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    How do you digitally engage with your hotel guests?

     hotel digital marketing

    Digital marketing for hotels is more than simply advertising your accommodation online it’s about building a relationship with potential and prior hotel guests. In most cases, an engaged patron can often become a recurring guest because they have found value in sharing their experience. By taking the time to build up a committed engagement strategy, you’re upholding the standard within your industry and giving people an opportunity to feel appreciated. So, if you’re looking to power-up your guest engagement, the following tools can help you deliver superior results within your hotel digital marketing.

    Offer a mobile check-in & check-out

    Sometimes the first steps towards guest engagement begin before your visitors even make it through your doors. Giving them the option to check-in through their mobile device has many advantages like speeding up the check-in process, reminding them about their check-in times so that you can ensure their hotel room is nicely groomed and it also gives you an excuse to request their email during the booking phase. In other words, your guests will value the convenience of bypassing the front desk and seizing a full day of opportunity.

    Build a digital guest survey

    Engaging with your guests starts from the moment they book their accommodation and should aim to continue well after they check-out from their stay. It’s all about finding a helpful, yet, not annoying balance. When you’re experiencing with hotel digital marketing, sometimes the most effective way to advertise your business and build a report with your guests is by encouraging a survey at the end of their stay. Often when you leave a physical survey sheet in hotel rooms it can get misplaced, go unnoticed and even be forgotten, but when you email your guests an interactive survey, it gives them the opportunity to choose a time and a place that works best for them.

    Utilize your social platforms

    The best part of social media, other than the fact that most people have it, is that it’s less intrusive and in-your-face than other hotel digital marketing strategies. While a reminder email for some people is a simple nudging gesture, for others it’s a bothersome way of networking. Posting across your social accounts allows you to reach the right audience and also gives you opportunities to create connections long after your visitors have checked-out. It’s even possible to reach people that are interested in accommodation at your location but haven’t quite made a reservation yet.

    Implement a loyalty program

    When you’re looking for innovative ways to promote your hotel, a great way of encouraging engagement, and future bookings, is by implementing a loyalty program for your guests to sign up for. Once they have stayed at your hotel, send them a coupon with a discount that can be used towards their next stay. While they may not be in the area anytime soon, this strategic move simply shows that you appreciate their support and that you’re looking forward to being their first choice in the future.

    If you’re looking for a team to manage your hotel digital marketing strategy, we can help you get started on the road to success.

    Are there any other pressing ways that you can digitally engage with your hotel guests? Tell us in the comments section below.