not be a glitch. Google confirmed that it was a bug and that it would be a few hours before search engine results were back to normal. Needless to say, while defects in the system are uncommon, they do happen, which is why your SEO team needs to be prepared for the potential of future glitches.

    Three things we learned from last month’s SERP glitches:

    • Beware of your analytics: If you’re checking your analytics and notice that Google’s organic search traffic experiences a huge shift from the day prior, you should remember that bugs happen and disregard the reporting instead of creating unwarranted stress. Keep in mind to follow up the next day to see if the glitch has been fixed. 
    • Rankings change: Search engine rankings are changing all the time, especially on a popular search engine like Google. If it happens on a large scale, assess online to see if they’re any reports from other SEO experts. 
    • SERPS matter: While you likely already know the powerful impact of appearing high on Google’s SERPS, now you better understand how the loss of traffic, new customers, and potential revenue greatly impact the success of your business. Investing in SEO really does matter!

    Was there anything else worth mentioning? Drop a comment below if there was something important that we missed.

    How to write copy for email

    Writing is a time-consuming process and it can prove to be even more challenging when you’re attempting to use copy to persuade an audience to take action. Whether your list of email subscribers is comprised of first-time shoppers or you possess a large number of long-standing customers, this direct line to their inbox can work as an incredibly beneficial, digital marketing tool. That’s why you need to continue reading to learn about how to effectively write some engaging email copy

    Nail your email subject line

    Many consumers subscribe to a business newsletter after a single purchase and often forget to continue to check their promotions folders for later content and sales. This is part of the reason that your subject lines need to be powerful. The headline of your email should basically be an equivalent of the copy — interesting, right to the point, and inspire the readers to take action. So, if you aren’t ready to put a lot of time into creating an engaging tagline, it’s time to learn about the digital marketing art of eCommerce copywriting for emails

    Here are a few pointers that are used by professionals to craft quality subject lines:

    • Subject lines should be short and sweet. Research shows that the best open rates are those with between six to ten words. 
    • Action verbs are needed in a subject line to enable an authoritative approach and a sense of urgency. 
    • Email is a personal medium and users appreciate when the fields of the subject possess their name or the company’s name to make things more intimate.

    Keep your content personal

    Just like how shoppers enjoy a personal touch to the email’s subject line, the copy of your newsletter should also exuberate a sense of exclusivity. For example, you could write an email that’s addressed to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people, or you could position the content as if you’re writing to a single person. Talking directly to your customers keeps things conversational and exciting, while also explaining that you want them to shop, take advantage of a sale, or read your latest blog submission. By nature, emails are intended to be private and personal, so if you want the copy within your business newsletters to resonate with the consumers that read them, you’ll need to approach them on a personal level. 

    Carefully and creatively choose your wording

    Conversations, unless in an academic setting, are spoken in a tone that’s easily comprehensible. This means that your copy should be informal and chatty rather than filled with a large amount of industry jargon. ECommerce copywriters are efficient in using content to focus on the benefits rather than the features, which when you’re letting shoppers know about a sale, is incredibly advantageous for businesses. This allows the focal element to be on products and services and how they can enrich the lives of subscribers — for example, welcome emails, new product lineups, discounted promotions, and gift ideas. 

    Pay attention to your word count 

    The consumer doesn’t possess the same attention span to information as they once did, and with that being said, your emails should be kept short and sweet. The reality is that you’re competing with other businesses to get noticed in an email inbox, which means that your content may only get skimmed in passing. So, it’s important to get right to the point as soon as possible. Be sure to break up your copy by using some white space and attention-grabbing images, as huge blocks of text can become hard to read and get your point across. 

    What other elements do you look for in cordial-written email? Drop a comment below to add something to our list!