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    4 Blog Ideas for Your Ecommerce Business

    blog ideas for online businesses

    blog ideas for online businesses

    If you operate an ecommerce business, a blog is an invaluable tool to help you connect with your current and potential customers. Not only can regularly-scheduled posts drive traffic to your website and boost sales, but they can also help improve SEO. If you’ve been considering adding a blog section to your company website, here are four blog ideas for online businesses that you can start with.

    The History of Your Business

    Share the story of how your ecommerce business came to be. For instance, if you sell organic dog treats online, what inspired you to start your online store? Was it your passion for our furry friends, or perhaps the lack of healthy options available on the market? Sharing your story with your audience is an excellent way to build a relationship with your audience.

    Tips and Tricks or How-Tos

    The options are limitless when it comes to tips and tricks and how-tos. Let’s take the example of one of Trek Marketing’s clients, Upscale Menswear, a company that sells high-end clothing and accessories online. Their blog is regularly updated with articles focused on helping their customers look their best. In the blog post titled “What to Avoid When Wearing a Suit,” the clothing e-tailer provide style advice while incorporating links to their products in the text in a way that flows naturally. The idea is not to push a specific product but to provide helpful style tips and concrete examples to their clientele.

    Share Information About Your Product

    How do your products differ from your competitors? Prime Vapor, another client of ours, is a company that offers flavor cartridges and vape juice for e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Since all their products are propylene glycol-free, their blog post titled “Vape Juice Bases: PG vs. VG” educates their customers about their deliberate choice to only use vegetable glycerin as a base, which resonates with those who have concerns about or allergies to propylene glycol, making them more likely to purchase their vaping products from them.

    Answer Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you find that you are getting asked the same question over and over again? Address it in depth in a blog post, and each time a customer asks the same question, send them a link to the article. It will save you time, and the customer will appreciate the detailed explanation. For instance, Bonjour Mauritius, a website that specializes in transfers and excursions, wrote an article titled “5 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Book Your Mauritius Airport Pickup” in their “Travel Tips” blog category. This article doesn’t only help answer the common question of pre-booking transfers, but it also brings additional traffic to the site since the link to the blog post shows up in various search results around airport pickups in Mauritius.

    We hope you found these blog ideas for online businesses helpful. If writing isn’t your strong suit, or if you don’t have sufficient time to maintain a blog, get in touch with us to get started!

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