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    Why is photography important in digital marketing?

    Business owners and manufacturers have effectively used advertising to drawn attention to their products and services for centuries, however, it wasn’t until the dawn of modern marketing that customers were able to see the hype that they were buying into. So, since upscale photography is now an integral part of our everyday lives, find out how you can be using it to help boost your digital marketing strategies

    Why does digital marketing rely on profound imagery? 

    A picture is worth a thousand words and if you’re trying to catch the attention of consumers, it’s important to utilize photography to increase their interest and engagement. 

    Here are some interesting statistics to support imagery in digital marketing

    • Articles that contain relevant images average about 94% more in total views than articles without. 
    • Press releases that contain photos get 15% online than text-only ones. 
    • 60% of online consumers say they prefer to contact businesses that possess an image in their online listing. 
    • About 70% of e-commerce shoppers say that an image will help them with their purchasing decision. 

    How can your business utilize photography on Instagram? 

    Instagram is a growing advertising platform and while you should make it your mission to stay as involved as possible, it’s always best practice to post featured photos of new and sales-based products to encourage Instagrammers to browse, shop, and even like and comment on your images. 

    If you aren’t well-versed on Instagram, it’s important to know that there are several ways that you can draw in potential shoppers. For example, using already trending hashtags is a great way to start luring in the people that may enjoy your products or services and when you create a branded hashtag, you’re able to narrow your focus and potentially even start a trend of your own. Alas, stories are another great way to increase your popularity on Instagram. These 24-hour, 5-second clips give ample opportunity to advertise and show off your company’s energetic personality. Of course, aside from adding filters, text, stickers, and emojis, you can also archive your favorite submissions into highlights that will sit on your profile page for easy clicking. Lastly, while creating an abundance of content increases your opportunity for success, ensure that your photos, hashtags, and text are engaging, giving passersby the suggestion to comment and share your feeds. Who knows? You might be able to use your photography skills to create a massive following or you may want to seek out product photography services to grab hold of some snaps that are worth sharing online! 

    What skills do you need to photograph for digital marketing? 

    There’s more to professional photography than simply clicking a button and if you’re hoping to use vibrant imagery in your upcoming digital marketing campaigns, here are a few aspects to consider.  

    • Creative Imagery: Not everyone has an eye for creativity and if you want customers to notice your product images, you’ll want to take photos from a variety of angles. Think outside the box and use distance, colour, and surroundings to your advantage. 
    • Lighting: Whether you use natural lighting or studio lighting, you’ll need the right type of illumination to showcase your product effectively. After all, nobody wants to see a dark image that hides the quality of your product’s features. 
    • Editing: A raw image often lacks the professional quality of an edited image so be sure to enhance your photos and videos before placing them in your digital marketing campaigns.

    Do you still need help taking photos? You may want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency to handle product photography services for you. 

    What is the most alluring feature that a product photo can have? Drop your opinion below to collaborate with other readers.