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    Is there a future for SMS marketing?

    Not only do the majority of shoppers prefer to peruse and purchase via online but many are also making use of their mobile devices to shop, click, and buy. This is one of the reasons that mobile marketing platforms are on the rise, adapting to a more modern way for businesses to engage with their customers. Since most people have access to a smartphone, this marketing technique can and will continue to reach a wider audience with little effort. Here’s how!

    What’s SMS marketing?

    Short Message Service Marketing (SMS marketing) has quickly become one of the most popular marketing techniques. This strategy allows businesses to make use of texting to communicate with their customers by offering updates, reminders, and deals. 

    There are two forms of SMS marketing: One-way communication is when businesses send their updates to the customer without the need for a response, whereas two-way communication is when businesses and customers respond back-and-forth to queries. 

    Key features of SMS marketing

    Online shoppers prefer to handle advertisements at their convenience, which is why SMS marketing campaigns will continue to hold a lot of value for businesses. 

    SMS marketing is:

    • Cost-effective: Similar to email marketing, SMS marketing campaigns are very cost-effective and hold the power to supercharge sales and boost conversion rates among targeted shoppers. This is because customers can unsubscribe at any time, leaving those that remain genuinely interested in the ads.
    • High read rate: Unlike blogs where users need to seek out the material, SMS marketing campaigns are sent directly to the user’s life line… their smartphone. While they may not read your message right away, the notification on their screen will remind them to read it at some point.   
    • Preferred by customers: No one like in-your-face advertising, like the ads you can’t skip over before watching your desired video on YouTube. SMS marketing campaigns keep the interactions quick, efficient, and to the point. 
    • Easy to plan and execute: There is not a lot involved for businesses who want to send SMS messages, making it a good, budget-friendly way for first-time business owners to get the word out about new products or sales. However, there are SMS marketing services that cater to other elements of your campaigns, such as content, design, time of day, etc. often giving the best results due to their knowledge of SMS strategy. 
    • Quick to launch: Unlike email marketing where a template needs to be developed, SMS marketing is easy to set up. All you need to do is import your list of numbers and start planning the messages you want to send. 
    • Analytics offers loads of insight: Since SMS marketing is sent through a direct mobile marketing platform, you can easily track the success of your ads by looking at the deliveries, conversion rates, and responses that are kept recorded in your reports. 

    To answer the question, “Is there a future for SMS marketing”, our response would be, “absolutely!” SMS marketing services are growing because customers prefer to text and businesses can reach their audience within seconds. 

    Are you ready to try out Trek Marketing’s SMS marketing service? Drop a comment below to get in touch with a team member to get started.

    What is SMS marketing and how does it work?

    With the ubiquity of smartphones in recent years, wouldn’t it make more sense to drive engagement through a more direct marketing approach? While email marketing and social media marketing strategies are great for high engagement rates, SMS marketing helps businesses close the gap and is the perfect method for emerging marketings. Continue reading to learn more about this powerful, communicative strategy. 

    What is SMS marketing?

    By definition, SMS marketing means short message service marketing. This technique uses text messages (SMS) to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and reminders to customers who have consented to receive these types of messages from your business. While SMS marketing is a great way to enhance your digital marketing strategy, it’s no for everyone, which is why it’s important to analyze how it’s done and emulate if it would work for your target audience before investing the time and money into developing a platform to send out texts. How’s that for proactively developing a relationship with your digital marketing strategy

    What are some industry best practices for SMS marketing?

    As consumers become more attached to their phones, text message marketing for small businesses can quickly become the most direct line of contact and effective form of communication. 

    Here are some rules for SMS marketing:

    • Ensure that your contacts have opted in to SMS: Like any type of digital marketing, you need to receive permission from your customers to send them straight to their phones. 
    • Be mindful of the time you’re sending: Unlike email, which is likely only checked by users a couple of times a day, when a text message is received, people tend to open these messages almost immediately. So, when you’re crafting texts, ensure that you’re not disturbing your contacts at odd hours. 
    • Don’t forget to include your company’s name in your message: How awful would it be if your text message generated a lot of interest, but the users couldn’t remember what businesses they’re subscribed to. 
    • Combine text message marketing for small businesses with other elements of your digital marketing strategy: There are a variety of channels to interact with consumers, so be sure they tie together to create a marketing communication system that works to build up these customer connections. In our professional opinion, both SMS marketing and email marketing complement each other quite well!

    What is SMS marketing used for?

    There are two types of messages that you can send with SMS marketing, a campaign message that is linked to coupons or an upcoming event or a transactional message that is triggered by a certain behaviour (order confirmation, shipping notification, etc.). However, text message marketing for small businesses can be used in several ways.

    • Short-term promotions for retail and other e-commerce businesses
    • Urgent updates about events or customer orders
    • Appointment reminders
    • Internal alerts

    Are you ready to start SMS marketing? If you have any further questions about how it works, please drop them in the comments section below.