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    How to write copy for email

    Writing is a time-consuming process and it can prove to be even more challenging when you’re attempting to use copy to persuade an audience to take action. Whether your list of email subscribers is comprised of first-time shoppers or you possess a large number of long-standing customers, this direct line to their inbox can work as an incredibly beneficial, digital marketing tool. That’s why you need to continue reading to learn about how to effectively write some engaging email copy

    Nail your email subject line

    Many consumers subscribe to a business newsletter after a single purchase and often forget to continue to check their promotions folders for later content and sales. This is part of the reason that your subject lines need to be powerful. The headline of your email should basically be an equivalent of the copy — interesting, right to the point, and inspire the readers to take action. So, if you aren’t ready to put a lot of time into creating an engaging tagline, it’s time to learn about the digital marketing art of eCommerce copywriting for emails

    Here are a few pointers that are used by professionals to craft quality subject lines:

    • Subject lines should be short and sweet. Research shows that the best open rates are those with between six to ten words. 
    • Action verbs are needed in a subject line to enable an authoritative approach and a sense of urgency. 
    • Email is a personal medium and users appreciate when the fields of the subject possess their name or the company’s name to make things more intimate.

    Keep your content personal

    Just like how shoppers enjoy a personal touch to the email’s subject line, the copy of your newsletter should also exuberate a sense of exclusivity. For example, you could write an email that’s addressed to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people, or you could position the content as if you’re writing to a single person. Talking directly to your customers keeps things conversational and exciting, while also explaining that you want them to shop, take advantage of a sale, or read your latest blog submission. By nature, emails are intended to be private and personal, so if you want the copy within your business newsletters to resonate with the consumers that read them, you’ll need to approach them on a personal level. 

    Carefully and creatively choose your wording

    Conversations, unless in an academic setting, are spoken in a tone that’s easily comprehensible. This means that your copy should be informal and chatty rather than filled with a large amount of industry jargon. ECommerce copywriters are efficient in using content to focus on the benefits rather than the features, which when you’re letting shoppers know about a sale, is incredibly advantageous for businesses. This allows the focal element to be on products and services and how they can enrich the lives of subscribers — for example, welcome emails, new product lineups, discounted promotions, and gift ideas. 

    Pay attention to your word count 

    The consumer doesn’t possess the same attention span to information as they once did, and with that being said, your emails should be kept short and sweet. The reality is that you’re competing with other businesses to get noticed in an email inbox, which means that your content may only get skimmed in passing. So, it’s important to get right to the point as soon as possible. Be sure to break up your copy by using some white space and attention-grabbing images, as huge blocks of text can become hard to read and get your point across. 

    What other elements do you look for in cordial-written email? Drop a comment below to add something to our list!