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    Tips to revamping your “about us” page

    create an about us page

    A visually stimulating homepage menu is no longer enough to fully engage with your audience. Consumers want to know where their money is going and why your business is the best choice for their needs. Moreover, it’s important to include relevant background information about your company or persona whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or part of a nationally/internationally known chain.

    Learn how to create an “about us” page that gives your audience the illusion of actually conversing with you in person.

    Outline the old school report elements

    Ask yourself the 5Ws, including “how”, when you create an about us page. These questions are lessons that still command attention and application long after you’ve left school. As you work with professional marketing strategists to develop a noticeable online presence, answer the following for your “about” page:

    • Who: Regardless of your years of experience, how did you get started? What inspired you? How do you relate to your product or service?
    • What: What benefits, advantages, or solutions does your expertise provide?
    • Where: Are you remote only? Do you have brick and mortar locations, pop-ups, or attend certain events? Are phone and Skype consultations applicable?
    • When: Similar to “where” details, note anything pertinent to availability or purchasing/contracting options.
    • Why: Why do you continue to do what you do and how do you view its importance to the community and target audience?
    • How: How are your products/services different than others? How will they affect consumer experiences?

    Craft a simple and authentic story

    Tell a story that echoes your vision and core values, while genuinely representing your voice. The purpose is to establish trust and build engagement in a way that’s unique to you and not just a carbon copy of what competitors say. Use a streamlined, appealing template, or graphics that don’t distract from the text. Keep the story succinct with the most relevant and relatable details. Also consider saving extra material for blog ideas for your e-commerce business, or as social media prompts.

    Additional ideas for how to create an “about us” page

    • Use infographics or timelines to make your company’s history more visually appealing and easier to comprehend.
    • Apply videos of your work, participation at events, or contribution to causes.
    • Testimonials and quotes from customers and significant sources.
    • Showcase any awards and recognitions.
    • Add employee bios and photos that fit the industry – retailers/producers of novelty toys might incorporate pop culture elements and quirky facts into their bios, whereas therapists and attorneys may list credentials and follow a more formal template.

    Repeat key CTAs

    Although you should have a separate “contact” page, and display social media and e-newsletter links on your homepage, it’s a good idea to repeat that information in your “about us” section allowing readers to immediately respond to CTAs (calls to action).

    Want to make sure that every page of your website reaches its maximum potential? Contact us today, to enlist our copywriting and SEO services for your “about” page and more!