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    How to create a visual pathway through your marketing emails

    It’s far easier to declutter an email rather than struggle trying to make it navigable, which is why when you possess a clean design, readers are more inclined to take action! You can have the biggest fonts, brightest colours, and most powerful graphics, but nothing will elude a drifting eye if your marketing email is unorganized and ineffective. So, if you’re on the fence between hiring a digital marketing company to orchestrate an email marketing service or simply taking matters into your own hands, here are some tricks that may help you to decide if the workload is manageable for your time constraints or if it should be passed onto the professionals. 

    Ensure that your emails have white space

    There’s nothing worse than an email design that’s so overcrowded that customers fail to see the information message or promotion. So, to avoid creating visual clutter, be sure to add lots of white space, and keep a section of the email unused with blank areas to break up your text, typography, and images from fading into the background. Also, while you want to include all the relevant information on your email template, it’s important to tame down your copy, as the chances of everyone opening your email to click will lower if they’re stuck reading too much. 

    Layout your email using the F design

    While it’s the golden standard followed by many companies with email marketing services, many first-time business owners simply aren’t equipped with the knowledge to know how to arrange the elements. Readers should be able to skim through your email by way of a visual pathway and laying out your copy and graphics in the shape of an F allows them to start in the top left corner, move over to the right and then continue vertically down the page. Why does this layout method increase conversions? Well, our eyes are trained from when we’re young to read from left to right, so, it’s only natural for us to continue to follow that pattern in other aspects of our lives.

    Carefully place your call to action

    While most emails are formulated with purchasing in mind, some are simply informational and could contain industry changes or business matters, which is why it’s important for you to position your call to action in a place that effectively correlates to the visual pathway of the consumer. Whether your “shop now” button is placed above the fold or below it to build them up to an incredible offer, it’s worth trying both methods to see which one works for your digital marketing strategy.  

    Are there any techniques that you use to help your subscribers see your messages? We would love to hear your ideas, so, share them below.