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    How Should Your Company Be Preparing for Black Friday?

    If you’re stumped on how to market for the holidays, you’ll want to purpose the following tips to easily plan out your seasonal marketing campaigns. After all, Black Friday success is best measured on the culmination of creative, strategic audience development and how well you can carry out your efforts leading up to the big Thanksgiving Day long weekend. So, it’s time that you opened your mind to some digital marketing options that’s pretty much guaranteed to heighten your conversion rates. 

    Prepare as early as possible

    As silly as it sounds, large-scale, e-commerce brands start their holiday preparations at the end of August because as soon as Halloween is over, the following two months are jam-packed with sales, promotions, and social media and email campaigns. So, if you want to start cashing in and taking full advantage of how to market for the holiday season, you’ll want to get a head-start next year by mapping out your plans for American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, and Kwanzaa. Keep in mind that some of these celebratory days can be combined into one marketing campaign, such as “Thanksgiving Blowout Sale, all weekend long” because the days are inconsequential order one after another. 

    Build up your audience

    Black Friday shopping is all about zeroing in on your target audience to get them hyped up for the holidays, so, obviously, we suggest that weeks prior to your sale you work on building your customer list. People are less likely to make a purchase, even if you have a killer sale if they’re unfamiliar with your brand. That’s why it’s super important to extend your trust to savvy shoppers and cultivate their interest using social media marketing, email marketing and even blogging. This will give you a more direct line of communication and is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure that your messages are reaching the right people. 

    The key to whisking your audience away using social media and emails is to carry out campaigns and plan ahead to see how well your customers respond to your digital marketing efforts. If done skillfully, you’re able to extract value from the above tactics including repeat sales, word-of-mouth referrals, and an engaged audience. However, if you’re looking to get started on an email list or wanting to branch out to unknown social media channels, a professional digital marketing agency can ensure that you’re marketing content that your clientele will enjoy! 

    Have a simplistic checkout experience 

    While this digital development needs to be coded well in advance to ensure that it will be functional, we do recommend improving the checkout experience before you think of promoting a Boxing Day sale next month. When a user is convinced to click on your website, they’re already driven to make a purchase, however, even great prices aren’t enough to keep them from abandoning their checkout process. That’s why it’s essential to reduce the amount of time that’s needed to check out a customer cart, creating a simplistic experience that will translate to a higher conversion rate. 

    Will your business be running any year-end, holiday sales? Drop a comment below if you’re wanting some assistance with your upcoming campaigns.

    Tune into these inspiring 4 marketing podcasters

    marketing podcasts

    Staying involved in your niche can prove to be a challenging task when your time is already split up between other business ventures and commitments. However, if you’re on the hunt to up your marketing game or in need of some help understanding new, trending strategies, then they’re some innovative marketing podcasts out there that will allow your team to gain some further insights into the world of marketing and business developments. 

    Moreover, for those of you who may not be technologically savvy, a podcast is a collection of digital audio files that are made available for listening or downloading to your computer or mobile device. They are personalized series that feature regular installments about a wide range of interesting topics. Now, that you’re in touch with the lingo, let’s take a look at some marketing podcasts that you absolutely must keep up with.

    Call to Action

    This marketing podcast focuses on highlighting online marketing success stories and how these real-life achievements can be de-constructed and used on your own marketing campaigns. The weekly show consists of candid interviews with digital marketing professionals and leaders and features tips for improving your conversion rates, optimization, content marketing and more.

    Social Media Marketing Podcast

    As the title of the podcast suggests this podcast helps you learn to engage with your customers through the use of social media profiles. There’s a lot to learn about social media marketing and this talk show podcast breaks down the barriers of the marketing genre and makes it easy for you to listen on-the-go to success stories and interviews as well as some in-depth insight from industry pros.

    Marketing Over Coffee

    Just like the title of this marketing podcast suggests, it’s best to tune into this ingenious discussion and get your creative juices flowing with your morning coffee. After all, the host of the show does. That being said, the show primarily likes to focus on traditional marketing methods that work as a good foundation for your marketing strategy and branch off to other topics such as rebranding.

    Copyblogger FM

    If you’re an aspiring copywriter, an entrepreneur or even a digital marketing manager, you would be able to benefit from this particular marketing podcast. The show analyzes the trends of digital marketing and talks about the challenge of changing practices in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization and so much more.

    If you need help developing your digital marketing strategy, Trek, alongside these amazing marketing podcasts, can help get you on the path to increase your brand’s recognition.

    Are there any other marketing podcasts that you enjoy? Drop their details below to share with our readers.