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    4 free tools that you can utilize as part of your content strategy

    A digital content strategy is a huge part of an effective game plan for e-commerce businesses. Whether you’re a new company on a limited budget or an established brand that’s looking for a fresh avenue to allocate your funds, there are plenty of awesome tools out there that help you to amplify your content marketing efforts—many of which are free to use!  

    #1: Canva

    While Adobe Photoshop is a great platform for professional photo editing, Canva is an amazing free tool that allows business owners to easily touch-up graphics, while also enabling them to create custom images through modifiable templates, graphics, and fun, animated elements. This is a game-changer regardless of the industry you’re in, as it allows your team to get creative, but also gives them the safety net of having graphical elements pre-made and ready-to-use. Although there’s no need to pay for the software, there’s an option to upgrade to Canva Pro for additional access to a bunch of editing features and templates!

    #2: Trello

    For this one, we’re taking it right out of our personal digital content strategy. Here at Trek Marketing, we swear by Trello. This virtual project board allows you to keep track of your content projects by creating lists—writing, editing, launch days, etc. Not only can you better manage your deadlines and tasks but other team members who have access to your Trello board can as well, streamlining your digital content strategy with a better workflow. 

    #3: HubSpot

    Captivating headlines and titles are essential to content marketing success. However, many entrepreneurs are expert copywriters, which can make it challenging to come up with catchy titles. That said, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is a great resource for e-commerce captions. All you need to do is write three important nouns that are relevant to your topic and niche industry and HubSpot will generate something on the spot. It’s that easy!

    #4: Thinglink

    We’re living in a time where you need to catch your audience’s attention by sticking out from your competition, which means that you need to generate buzz to become popular and powerful. Since most consumers today are drawn in by interactivity over words, Thinglink is a great digital content strategy tool for creating interactive images, videos, and 360 content. It’s so important to have a strong collection of visual content, especially when further explanation is needed to explain complex ideas or topics about a product or service. 

    Are there any other free platforms that we missed on our list? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.