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    What is social selling and how can it help with your sales?

    social selling

    social selling

    The traditional methods of sales have transformed over the years and evolved into a more contemporary approach known as social selling. E-commerce business owners are utilizing the power of social networking to connect, communicate, engage, research and build up trust with potential buyers. The best part of this new selling technique is that people feel less targeted and annoyed, which can usually convert into an increase in sales. But what elements comprise the design of social selling?

    What is social selling?

    Social selling is a sales process that takes place by using the various social media platforms to reach out to your consumer market. Comparable to a casino slot machine (lots of misses and an occasional hit) social selling is a tactic used by businesses to push sales. Although campaigns have the ability to organically appear on buyers’ news feeds, they also have the potential to get missed in the mayhem of scrolling through.

    Needless to say, most consumers find social selling to be an all-round pleasant experience when compared to the in-your-face methods of traditional selling. Social selling is also about creating a following just as much as creating sales. Generally speaking, consumers feel like the price point of a product or service are better if the sales approach isn’t as forceful.

    Why is social selling beneficial to your company?

    Before the massive wave of internet-friendly sales, sales people dominated this interaction between face-to-face. Now many people turn to the internet to meet their shopping needs, because they feel as if sales people have become too pushy and believe that they are simply trying to sell their product and not inform the public in the process.

    To an extent this may be true. Back in the day all that salespeople needed was lots of sales skills and little to no product knowledge. Yet, social selling has revolutionized consumer access to product information. Not to mention the high-quality content is engaging to buyers.

    Savvy sales professionals, both through traditional means and online, have become familiar with what their consumers want through the use of social listening and social sales. Instead of being the customers only means of information, e-commerce business owners now know that there is a plethora of facts available after a quick Google search. This allows them to curve their sales judgement and rethink their sales approach.

    Needless to say, products are still advertised (more uniquely as a matter of fact), only buyers now have the chance to browse, seek out the best deal or product and read reviews all from the comfort of their own home. Social selling is the new approach to sales in the modern era.

    How has your company benefited by using social selling as a selling strategy? Tell us in the comments section below.

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