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    How to use social media marketing for your tradesman business

    social media for tradesmen

    As a Tradesman, using social media marketing as a promotional tool is an advantageous way to let the world know about your innovative business. It’s also a great way to communicate with existing clients and build your online reputation. That being said, although this brilliant tool has the power to spread the word about your business, that doesn’t mean that you need to be invested in every social platform. Social media for tradesmen is no different than any other business, it’s a crucial part of marketing and depending on your target audience, you may want to consider using the following three platforms.

    Facebook for tradesmen

    When you take the time to set up a Facebook business page for your handicraft you’re taking advantage of a huge marketing opportunity. Created in minutes, Facebook allows you to share content that is relevant to your trade, updates about your business, blogs you’ve written about what your company does and maybe even some recent photos of your facility or workshop.

    Be sure to keep a close eye on your page by engaging with your followers or passersby that have any questions in regards to your work. Liking comments, sending a private message to someone that is serious about receiving a quote or combating negative responses and reviews allow you to maintain an up-to-date, active profile within your tradesmen community.

    Twitter for tradesmen

    A Twitter account has its own set of advantages when it comes to promoting your trade’s business. The 140-character tweets make your messages short, sweet and to the point and many customers appreciate this shorthand lingo. Your company logo should be used as your display picture, while a short description of what your company does should be outlined in the biography section. Your tweets can include images, quotes, links and short videos which gives you an opportunity to discuss or share anything industry-specific. This platform also allows you to tag your tweets with trending hashtags in order to increase the chances of people who are searching for a particular term to find you.

    LinkedIn for tradesmen

    While LinkedIn has proven to be a successful form of communication for the white collared world, it can also be a good form of social media for tradesmen. The whole premise of a LinkedIn account is about making connections and using this form of social networking as a means to connect to other businesses and learn about other trades and tradespeople. Who knows? Maybe you can connect with another trade specialist and exchange contacts? After all, builders, plumbers, electricians and gas fitters are all tradesmen working towards a common goal.

    How do you achieve social media success?

    • Use images to catch the eye of potential customers and to make your content more visually appealing.
    • Be professional in the language you use which means avoiding any punctuation or grammar mistakes.
    • Be active on your social channels and reply to comments regularly.
    • Keep your brand consistent across all your social channels.
    • Share a mix of content including customer reviews, behind the scenes photos and industry tricks.

    If you’re simply too busy working to commit the time that’s necessary to run social media for tradesmen, then consider hiring a marketing team to handle everything for you.

    Now that you know how to promote social media marketing for tradesmen, how do you plan to get started? Tell us in the comments section below.