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    Social Media: How to use LinkedIn for business

    LinkedIn for business

    Although many business owners are drawn to using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as key components of their social media strategy, companies are neglecting the power that LinkedIn has to spread the word. While it is one of the best networking tools that is used by people seeking jobs, it is also an excellent platform to advertise your business. Attracting talent, positioning your company as a thought leader in your niche and promoting your products and services are just a few of the basic networking strategies that are beneficial to business owners. Furthermore, here is how you can use LinkedIn for business.

    Create a LinkedIn company page

    By creating a custom LinkedIn company page, you open your business to a world of potential customers. A company page allows consumers to learn about your business, brand, products, services and job opportunities and it only requires a verified email address. Remember to edit your page to include a company description using keywords as well as describe the history and mission of your business. There will also be an option to fill in details such as location, company size and any specialties that you are known for. Be sure to use this platform to advertise your company logo. Sometimes pictures are easier to remember than names.

    Create a career page

    If you are seeking employees that have the skills and the means to fit into your company culture, then creating a career page is simply a must. This portion of your LinkedIn account allows you to tell a story which will help the talented job seekers measure how their goals meet your own. You are also able to upload photo galleries, company insights and videos to this section.

    Tips and tricks to using your LinkedIn page

    Now it’s time to start promoting LinkedIn for business. Creating a company and career page are just the sections that get your started but how do you build your business with these pages?

    • Get followers: Publishing content is absolutely pointless unless someone is seeing it on the other end. It’s important to gain a following so that you have an audience that is benefiting from your knowledge and expertise. Try not to be overly promotional and use this as an opportunity to connect with your audience.
    • Publish and share content: Make sure you publish regular and relevant content that your audiences find interesting and enticing.
    • Try to keep on schedule with a content calendar: Since publishing regularly is the key to social media success, sometimes setting up a content calendar, where you will post how and what is to be scheduled, is the best way to ensure you are using this platform to your advantage.
    • Use social media days to your advantage: Playing off of specific stat holidays or even social media only holidays are a good way to ensure that your content offers a nice mixture to your audience.
    • Track your results: The best way to know if what you are posting is engaging your audience is to track the past post in order to determine what is working and what is not.
    • Experiment with both photos and videos: LinkedIn offers users a video and photo feature within the mobile app, where you can post it directly to your timeline. This is a good opportunity for you to share behind the scenes content that you don’t offer on your other social media channels.

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    How have you used LinkedIn for business? Tell us about it in the comments section below.