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    Companies Like Sezzle

    Every shopper knows how convenient it must be to buy items today and split the payment for biteable sizes for later. Having the opportunity to purchase expensive items that are out of reach before suddenly became an easy pick-up using payment solutions. This is the need that Sezzle and other companies are trying to solve, and it has been effective for both merchants and consumers ever since.

    Like Sezzle, here are some of the best payment solutions that offer buy now pay later services to help you smoothly manage your finances.


    Talk about convenience and amazing discounts? Klarna is a payment solution partnered with retailers over the world. You’ll be enjoying their flexible payments anywhere online, whether you want to shop locally or internationally. Another awesome thing about Klarna is its transparent approach to your purchases. Conveniently access the full summary or overview of your payments online using their app. They also offer free rewards instantly for every purchase you make and save them up for future use. With 400K merchants and over 147 million active customers, Klarna is truly a force to be reckoned with in the buy now pay later industry and is perfect for both businesses and consumers.


    Splitit empowers consumers to use the hard-earned credit on their existing credit cards to spread payments over time with no applications, no additional fees and no hassle.

    Since we’re talking about convenience and smooth transactions, we cannot simply forget to mention Splitit. Unlike any other Buy Now Pay Later Services, Splitit is always free from fees and credit checks and offers flexible payment options that go even as far as 24 installments. If you’re used to using their credit card, you’d undoubtedly love Splitit and how it works. You no longer have to have a separate account as what Splitit only does is to open the feature of Buy Now Pay Later and let you use it using your existing credit card. Meaning you can keep the rewards points coming as you make larger purchases using the installment options provided by Splitit!


    Founded in 2014 in Australia, Afterpay has consistently made strides in the Buy Now Pay Later industry over the years. Their business model is totally free without interest, fees, or extended debt as long as you pay in time. For someone who’s confident about paying in time, Afterpay is a good payment solution as it would allow you to keep your financial wellness in check and stable by offering payments installments in 4. They aim to empower consumers worldwide and give them access to items out of reach while keeping things simple and effective. You can easily browse and shop from your favorite brands, online or in-store. 


    Want to pay at your own pace? That’s precisely what Affirm tries to provide for its customers. Offering flexible options, users may decide whether they wish to pay in 4 interest-free payments every two weeks, which is excellent for everyday shopping, or choose monthly payments for expensive purchases. Affirm gives you the freedom to choose without hidden fees and smoothly fast payments. This is why so many people choose Affirm over another buy now pay later apps as they over a more comprehensive array of payments which ranges from 12 to 18 months.


    Another leading Buy Now Pay Later service worldwide is the company called Zip. They aim to make payments a little more simplified by providing seamless solutions for their users. Whether you are shopping, booking flights, or just casually hopping at the grocery, you can conveniently use the features of Zip whenever and wherever you are. Working with thousands of retail partners is also an excellent payment solution to integrate for those running their own businesses. Shop your favorite brands with confidence using the Zip payment solution!


    The standard payment for buy now pay later service providers is 4. On the other hand, you could extend your installment payment solutions for over 12 months using Perpay, which is excellent for large purchases like gadgets and other expensive items. It is also a great way to build your credit, as the average user increases their credit score by 39 points using this payment solution. Perpay is among the fasters growing private companies and is undoubtedly a good option for buy now pay later similar to sezzle.


    Looking for a breeze account set up, zero hidden fees, and pay over six weeks? Laybuy is indeed an excellent choice for you! Laybuy allows you to make stress-free installment purchases within seconds and shop among your favorite brands worldwide. Their company’s journey started with just two problems, first is consumers not being able to afford high-priced items, and the second is merchants trying to improve their services through integrated payment solutions. Fortunately, the bedrock of their company has led them to become one of the best buy now pay later solutions available for the market to use. If you’re looking for a smart way to pay that won’t cost you headaches, shop with Laybuy now!

    Pay in 4

    Splitting payments six-folds and paying once every week is the standard buy now pay later solution for a reason. It’s simple, straightforwards, and less risky than other alternatives. Pay in 4 is the buy now pay later solution provided by PayPal for its users. An excellent thing about PayPal is that you’ll make sure that you’re in the right hands as they’ve been leading in the online finance industry for years now. You’ll also have transparency when it comes to the purchases that you make, keeps you updated, and conveniently control your finance with ease.


    Since we’re talking about payment solutions like Sezzle, Venue certainly should be on top of your list. It is a premium marketplace for shoppers that loves to browse costly items that are difficult to pay upfront. With over a million merchants available, you won’t run out of options with this buy now pay later service. They also offer flexible payments across the board, so you’ll have freedom in choosing what timeline and mode of purchase are suitable for you. Enjoy the most amazing deals from gadgets, furniture, clothing, and more at Venue today!

    Shop Pay by Shopify

    Speaking of convenience and smooth transactions, Shop Pay by Shopify is doing all the right things for its users’ satisfaction. Merchants love this because of its excellent accelerated checkout on online stores helping both users and businesses get what they want instantly and with ease. Shop Pay also recognizes your information and would automatically fill out the information whenever you pay, so all you have to do is click! If you’re looking to make purchases but don’t want to pay upfront, instead use the installment method, Shop Pay by Shopify is an excellent alternative for Sezzle.


    With the help of these reliable payment solutions mentioned above, you no longer have to worry about huge expensive items and other inconveniences that may ruin your shopping experience. Gradually pay in small biteable sizes by taking advantage of the services provided by these payment solutions. 

    We hope that you’ve got a lot from this blog that you can apply to your personal or business finances. If you’re looking to find more topics similar to this, kindly browse through our blog section here at Trek Marketing today!

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