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    Companies Like Sezzle

    Every shopper knows how convenient it must be to buy items today and split the payment for biteable sizes for later. Having the opportunity to purchase expensive items that are out of reach before suddenly became an easy pick-up using payment solutions. This is the need that Sezzle and other companies are trying to solve, and it has been effective for both merchants and consumers ever since.

    Like Sezzle, here are some of the best payment solutions that offer buy now pay later services to help you smoothly manage your finances.


    Talk about convenience and amazing discounts? Klarna is a payment solution partnered with retailers over the world. You’ll be enjoying their flexible payments anywhere online, whether you want to shop locally or internationally. Another awesome thing about Klarna is its transparent approach to your purchases. Conveniently access the full summary or overview of your payments online using their app. They also offer free rewards instantly for every purchase you make and save them up for future use. With 400K merchants and over 147 million active customers, Klarna is truly a force to be reckoned with in the buy now pay later industry and is perfect for both businesses and consumers.


    Splitit empowers consumers to use the hard-earned credit on their existing credit cards to spread payments over time with no applications, no additional fees and no hassle.

    Since we’re talking about convenience and smooth transactions, we cannot simply forget to mention Splitit. Unlike any other Buy Now Pay Later Services, Splitit is always free from fees and credit checks and offers flexible payment options that go even as far as 24 installments. If you’re used to using their credit card, you’d undoubtedly love Splitit and how it works. You no longer have to have a separate account as what Splitit only does is to open the feature of Buy Now Pay Later and let you use it using your existing credit card. Meaning you can keep the rewards points coming as you make larger purchases using the installment options provided by Splitit!


    Founded in 2014 in Australia, Afterpay has consistently made strides in the Buy Now Pay Later industry over the years. Their business model is totally free without interest, fees, or extended debt as long as you pay in time. For someone who’s confident about paying in time, Afterpay is a good payment solution as it would allow you to keep your financial wellness in check and stable by offering payments installments in 4. They aim to empower consumers worldwide and give them access to items out of reach while keeping things simple and effective. You can easily browse and shop from your favorite brands, online or in-store. 


    Want to pay at your own pace? That’s precisely what Affirm tries to provide for its customers. Offering flexible options, users may decide whether they wish to pay in 4 interest-free payments every two weeks, which is excellent for everyday shopping, or choose monthly payments for expensive purchases. Affirm gives you the freedom to choose without hidden fees and smoothly fast payments. This is why so many people choose Affirm over another buy now pay later apps as they over a more comprehensive array of payments which ranges from 12 to 18 months.


    Another leading Buy Now Pay Later service worldwide is the company called Zip. They aim to make payments a little more simplified by providing seamless solutions for their users. Whether you are shopping, booking flights, or just casually hopping at the grocery, you can conveniently use the features of Zip whenever and wherever you are. Working with thousands of retail partners is also an excellent payment solution to integrate for those running their own businesses. Shop your favorite brands with confidence using the Zip payment solution!


    The standard payment for buy now pay later service providers is 4. On the other hand, you could extend your installment payment solutions for over 12 months using Perpay, which is excellent for large purchases like gadgets and other expensive items. It is also a great way to build your credit, as the average user increases their credit score by 39 points using this payment solution. Perpay is among the fasters growing private companies and is undoubtedly a good option for buy now pay later similar to sezzle.


    Looking for a breeze account set up, zero hidden fees, and pay over six weeks? Laybuy is indeed an excellent choice for you! Laybuy allows you to make stress-free installment purchases within seconds and shop among your favorite brands worldwide. Their company’s journey started with just two problems, first is consumers not being able to afford high-priced items, and the second is merchants trying to improve their services through integrated payment solutions. Fortunately, the bedrock of their company has led them to become one of the best buy now pay later solutions available for the market to use. If you’re looking for a smart way to pay that won’t cost you headaches, shop with Laybuy now!

