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    Must-write topics to cover on your e-commerce blog

    e-commerce blog

    A variety of content is incredibly important when you’re crafting an e-commerce blog aimed at enticing new customers and keeping your current ones interested. Although quality content is key, it’s equally as important to have a regular blogging schedule that you can maintain and carry out each week. The more you write, the more you may find that your once full page of ideas is now scarce and non-existent. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are always new topics to write about or subjects that can be re-written from a different angle. So, pick up that pen or get back to your computer with the help of these inspirational ideas.

    Write a post about your products

    Even though you probably have detailed product descriptions telling your customers what your products are all about, you can create a blog that specifically details how the products can be used. In a single blog post you can highlight multiple products that may possess a similar purchasing trend. This allows you to discuss their purpose further and even include some behind the scenes photos. It’s the perfect way to entice your customers to read your content without blatantly throwing an advertisement in their direction.

    Write a how-to post

    How-to blog posts are fun to write and best of all they are interesting to read as well. Often you may sell a product that has more than one practical use and this is a foolproof opportunity to show consumers what they are. For example, if you own an electronics company you may want to write about how-to troubleshoot outdated electronics. Obviously, you want to encourage them to click on your products, especially if they are having trouble with their current ones, but simply share your expertise with them and add a tagline at the end saying, “If you’re finally fed up, check out our line of…”.

    Write a post on industry trends and news

    It’s important to keep one eye open when it comes to trends or news that develop pertaining to your products. This asserts your position as a leader in your niche and is a good way to show your audience that you’re knowledgeable and up-to-date with your industry.

    Write a list post

    With Christmas just around the corner perhaps it would be beneficial to write about the top five items on your website that everyone would want to see if their Christmas stocking this year. This is an easy way to draw attention to your products, because often times people are scrambling around at Christmas to finish shopping for everyone on their lists. You’re just giving your customers a nudge in the right direction.

    Do you struggle with writing in general? Do you have a stressful schedule and need help with your blog? We’re happy to say you do have options. Many startup companies often seek outside help to manage their e-commerce blog in order to ensure the quality is kept consistent and the writing is professional.

    How do you come up with refreshing ideas for your e-commerce blog? Tell us in the comments section below.

    Blog topic ideas for your e-commerce business

    blog topic ideas

    You’ve built your e-commerce site, linked to all your social media pages and set up a “subscribe” button for news and sales alerts. So that should be everything right? It may be enough for some businesses, however, a blog is a vital marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. Consider the following blog topic ideas for developing a deeper connection with your audience and increasing interest for future sales.

    What inspires you

    Consumers love knowing any behind the scenes stories as well as what inspires people to create their products and services. Whether you dedicate a particular date for these types of posts (every Monday or mid-month etc.), or do them randomly, share insights and moments that influence your craft. If you’re a distributor or a reseller write about your own thoughts regarding the products how do they inspire you or reflect your own passions. Treat these posts like virtual coffee and tea with your target audience. Businesses that blog evoke 67% to 88% more leads per month than companies that don’t, meaning readers are responding.

    Specific products

    Utilize the same process of writing product descriptions that entice customers, and create longer posts about specific categories or products within those groups. Choose items that relate to holidays, seasons, back-to-school, or other notable search terms that may be prominent at that given time. Remember to include technical details, suggestions for use, photos and also links to coordinating products in order to make a subtle yet effective CTA.

    Industry news

    Most likely you’re constantly paying attention to industry-related news, so why not share that with your readers? Report on events and conferences you attend, or bookmark important news links as part of the blog topic ideas that reflect your place within the field. Express your opinions, and encourage readers to engage in the discussion.

    Special events, promotions and pre-orders

    Echo email and social media special announcements through their own blog posts! Nightmare Toys, a novelty retail client of ours, includes posts about items available for pre-order to get consumers excited about upcoming collectibles. These posts are terrific to share and act as a key method of organically generating brand awareness and purchasing potential.


    In addition to using your company’s history and FAQs as popular blog ideas for e-commerce business, see what lists you can also create from that info. If the company has been family owned and operated for generations, spin that and create a blog entitled “5 reasons company name is better than big box retailers.” Or take your mention of donating a percentage of proceeds and include it with a post about, “Top 3 ways your purchase makes a difference.” You can make lists for any topic or product!

    Are you looking for more expert advice about producing a successful blog? Find out how our copywriting and SEO marketing services will benefit your e-commerce site!

    Why E-Commerce Businesses Need a Blog

    ecommerce blog

    If you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur wondering whether your business needs a blog, the answer is a resounding yes. Posting relevant content frequently helps ecommerce businesses improve SEO (search engine optimization), drive traffic to their online stores, build an audience, engage with customers, and ultimately, drive sales.

    Ecommerce Blogs Improve SEO

    It is critical that your ecommerce business rank high on search engines so that customers can easily find your site organically. When you have a company blog, each post that you publish creates an additional page for search engines to index. In addition to valuable content, internal links and relevant keywords in your articles help search bots crawl your website more effectively. In addition, posting often signals to search engines that your site is active and updated, which also results in a more favorable ranking.

    Ecommerce Blogs Drive Traffic to Your Site

    When you have a blog and you update it often with helpful, high-quality content, not only do you give people a reason to visit your website, but you also entice them to return to your site regularly. Posting how-tos, tips and tricks, trends, etc. on your ecommerce blog can help your store attract regular traffic.

    Ecommerce Blogs Help You Build an Audience

    Having an ecommerce blog that features high-quality content can help you build a reputation as an industry expert, which in turns builds credibility and trust. As customers start trusting your blog, and company, they may come to you every time they have a question that they think you can answer.

    Ecommerce Blogs Enable You to Engage with Current and Potential Customers

    Blogging is an invaluable tool to connect with your current and potential customers. Keep your readers updated by sharing timely information about upcoming products, events you plan on hosting or attending, deals you’re offering, and tips that your audience may be interested in. Invite customers to comment after reading your blog post, and make sure to respond to them to maintain a dialogue and build rapport.

    Does your ecommerce business need help starting and maintaining a blog? Trek Marketing specializes in creating SEO friendly posts for small and medium-sized businesses. Contact us to get started!