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    5 ways how to build an email list with Instagram

    Is your end-of-2022 resolution to grow your email list? Are you hoping to utilize your following on Instagram to increase email subscribers? In this blog, you’ll learn five ways to use this popular social media platform to generate email signups.

    How to build an email list using Instagram 

    Did you know that you can grow your email list with Instagram both organically and through paid ads? Instagram and Meta Business Suite have several tools for generating email subscriptions. Let’s walk through these options so that you can learn how to build an email list.

    • Direct link from bio: The easiest way to collect emails is to include a signup link within your Instagram bio. You will first need to create a website landing page with a subscription form that’s designed to collect email addresses from visitors. Then you can add the link to that page on your bio, making it easy for your followers to navigate there. How is this done? Scroll down to the links section and tap edit. Then, enter the URL. Consider also adding a call to action (CTA) to encourage profile visitors to tap the link.
    • Create an email sign-up lead form action button: Instagram rolled out a new feature that allows businesses to include a lead form on their profile. This form is displayed as a button under the business bio. To add a lead form action button to your profile tap the “edit profile” button and scroll down to the action buttons. Then, select add lead form from the list of available action buttons. Tap “done” and the button will be added instantly. 
    • Automate your DM responses: Did you know that email signups and lead forms aren’t the only way to collect contact information through Instagram? In fact, you can ensure that your DMs collect what you need. For those who receive lots of DMs, we recommend setting up an auto-reply to turn prospects into subscribers. This could easily start as a welcome message or a response to FAQs. Simply prompt users to provide email addresses and saved your responses to create a list. To set up saved replies, open your Instagram account and go to business settings. Select “saved replies” from the menu, tap the “+” button and create a response. 
    • Boost your organic content: Posts, reels, and stories possess the power to generate email signups, and this can be done by sponsoring content to help you attract more viewers. Promoting organic content can be done easily and quickly via the “boost” button on your Instagram account. Be sure to choose the goal based on how you want to collect new signups (i.e. directing them to your lead form).
    • Run engagement ads: Boosting content to an uninterested audience is far less effective than running paid promotions through a full-funnel campaign that educates potential customers and warms the audience up to your business. 

    So, how do you build an email list with Instagram? From engaging with potential subscribers to directing followers to your landing pages, there is a wide range of options for generating new email signups. 

    Which of the above ideas are you going to use to build up your strategy? Drop a comment below to share.

    How often should business owners be using their Instagram account?

    How often businesses post or share on Instagram is entirely dependent on what their company goals are. While a good rule of thumb is to schedule a post to publish at least once a day on average—with some added time needed to respond or like the comments—there are many other elements that should be considered when you’re in charge of managing this trendy social channel. For example: Is your business hoping to increase its following? Is having a high engagement rate the most important to your brand? How about meaningful content over sales-based content? The blog below offers businesses an opportunity to better understand Instagram’s influential platform by sharing in-depth insights that will better assist entrepreneurs that manage their social media. 

    What’s Instagram and why do businesses need it?

    Arguably the most popular form of social media, Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking platform that’s designed to only be used as a smartphone app. Founded in 2010 and recently acquired by Facebook Inc., the app allows its users to upload media, add filters and edits, and then organize them via hashtags and geographical tagging. 

    If you don’t already have an Instagram account for your business, continue reading to learn about the benefits below:

    • Instagram has a huge audience: With so many eyeballs on the platform each day, it’s important for businesses to strategize their online presence. 
    • Businesses of all sizes thrive on Instagram: While well-known brands have a thriving presence, small businesses can also reach their target audience by keeping an active presence and maintaining a practical posting schedule.
    • Businesses can make money directly from Instagram: Having evolved from on-platform e-commerce sales, Instagram allows users to shop and purchase directly from brands through Instagram. 
    • Businesses can relate to the consumer via the Instagram stories feature: Photos and videos are a fantastic opportunity to show potential customers that your products and services deserve a lasting impression. Be sure to include behind-the-scenes insights like employees’ packaging orders. 
    • Businesses can effectively engage with customers: The Instagram platform allows users to like, comment on, and share their favourite posts—it’s safe to say that the more interactions that are happening on your post, the more visible your company becomes. Be sure to engage with your growing audience by answering their comment and story questions. 

    If there’s anything that ties the above benefits together, it’s that more people are paying attention to Instagram than ever before, and you’re ignoring millions of potential customers by being a business that does not effectively manage social media on Instagram. We employ you to take the tips you learned here and use them to build your online presence or hire an agency that can help your business grow via Instagram—start with just one post a day and see where things go!

    Are you a huge fan of Instagram? If so, what’s your favourite feature?