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    How can your business benefit through the use of graphics?

    digital influence of social media

    One of the powerful things about being socially connected is that you’re able to gain an original insight from the sensory information you’ve obtained in your physical environment, while also processing insightful information that you have received based on your online perceptions. While all our senses — sound, touch, smell, sight and taste — work together to form our understanding of the world, our visual sense is where we get most of our information from. After all, the digital influence of social media is vast, so it can be very advantageous for marketers to use an assortment of visual materials to carry out their strategies.

    Is your content strategy visual?

    Graphics should be the main feature of your content strategy and depending on the type of e-commerce business that you operate, these visuals may even be needed alongside defined text in order to really grab the attention of browsers and interested shoppers.

    When you’re branding your business, there is no better way to connect to your audience than through channels available in the social media marketing model. Finding leads, funneling sales and demonstrating your company’s expertise are a few reasons to share content across your social channels, but visuals are harder to ignore when potential customers are scrolling through their feeds. This is why graphics have the power to influence your digital strategy in a way that gets you noticed.

    What types of visual content can you share?

    Having a graphic designer contrive a few original graphics or illustrations is incredibly beneficial for your business because the average user’s social feeds are constantly flooded with tailored content. In order to help your digital ads stand out, you’ll need to try extra hard to pull the customers in using enticing visuals. The more unique the content is, the better position you will be in to establish a connection. This means that your designs need to support the tone of your business while also dabbling in a variety of colours and an array of typography styles.

    Photos and videos are another great way to show your audience what goes on behind the scenes of your business. Not only does this little insight make an excellent addition to your Instagram story, but this visual content also tends to receive more engagements within the sphere of social media.

    Also, if you’re wanting the digital influence of social media to excel your business, quotes and screenshots are other visual elements that draw customers towards your e-commerce website. This is because they’re relatable, shareable and reflect the values of your company, establishing your brand’s values without the need for any long, boring descriptions or informative posts.

    How do you use the digital influence of social media to weigh your marketing strategy? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.