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    Create Engaging Social Media Content that Retains Customer Interest

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    engaging social media content

    Now more than ever, it’s easy for people to directly communicate with their favourite companies and designers. However, you need to cultivate that online relationship to keep customers interested in your products and services. Learn how to create engaging social media content that increases brand recognition, inspires purchases and makes admirers remember you.

    Designate Dedicated Social Media Admins

    Social media is an important aspect of marketing that requires dedicated time. There’s nothing wrong with allocating those duties to someone else if you can’t commit to a steady schedule. Determine what works best for you so that you can maximize the ways that social media can help a business and maintain a strong online presence.

    Utilize Interactive Ideas

    Did you know that companies are more likely to retain loyal customer engagement if they interact with them online? Whether your target audience is Millennials, Generation X, or a combination of age groups, you need to create ways to open up discussions. Take a look at what’s trending as well as what competitors are talking about and then develop ideas that will help you stand out in the market. Consider the following:

      • Polls and surveys
      • Q & As
      • Discounts and giveaways either chosen at random, for answering trivia questions, or for being a certain number respondent
      • Fun facts about employees
      • Prompts relevant to your business (share a photo of your pet, post the text you last sent, what’s your dream destination? What would you like to see added to the menu? etc.)
      • Video how-tos and tours of the company
      • Links to blog posts and e-newsletter subscriptions
      • Reminders about promotions (punch cards, first 100, etc.)
      • Interesting industry related facts and news
      • Links to community events
      • Weekly, monthly, and seasonal themes

    Maintain a Relatable Voice

    Just as with writing product descriptions that entice customers, make sure that your social media voice is real and relatable. Use unique hashtags, post photos of demos and new products and encourage sharing and tagging. A key to successful engaging social media content is showing your audience that you are indeed listening. Reply to opinions and experiences and make user-generated content a part of your posts.

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