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    3 Automated Email Marketing Messages that You Should Be Using

    Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing services available and the power it holds can allow your company to exponentially grow in sales and noticeability. That being said, while you want your campaigning efforts to create the right amount of traction on their own, sending out automated messages that target specific customers based on their behaviours is another advantageous way to create buzz and draw in paying customers. So, whether you write these messages yourself or hire an agency to build upon up your automation list, here’s are a few types of email suggestions that can leverage conversions. 

    Sales trigger

    As part of your email marketing strategy you should formulate a sales trigger email so that when someone completes a purchase on your e-commerce website, they are automatically sent a thank you message. Not only will this establish a sense of trust in your brand, but it also shows that you’re an appreciative business owner who values your customers. You can even use this automated email as an opportunity to cross-sell another product, featuring something that your new customer may also find interesting. In your email copy, write something along the lines of “Since you loved [insert name of item here], we thought you’d also like [insert cross-sell item name here] too!” It’s that simple. 

    Customer support follow-up

    If you haven’t been following up with your customers post-purchase then you’ve been missing out on a great opportunity to connect with them. While following up by phone or online chat offers a more immediate response, many people find these methods to be bothersome, catching them at an inappropriate time where they feel pressured to respond. However, a friendly email allows your customer to know that you’re interested in their feedback, putting the choice in their court to open and read the message at a time that’s convenient for them. Not only do follow-up emails give your customers a support option if something is wrong but it also opens up the field of communication if they’re wanting to rave about their recent purchase as well. The best part is that it’s easy to integrate a customer support tool into your email marketing strategy. Simply write your follow-up message and have it sent automatically whenever a contact from your subscription list carries out a purchase. This message could include how to get help if they need it and even offer a survey to track the quality of their experience. We recommend also including a discount for a future purchase as an added incentive.

    Abandoned cart email

    Abandoned cart messages should play an important role in your email marketing strategy. When someone takes the time to find a product that they like on your website and proceeds to add that item to their cart, it means that they’re interested in making a purchase, now or later. This is a great opportunity to up your conversions by crafting an automated email that will send out encouraging them to come back and complete the sale. A simple reminder may be enough to spark that, “Oh, yeah” feeling in some customers, but an added incentive, such as a discount coupon may help to encourage more customers to jump back to their shopping carts and proceed to the check out with that desired item. 

    What important messages did we leave out of our automation list? Drop a comment below if there’s something that should be included.