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    What Are Some Ways to Keep Your Digital Marketing Team Motivated?

    Working in a marketing space presents new challenges every day which is why you want to equip your team with the best tools possible. The thing is, agency life is demanding, especially if the clients are, which can easily lead to burnt-out staff members. So, what can you do as an employer to keep your team feeling motivated? Let’s take a look.  

    Host team discussions 

    Whether you have daily, weekly or monthly meetings, one of the best ways to keep your team working hard is by opening the floor to discussion. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and heard, and sometimes communicating by email isn’t as efficient as face-to-face interaction. That’s why sitting down as a team is super important. Not only does this create a welcoming atmosphere among employees in your office, but it also allows each team member to discuss projects and campaigns as well as any struggles faced with clients. Looking at what has been and what needs to be accomplished allows achievable goals to be set and knowledge gained in areas that are outside of their expertise. Also, try encouraging your digital marketing agency team to come to your meetings with a few ideas, so that everyone has an opportunity to take the floor and feel involved and engaged.

    Share company results

    You can choose to highlight your company results during your team meetings or simply make upscale announcements through your team chat, however, when there’s a collection of staff performing various jobs that are closely interlinked, it’s always beneficial to let them know that their work performed well and was admired by the client. This is especially important if your digital marketing agency has multiple departments. Not only does sharing results present a challenge for each employee to perform better during the next campaign, but it also motivates your team to help one another achieve success. Whether success is determined by providing each other with interesting topics, helping to optimize past content or simply going over performance reports, it’s impactful when each person feels the need to be accommodating and helpful so that the entire office is driven to work smarter. 

    Celebrate the wins

    The first step to celebrating wins starts with sharing company results, although the next step is recognizing your teammates. Toss aside the mindset, “what have you done for me lately?” and remember to praise even the smallest accomplishments. 

    Here are a few ways that you can show your appreciation: 

    • Say, “thank you” at the next team meeting
    • Write a personalized note congratulating a staff member
    • Give a small, appropriate gift (gift card, extra vacation day, etc.)
    • Host a happy hour event

    Provide ongoing training 

    It’s no secret that employees that are valued are likely to stay at a company longer. That’s why providing ongoing training can show your team that you’re invested in their development. Training can come in the form of industry presentations or exercises and extend to conference and event invitations. Whatever route you choose to follow, notify your staff that you’re committed to their growth and help them to build up their skills.

    What keeps you motivated while working? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.