    Pay in 4

    Splitting payments six-folds and paying once every week is the standard buy now pay later solution for a reason. It’s simple, straightforwards, and less risky than other alternatives. Pay in 4 is the buy now pay later solution provided by PayPal for its users. An excellent thing about PayPal is that you’ll make sure that you’re in the right hands as they’ve been leading in the online finance industry for years now. You’ll also have transparency when it comes to the purchases that you make, keeps you updated, and conveniently control your finance with ease.


    Since we’re talking about payment solutions like Sezzle, Venue certainly should be on top of your list. It is a premium marketplace for shoppers that loves to browse costly items that are difficult to pay upfront. With over a million merchants available, you won’t run out of options with this buy now pay later service. They also offer flexible payments across the board, so you’ll have freedom in choosing what timeline and mode of purchase are suitable for you. Enjoy the most amazing deals from gadgets, furniture, clothing, and more at Venue today!

    Shop Pay by Shopify

    Speaking of convenience and smooth transactions, Shop Pay by Shopify is doing all the right things for its users’ satisfaction. Merchants love this because of its excellent accelerated checkout on online stores helping both users and businesses get what they want instantly and with ease. Shop Pay also recognizes your information and would automatically fill out the information whenever you pay, so all you have to do is click! If you’re looking to make purchases but don’t want to pay upfront, instead use the installment method, Shop Pay by Shopify is an excellent alternative for Sezzle.


    With the help of these reliable payment solutions mentioned above, you no longer have to worry about huge expensive items and other inconveniences that may ruin your shopping experience. Gradually pay in small biteable sizes by taking advantage of the services provided by these payment solutions. 

    We hope that you’ve got a lot from this blog that you can apply to your personal or business finances. If you’re looking to find more topics similar to this, kindly browse through our blog section here at Trek Marketing today!

    Best Email Marketing Tools

    Email Marketing has been around for quite some time now. Some people are starting to question its relevance in today’s world, where there are thousands of alternatives, including social media. Does email marketing still work? Yes, it remains one of the most effective marketing strategies for small to large businesses if done correctly. Once you build that quality email list, you’ll be surprised by how much traffic, brand awareness you’ll get by consistently sending quality emails.

    Statistics show that emails are expected to go even higher, at least for the next three years, which means more opportunities for business owners. However, with so many companies trying their luck on the email marketing strategy, it has been crucial to practice the best methods proven effective in helping your businesses stand out from the rest.

    In this blog, we’ll share some of the best email marketing tools to try and ensure that your email strategy is top-notch and will undoubtedly get you some hot leads. Before that, let’s discuss some of the criteria for choosing the best tools to use for your email marketing.

    Things to consider in choosing email marketing tools?

    Before we go straight to the best tools we recommend, we’ve had some criteria that help us gauge whether these email marketing tools are worthy or not. 

    Easy to Use

    Usability is essential, especially in today’s world. There’s no reason to use complicated tools if you can get the same results using simple basic tools, right? This allows you to have a more efficient workflow and smoothly integrate it into your marketing systems.


    With so many free marketing tools, it’s essential to know that you are getting your money’s worth if you plan to pay for a particular tool. You don’t want to spend loads of money on something that you can get somewhere for free.


    Last but not least, you want to find something that has features that would allow you to do things you couldn’t do before, which is the purpose of using a tool. Email marketing will seem a lot more fun, more manageable, and effective once you use these tools that we’re about to mention.

    Best Email Marketing Tools

    Here are some of our most recommended tools that you should use for the best email marketing strategy!


    As marketing goes larger than numbers and more on to customer satisfaction and experience, so is the goal of ActiveCampaign when it comes to developing their systems. It remains one of the leading email marketing tools out there. They conveniently provide a seamless approach to email marketing tackling on all cylinders, whether for e-commerce, B2C, and B2-B companies.

    Suppose you’re looking for a comprehensive toolkit. In that case, ActiveCampaign is very promising as they can provide a holistic approach without complicating each step to garner as much traffic as possible. Their set of tools aims to reach, nurture, convert, and grow, which is what it takes to grow a business in today’s world. Easily manage your sales, live chat, email marketing, and more features delivered all in one place with ActiveCampaign!

