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    How to Write Product Descriptions that Entice Customers and Boost Sales

    improving seo for ecommerce product descriptions

    how to write product descriptions

    Product descriptions seem easy: simply write exactly what they are or just use the manufacturer’s copy, right? Sure, if you want a routine site that lags in attracting customers. Implement the following suggestions, and learn how to write product descriptions that grab attention and increase sales.

    Act as Your Customer

    You obviously know your products, but how familiar are your customers with them? Who is your target audience? Identify the demographics and choose language that speaks to them. Use an active, second person voice, with relatable vocabulary for that market – there’s a difference between using hashtags and emojis to sell artisanal cupcakes to millennials and more straightforward language that makes antioxidant herbal teas appealing to baby boomers. Also, remember the level of experience –  professional contractors don’t have to be told about why they need a mitre instead of a jig saw, but hobbyists and general DIYers do.

    Tell a Unique and Succinct Story

    While it is beneficial to take certain information from your manufacturer’s specs if you’re a reseller, it is crucial to give your customers more than what they’ll find elsewhere. Ask yourself what some of the most common questions about that product may be, and answer them within the description. Use sensory words to tell an enthusiastic story that customers can imagine themselves in.

    Utilize some of the methods that are ideal as blog ideas for eccommerce business to support a feature > benefit structure. For products that are similar, such as shirts with a slightly varied sleeve style, alternate highlights and try to find something individual so each description has distinctive appeal.

    Use bullet points after the intro, to effectively summarize the product’s main selling points. This also helps retain attention, because even if customers skip the story, they’ll still have a checklist to refer to. Place keywords organically, don’t stuff them randomly into the text, and link to coordinating products for an additional present or future sale.

    Provide All the Facts

    Another important part of knowing how to write product descriptions is presenting more facts than fluff. Your running shoes are terrific because multi-layered EVA cushioning protects against hard impact. You’re highly regarded because of awards, endorsements, and patented technologies. Include information that can deter returns or unsatisfactory reviews, such as if a product is heat-sensitive or may fade after repeated washings. Mention allergens and directions for use to boost customer confidence in choosing you.

    Not sure if you have the time to create stand-out product descriptions? Find out how our professional copywriting services for web content can help you!

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