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    Gobble up these 4 Thanksgiving-themed marketing tips

    November is a busy time of year for digital marketing agencies and the businesses that they manage, though it’s probably because there are so many holidays that are stuffed into the mix — Remembrance Day/Veterans Day, American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. So, with so much going on it’s important to take a moment to pick and choose which seasonal holidays you’re going to focus your energies on, because, let’s face it, it’s rather difficult to juggle them all. That being said, if marketing for Thanksgiving is your projected winner, here are some tips we recommend using in your strategy carrying into this month. 

    Market your products with the season

    It isn’t hard to curve the appeal of your products during American Thanksgiving, especially if you use the right wording as an elevated part of your strategy. For example:

    • If your business sells clothing, put some Thanksgiving dinner outfit ideas together.
    • If your business sells perfumes and candles, market essences that exhibit cinnamon, pumpkin or any woodsy scents. 
    • If your business is decor-based, market some products that could be used for Thanksgiving centrepieces. 
    • If your business sells toys, position your content to market how your selected products work well to entertain kids while dinner is cooking. 

    Keep in mind that when you’re marketing for Thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter, it’s always best to promote across all your channels, including your varied social media accounts and informative newsletters. If time is a considered factor, have a marketing agency do the work for you. 

    Use all the hashtags

    Since you’ve chosen to go with a themed strategy, the next step would be to use and create hashtags to engage with your social media followers. You could ask them to drop a comment on your Thanksgiving-inspired products by asking them to share their favorite memory (#thanksgivingthoughts) or even by inspiring them to share what they’re most thankful for (#givethanks). Be sure to post a mention coordinating to how you’re thankful for their support and continued business. 

    Create some custom, Thanksgiving-themed content

    If you want your marketing efforts to be noticed, we recommend using a little Thanksgiving inspiration when you’re crafting your content. This means that you can utilize your blog to self-advertise some products, while still keeping to the seasonal theme of being thankful, indulging in family time, and pigging out on a delicious, wholesome feast. Think of how your products connect to the subject of Thanksgiving, research industry keywords and also be sure to include undertones that feature seasonal words like harvest, pilgrims, feast, and thankful. 

    Have a sale!

    A lot is going on in November, but it’s also the month where you start your preparations for December’s holiday festivities. So, by hosting a flash sale to promote celebrations this month, you’ll also be able to tease customers into taking advantage of your last sale before the holiday season. You can even position your marketing efforts to include a blurb about how awesome your products and services would be as a holiday stocking stuffer or how easy it would be to just start ticking away at their shopping lists. Even 10% can be enough incentive for potential customers to carrying out their purchase, especially if the sale is for a limited time only. 

    Do you know any other Thanksgiving marketing tips that customers would gobble up? Drop a comment below to inspire other readers.

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