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    Digital marketing strategies that could remain post-COVID

    The digital age has immensely changed the way we live our lives, similarly to how the pandemic has paved way for a new set of guidelines. Businesses, big and small, have continued to operate under modified restrictions, but with such a huge growth in the online sector, there is an upward trajectory for many practices to continue long-term, even when the post-COVID era hits. If you are wondering which trends may find their way into our continued new normal, dive into the article below to explore the digital marketing strategies that we think are likely to stick around. 

    Businesses will continue to utilize the lower costs of paid advertising

    The last year has widened the horizons of digital marketing, with a huge increase globally to online traffic bringing online storefronts a much wider audience. With these changes brings the slots for paid advertising have increased, and the costs to the business owner have decreased, making 2021 the golden opportunity for small brands and startups to opt for the option of paid advertising. While this trend could see an increase in cost as the months go on, our professional digital marketing agency believes now is a great time to utilize the low-cost of paid advertising

    Email marketing, social media marketing, and blogging will still hold their value 

    Not only do all of the above professional digital marketing services allow you to spread brand awareness and connect with your customers but if they perform well, it will allow you to attract a larger audience to your products and services. Be sure to include personalization to allow your business to thrive. For example, when the pandemic first time, many businesses ensured their customers that business operations would continue with safer working conditions, and even went as far as to explain how they would consider COVID safety in the workplace. Now, you still have online posts and emails showing subjects wearing masks and gloves to show how well marketing has adapted to the current state of the world. So, even when some sense of our past normalcy returns, we recommend that you remain involved with global affairs and continue to adapt your strategies to offer the best digital marketing in an age where we prefer to connect online. 

    Brands will maintain a variety of payment options

    With more shoppers rushing online in 2020, business owners quickly realized that the more payment options that were offered, the more likely they were to appeal to a wider audience. Convenience is the epitome of e-commerce shopping and when it is easy to make a purchase from your website, the higher the chances are for more purchases and returning shoppers. Aside from offering typical options such as VISA, Mastercard, and American Express, consider others like Square, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay to broaden your availability. Also, if you are able to set up a payment plan system, we recommend offering this option to your customers, giving them the freedom to buy now with a small sum and pay later or in smaller installments. 

    What has been your experience dealing with the changes in your industry? Drop a comment below to compare with other business owners.