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    How to handle customers displeased by long waiting times, delayed shipping amid the pandemic

    You’ve been living amid life-changing events and it’s important as an e-commerce business owner to focus on providing professional digital marketing and to be mindful of the situation around you to revamp your services accordingly. Such initiatives will boost your company’s reputation and also help to improve the overall experience for your clientele. After all, putting customers before the profits will give you the power to earn their respect and loyalty. So, if you’ve been on the receiving end of some displeasing calls or emails lately, perhaps it’s time to consider a change in the way you handle purchaser complaints. 

    Write personalized emails to your customers

    While automated communication will give you some added time to dedicate to other tasks, these types of emails lack personalization and have the potential to lose much of their meaning. That’s why personalization is an essential marketing practice that should be used for both your new and long-standing customers! Aside from ensuring that they’re recognized and valued as individuals, personalized emails tend to stand out from the generic sales pitches in your inbox with highly relevant and tailor-made content that strengthens your customer relationships and even increases the likelihood of being opened and clicked.

    So, during these unprecedented times where your supply may be on backorder and postal services are shipping essentials first, be sure to reach out to your customers to let them know that while things are a little slower than usual, you’re working around the clock to keep business moving and to provide the same standard of service. 

    Provide customers with lots of updates

    Whether your manufacturer is behind on fulfilling business orders or your shipped delivery are being delayed, you need to continue to update your customers with their new estimated delivery times. While both of the above examples are things that are beyond your control, it’s important to take ownership by apologizing for any inconvenience that may be passed onto the consumer. Some business owners even consider overestimating their shipping dates, that way if they adjust the delivery date to something sooner, customers are happy with the speedier level of service. So, since shoppers often base their purchase decisions on an expected arrival date, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes and be honest about the quickness of your turn-around time.

    Seeing that it has been a few months since the start of the pandemic, and most shoppers are settled into the new system, they should anticipate their purchases to have flexible delivery times. However, sending off a quick update is a great means of satisfying customer service and helps to remind shoppers that you appreciate their business and are dedicated to ensuring that their order arrives as soon as possible. 

    Use the power of social media to relay information

    Just like you’re able to spread the word about a new product or service by using your social media channels, you’re also able to discuss shipping delays. Be sure to present your updates using a lively energy, especially if the discussion presents an issue that impacts your customers. For example, we recommend selecting an image that’s personable and full of expression to be paired with a short, sweet explanation, “While the shipping and delivery of your orders may be experiencing delays, your order will be worth the wait!”  

    For those who don’t know how to probably word or respond to customers through social media, you should also consider hiring a professional digital marketing agency to manage your campaigns and ensure that your brand followers receive the help and attention they need until we get back to a new normal. 

    Do you have another communicative means for dealing with unhappy customers? Drop a comment below to have it added to the list.