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    How do you create marketable holiday themed content?

    content creation

    content creation

    Happy holidays everyone! Before you become completely occupied with the anticipation of unwrapping your gifts and indulging in roast turkey and all the fixings, we want to help you get into the festive spirit… marketing style. Now, although the holiday season is almost over, a new year is upon us, and there will be plenty of other holidays for you to embellish your creative side in the months to come. So, let’s have some fun with your holiday-themed content creation. In fact, here are a few ways that you can stay relevant in your industry, engage with your audience and create timely, developed content for your business.

     Content creation that is easy to understand

    Whether you decide to post engaging memes or custom themed images, the text is equally as important as the image and should be clear and concise. It’s important to start off with developing a creative connection. For example, if you were posting something about the holiday season, then you would maybe discuss which of your products would make great stocking stuffers. However, it’s important to really drive home that connection. Since people are constantly scrolling through their news feeds and glancing at a little of everything, you want to make your content hard to ignore.

    Content creation that is relatable

    Once you make the connection between your brand and the holidays, then you want to make your content relatable to your target audience. It’s only human nature to automatically tune into messages that you feel a connection too. Creating content for customers who already value your product or service is a good start, but try and draw them in with something that is thought provoking and relatable.

    Content creation that mimics the spirit of that season

    Every holiday has a certain festive spirit to it. Whether it’s something that many families do or certain colours they decorate with, it’s important to mesh your content with the vibe of that holiday season. Christmas is cozy and a time for giving, Valentine’s Day is a time for love and Romance, while Halloween is all about making everything spooky. Consumers love any excuse to get excited about any upcoming holidays or festive events.

    Content creation that includes a call-to-action

    Never forget the notion that holiday-themed content is timely and needs to be effectively spread a few weeks before the celebration. To create a larger impact when you share holiday-themed content, we recommend including a call-to-action in your posts. Whether you start a poll asking about people’s favorite beers to drink on St. Patrick’s Day or you ask a question about which of your products would make the best Christmas gift in your blog, showing off your brand’s personality sports true creativity and allows your consumers to feel connected to your company.

    How have you built your content creation to embellish the holidays? Tell us in the comments section below.

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