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    The ultimate guide to holiday marketing

    holiday marketing

    holiday marketing

    In the world of business, the holiday season is probably the craziest time of year for sales. Naturally, that means that marketing to potential online shoppers becomes essential from October through to the New Year. With the rise in online shopping most e-commerce business owners take advantage of holiday marketing which can make it very difficult to stand out from your competitors. That being said, as a online retailer you need to strengthen your marketing strategies this time of year in order to make yourself noticed during the holiday rush, boost your sales and meet the expectations of your consumers. Here are a few helpful ways that you can make that happen.

    Offer free or discounted shipping

    Advertising free or discounted shipping is very good method to use when you’re trying to attract shoppers. The holidays can be daunting for many consumers, especially when it comes to fitting their shopping needs into a particular budget. Offering them free shipping is a very good way to encourage them to carry through with a purchase, while discounted shipping, if they live far away, can also seem like a reasonable exchange for a buy-worthy product.

    Start marketing for the holidays as soon as you can

    Most experienced e-commerce business owners have already started holiday marketing, but for those of you who are just starting to get the ball rolling ensure that you are dedicated to advertising your products or services in the coming weeks. Pre-plan and schedule your social media on all your channels, start pumping out newsletters outlining your sales and holiday gift suggestions and keep your blog up-to-date and informative for shoppers that want a little read while passing through.

    Bombard the social world

    Pre-planning and scheduling on your social channels are a good start, but bombarding the social world is much more effective when it comes to increasing your online sales. Many shoppers wait until the absolute last minute to make their holiday purchases which can be beneficial for last minute marketing strategies. Highlight on social media why your product or service would make a great gift, make a meme about last minute shopping deals or simply share some photos of your products gift wrapped and ready to ship. Image-worthy content has the ability to draw in shoppers who can see themselves handing off your product to their loved ones on Christmas morning.

    Drive shoppers to click-through to checkout

    Send a personalized email to shoppers that added products to an online shopping cart but abandoned it prior to purchase. This holiday marketing tactic will remind shoppers about the items that they were interested in buying and also gives you a chance to issue further price reductions if they carry through with their purchase within a certain time-frame. This gentle reminder may help your customers make a purchase.

    Are there any other last-minute methods you use to market your business around the holidays? Tell us in the comments section below.

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