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    Are you looking for some SEO tips to boost rankings?

    While most e-commerce business owners possess a rough understanding of how search engine optimization (SEO) affects their presence, many aren’t knowledgeable enough to increase their online rankings, which is why industry experts are needed to improve the quality of traffic and clicks. Nevertheless, with so much lucrative information available at your fingertips there are still some tasks that you can undertake to help your business crawl to the top, and if all efforts fail, an SEO agency for e-commerce who’s ready to swoop in and do all the work for you. 

    Tip #1: Focus on structured data 

    Since there are an abundance of websites that Google is crawling, the best way for this search engine to understand what each is about is through structured data giving purpose and meaning to each page. 

    Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying that page’s content. For example, a page displaying a recipe would include a section containing the ingredient list, another that explains the cooking time, and possibly even further subsections to describe prep, the number of calories, and so on. 

    An SEO agency for e-commerce would track to ensure that each markup is handled correctly, and follow recommendations by Google to review the companies’ online documents and monitor changes that may be needed. Tracking search engine results page (SERP) feature placements over time will also allow them to improve when there is a drop and help them to better understand if the structured data is working to the brand’s advantage. 

    Tip #2: Monitor backlinks

    While having more backlinks doesn’t always mean that your website will rank higher, an SEO agency for e-commerce will ensure that high-quality backlinks are produced, which is proven to be beneficial in boosting SEO rankings. 

    As you are likely aware, Google focuses on the authority and authenticity of every website linking to your domain, and if there are any spammy sites in that list, your ranking could be impacted negatively. These red flags are bad news for your SEO strategy efforts, so it’s always advisable to keep track of who is linking back to your website and monitor the quality of those links. 

    Tip #3: Create skyscraper content 

    Skyscraper content involves a little investigative work where you seek out already high-performing content in your niche and use it to create something better. Then, shamelessly promote it to your audience! However, since this tip involves a lot of legwork to have it done correctly, most business owners hire an SEO agency for e-commerce to handle everything involved in seeking and writing this type of specialized content. 

    Needless to say, for the go-getters, here are some tips to getting started:

    • Find out who your competitors are on Google
    • Discover which keywords best relate to your niche business
    • Add details to your website’s pages and create comprehensive posts about the topics above
    • Get insights from industry experts so that you’re able to add more value to your posts
    • Be sure to review analytics to see which content topics did well
    • Re-work your content to make it more digestible by using things like videos and infographics 

    The key to developing good skyscraper content is to get creative and make something better than anything readers and/or shoppers have ever seen before.

    Which of the above tips will you be trying out first? Drop a comment below to start a conversation with other readers.