    You can try them for free with no credit card required as they offer an instant setup of a 14-day trial.


    As we mentioned a while ago, money’s worth is a huge thing to consider before jumping on some online tools, and this email marketing tool is truly worth the investment. Whether your focus is on email marketing, automation, newsletter editors, or even personalized email to build customer relationships, MailerLite has all those problems taken care of.

    MailerLite does an excellent job catering to a wide range of needs, whether for personal, small businesses, or even large businesses, in helping them improve their email campaign across all cylinders. Give them a shot and see for yourself by signing up for their 30-day free trial with access to their premium features.


    Email Marketing is consistently taking leaps, even faster than ever before. You’ll also have to kick it up a notch in your email marketing strategies, as many other companies are trying to push for the same thing. This is why you’ll love Mailjet and what it can offer to improve your marketing efforts.

    Sending generic emails won’t cut it in today’s market, so you’ll benefit a lot from the features of Mailjet. They provide email builders, contact management, segmentations, and comprehensive analytics so you can analyze your data and gradually optimize them to create the most effective email campaign. Having an integrated platform into your CRM and the ability to manage your mailing list all in one dashboard is also one of the many cool things about Mailjet.


    Getting more than in less time is what you want if you’re planning to grow your business, and this is exactly what Omnisend is trying to offer. Email Marketing isn’t just about sending emails to random people, segmentation and finding the right people for your message is a huge game-changer. You could do this using Omnisend features. 

    What’s impressive about Omnisend is how easy it is to integrate with your existing strategy. They even provide email templates focused on lessening cart abandonment and driving more sales to your business. Any brand that focuses on e-commerce could undoubtedly benefit from using this fantastic tool, and it deserves to be in the best email marketing tools. Their pricing includes added features, privileges, and other info that varies in each plan.


    Drip is taking all the proper steps when it comes to growing brands. They focus on running sophisticated email and SMS marketing systems that are proven to drive more sales without the need for coding skills.

    Easily integrate Drip on any mainstream e-commerce platforms known, such as Magento, Shopify, woo commerce, etc. Using Drip is almost a no-brainer as they offer many valuable tools effective for email marketing, such as built-in revenue analytics, customer engagement across multiple channels, and many more, with fair pricing that starts at $19/month.


    If you’ve been searching for marketing tools for quite some time now, there is a big chance that you’re already familiar with Mailchimp. They are one of the leading email marketing tool providers online, which features automation, scheduling, intelligent recommendations, and audience insights to offer you an all-around gear in improving your marketing strategies.

    You could also conveniently store images and files by using their content manager feature, which could be very handy so you’ll quickly go back to it when you need it. Mailchimp indeed turns emails into revenue, and you as a business would get so much more from this tool!

    Final Thoughts.

    With all the available tools in your arsenal, it’s an excellent time to own a business as there are tons of different ways for small and even large companies to grow and flourish organically. We hope that you’ll find what works for you in these email marketing toolkits and turn your emails into cash in no time!

    10 Best Sites for Royalty Free Images

    Using a high-quality photo to represent your brand or use it for an article is an easy way to upscale your content by a mile instead of posting without one. Especially in a world full of multimedia content scattered all over the web, people’s attention span is also getting shorter, so plain long paragraph blogs won’t be enough to get people interested. If properly used, images could also add much more context to your content and separates it from the rest, resulting in much higher traffic to users. 

    Fortunately, you’re not the only one. Bloggers, content creators, e-commerce website owners have similar problems sourcing high-quality stock photos for their brand, so businesses noticed this need and provided an excellent solution. Today, we will share our little secret to you in sourcing some of the finest stock photos from the best sites offering royalty-free images online.


    Are you searching for high-quality images taken by professional photographers worldwide? You might want to check out some of the most beautiful collections at Pexels. Upgrade your marketing campaigns by taking advantage of their wide range of photos that are free to use. You’ll also be helping free-lance photographers by downloading their images, so it’s a win-win situation!

