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    How to use social media to market for the healthcare industry

    Although social media for healthcare marketing offers organizations a one-of-a-kind opportunity to inspire trusting relationships with their audiences, it can often be overlooked due to privacy and regulatory concerns. While most consumers are used to receiving their health results word-of-mouth from a medical physician, this is slowly becoming an outdated means of retrieval as it can be frustrating and timely, waiting on the scheduling availability of the medical facility. While we can agree that the results of personal health records are best handled in person, there are terrific opportunities to boost brand awareness by utilizing social platforms to educate on health issues and provide followers with the relevant hospital or clinic information. But just how beneficial can social media for healthcare marketing be?

    What are the benefits of having a social media marketing strategy? 

    There are several advantages for healthcare organizations to build meaningful relationships through social media. Let’s name a few:

    • To provide informative health information through social channels. 
    • Healthcare workers can proactively respond to questions. 
    • Hospitals can share high-quality content (ex. videos).
    • Ability to provide fundamental knowledge to help patients select the right treatment options, teach about preventative care and provide relevant how-to’s (ex. How to prep for major surgery).
    • Share links to credible industry studies.
    • Social listening will enable the industry to improve on new products and services. 
    • Healthcare professionals can demonstrate thought leadership through posts and conversations while making connections to industry peers. 

    Tips: Social media for healthcare marketing

    If you’re new to healthcare marketing, here are a few strategies that you can use to engaging with your audiences online.

    Position yourself as a trusted source for healthcare information: There are many questions about personal health that patients may be discouraged from asking. Although, most of the adult population will first look up their symptoms on the internet before scheduling an appointment with their physician. That’s why it’s important to assert yourself as a trusted source through the use of social media. This will enhance your credibility by allowing you to share helpful content that educates and informs your audience. 

    Share patient stories: With the permission of the patient, of course. A powerful way to connect to your audience is to share meaningful stories that put a face on the journey of a real person. This will allow you to evoke a sense of possibility and demonstrate that we’re not alone when we go through our healthcare challenges. 

    Have some fun: Health and wellness shouldn’t just be about diseases and pain, which is why healthcare organizations shouldn’t just restrict themselves to sharing serious and alarming stories and conditions. Social media for healthcare marketing should be engaging and the best way to engage is to make the content more human, unique and approachable. This means that from time to time, share a few memes and cartoons about health and wellness that has a more light-hearted feel. Your audience will appreciate the shared laughter. After all, it’s the best medicine! 

    What are your favorite health and wellness social media pages? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts.

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