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    How to shoot product photos for your online store

    Graphics are one of the most important elements of your e-commerce website and whether you choose to take the images of your merchandise yourself or hire a professional digital marketing agency to assist you with their product photography service, it’s by far one of the most important investments for your business. After all, since your shoppers are unable to touch, smell, and taste your products, why not offer them the best viewing experience? 

    What device should you use?

    The first step to snapping some high-quality photos is understanding the capabilities of the device you’re shooting with. Whether you’re relying on the first-rate features of a digital signal-lens reflex (DSLR) camera or the surprisingly impressive characteristics of your smartphone, professional-looking product shots can be achieved whichever direction you choose to go.  

    For those who have invested in a DSLR, you should strive to learn about your camera’s capacities and always attempt to capture your product images using the manual feature, as this will allow you to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO of your camera and find the perfect combination for your shoot setup. On the other hand, smartphone cameras are also a great choice for high-quality photos, allowing you to easily frame and crop the images as needed and make multiple adjustments during the production stage. Just remember to take advantage of the auto-focus feature and tap on the focal point of your image before snapping the shot.

    Keep your device steady

    It is easy to overlook this important element when you’re attempting to take sharp images for your e-commerce website, so keep in mind that a fool-proof method to capturing clear and crisp images is to use some sort of tripod or mount along with your device’s timer (this will allow the camera to stabilize). Many product photography services will offer the ability to perform more dynamic shots during a product shoot and steady the camera by keeping it tight up against the neck. They also utilize the centre of the tripod as a makeshift monopod, which can help to stabilize the camera while enabling some added flexibility for the photographer. 

    Use a white background

    Part of having a good setup requires you to use a white backdrop, which will reflect the light onto the product you’re shooting and prevent colour spills. This will also enable your camera’s white balance calibration to remain on point and create a seamless experience and final product image. 

    Take advantage of natural light and consider using a reflector 

    Both novice and experienced photographers are aware of how well natural light works to enhance a photo and will work to utilize spaces with multiple windows to get the best indirect vibrance. However, the colour and intensity of natural light can change throughout the day, and if you have a lot of products to photograph, you will need to be organized and work quickly to avoid inconsistency in the images. 

    Professional product photography services are beneficial because they possess the skills and tools needed to avoid harsh shadows and properly distribute the light. Also, they often use artificial light sources when natural light isn’t as available and even go as far as to use a reflector to ensure that the product is gleaming perfectly for when the photo is taken. 

    Do you know any other DIY techniques for product photography? Drop some samples below to start a conversation.