    View their licensing details.


    Since we’re talking about the best royalty-free image sources online, we can’t simply forget about mentioning Unsplash. With over 2 million free high-quality stock photos taken by professional photographers worldwide, it’s a total one-stop-shop for stock images online! Diversity is one of the main reasons Unsplash remains one of the most widely used image sources online today. They have a range of categories that brands can capitalize on and use for their marketing campaigns.

    View their licensing details.

    Negative Space

    Sourcing royalty-free images online isn’t just about having tons of photos. It’s also about the user’s ability to conveniently brush through those millions of photo selections. With Negative Space, you could easily find what you’re looking for through their seamless filtering options, making it effortless to find exactly what you’re looking for. With these features, you won’t have to spend much time scrolling through many images, giving you more time to polish your content.

    View their licensing details.


    If you happen to be looking for images taken by an inspired creator, Kaboompics is the way! Karolina, the spectacular talent behind these free images, has taken the world by storm with her remarkable stock photos that she offers freely for people online. She has decided to take her hobby to the next level by providing thousands of free stock photography with distinct color palettes, ideal for social, websites, and more!

    View their licensing details.


    Most people might already be familiar with this one as they are one of the leading online graphic design sites. Besides having an easy-to-use editor, Canva also offers a ton of free stock images, so you won’t have to switch tabs looking for photos online as you can go straight to editing those free stock images all at the same place! Canva is famous for its straightforward interface, and you’ll find more ways to take advantage of their free features for your marketing schemes.

    View their licensing details.


    Are you looking for free high-resolution photos? How about vector illustrations and SVG Icons? Reshot has got you all covered! Offering a wide selection of bold and fearless designs for businesses, you’ll surely love Reshot the moment you see their website and how unique they are when it comes to presentation, not to mention what they provide. Their motto is having offer instant downloads with no strings attached, made by designers for designers, and stress-free browsing. Reshot is undoubtedly shaping the modern landscape of free-stock images as they embark on a more seamless way to give creators and website owners what they genuinely need. Feel free to visit their site and check them out for yourself!

    View their licensing details.


    Nappy is a royalty-free image source that aims to leap forward for the cultural representation of black and brown communities. They aim to crush the cultural boundaries and represent their own by providing high-resolution images for brands to use worldwide. Regardless of your stand on their mission against lack of diversity, you can’t simply ignore that their pictures are outstanding and worthy of being seen.

    View their licensing details.


    If you’re a blog junky, you might’ve read some of their blogs that talk about a wide range of topics, mainly in the e-commerce business world. However, not many people know that Hubspot also offers a selection of high-quality stock photos on their own as they have found a shortage in this area. They’ve divided their free stock photos into four distinct categories: office-related, computer, kitchen photos, and miscellaneous.

    View their licensing details.


    Speaking of the traditional image sources in this list, Pixabay is worth mentioning for its consistent service in providing royalty-free images for businesses online. Aside from offering a wide range of free stock images, they also carry out vector graphics, illustrations, videos, music, and sound effects free for everyone. There is no question why Pixabay remains one of the classic sources out there, as they have everything you’ll need to enhance your already beautiful content and take it to the next level!

    View their licensing details.


    Feeling creative, you might want to check out how Rawpixel is smashing the free-stock game by providing some of the most diverse selections for everyone! By visiting their website, you’ll immediately see how they aim to separate themselves from the traditional free-stock image sources by overcoming creative boundaries with the help of their talented team and community of inspired creators. Brush through their topics and easily find ideas to represent your brand in many different ways! You’ll find primarily free options on their website. However, the paid option will serve as their means of contribution towards Hope for Children, a non-profit organization for children worldwide.

    View their licensing details.

    Wrapping Up.

    We hope you’ve found a ton of value in this post, especially in sourcing free images online. Indeed, spending money on resources such as images may help. Still, it doesn’t mean you’ll be disabled without cash, as you have many free image source options to brush through online and may find even better pictures to represent your brand!