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    What is a search engine optimization audit and how can it help your business?

    SEO is a core part of our Vancouver Digital Marketing Agency

    If you’re a business owner who’s serious about expanding your outreach, an SEO audit should be something that you carry out frequently. Unlike a traditional audit, this one is performed solely for marketing purposes and will give you a better insight into your website’s individual pages and the overall traffic that’s coming in. It’s also a great opportunity for you to improve your site’s performance, allowing you to rank better in your SERPs and determine how well your business page will appear on Google results. 

    At Trek Marketing, we believe that an SEO audit should be completed at the beginning of a new project, and at the beginning of each new quarter, to better understand how well your website is performing and to highlight any changes that need to be made. Therefore, our SEO professionals will concentrate on your personal stats, analyze any drops or spikes in web traffic, and discover the roots of further efficiency problems. 

    What steps are taken during the audit process? 

    Before getting started, you will speak with an industry specialist to create a viable strategy that will help establish your business goals, then, the following critical components will be evaluated during your SEO audit.

    • Competitor research: Your professional audit will kick things off with a good look at the competition. How are your competitors attracting organic traffic? Which keywords do you need to target? A competitive analysis consists of an estimate of monthly search traffic, page-one keywords, inbound links, domain authority, linking root domains, and the estimated search traffic value. 
    • Crawling and indexing: The term “crawling” refers to how your site is being read by Google, whereas the term “indexing” is adding your web pages to Google’s search results. 
    • Accessibility: Slow page load speeds, 404 errors or long server response times are all accessibility issues that get in the way of visitors gaining entry to your webpage. 
    • Link analysis: Poor linking does not rank well in Google’s search algorithm, so your internal and external links should be analyzed to determine how and where your data is linked. 
    • Keyword analysis: High-value search traffic is brought in through the use of high-ranking keywords. So, why not start reeling in the traffic and turning those visitors into conversions? 
    • Content evaluation: Did you know that your content affects your business? Whether it be funneled in through your blogging or landing pages, you will need to use target keywords to bring the right inbound traffic. 
    • On-page Optimization: This type of optimization process welcomes both organic and search engine website visitors. So, since some page elements, such as header tags and URL lengths help to bring in traffic, you will want to optimize these elements across your website.
    • Architecture and design: This is the part of the SEO audit where your user experience and behaviours are evaluated. Is your website secure? Is it mobile friendly? All the above elements determine if your site is providing an enjoyable shopping experience for users. 
    • Business strategy and online branding: This is the stage where your SEO specialist will analyze the challenges that are holding your business back and create a plan that will help you to look ahead and maximize your SEO. 

    If you’re ready to take action and follow through on our industry recommendations, it’s time that you focused your efforts to improve your business visibility online. Contact Trek Marketing to find out more information about our SEO audit service. 

    Which of the above examples would you want to prioritize as part of your SEO audit service? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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