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    Why SEO, content, and email marketing work well together

    While most digital marketing disciplines possess the power to complement each other, none make as dynamic of a connection as the virtuous cycle between search engine optimization, content marketing, and email marketing. Find out how these core web vitals help shoppers to engage with your brand and return to your online store to make purchase after purchase. 

    What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

    SEO is a digital marketing discipline that aims to attract more and higher-quality website traffic from popular search engines like Google or Bing. The practice involves understanding what your prospecting customers would be searching for and providing the appropriate answer to their queries using SEO as the anchoring development behind your content creation. An SEO e-commerce agency will offer solutions for both on-page and off-page optimization to claim opportunities for further engagement. 

    What is content marketing? 

    This form of marketing focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing content to a targeted audience that attracts, engages, and retains long-standing customers. While it seems relatively simplistic, the effectiveness of content marketing is reliant on the creation of compelling content, which gives business real value and customers, a sense of obligation to that business (buy products, support through word of mouth, etc.). 

    What’s email marketing? 

    This practice works to engage past customers and future prospects in a personal way by keeping up the business connection through the delivery of useful, engaging material. While some e-commerce business owners use email marketing to make their customers aware of new product arrivals or best sellers, others take advantage of the digital marketing source to send offers or industry-related content that directly relates to their brand. 

    How do they work together?

    The combined benefits of SEO, content marketing, and email marketing work together to ensure a high-level of e-commerce success. The first element that assists in joining their efforts involves the use of keyword research, which utilizes traffic-driving words to allow your company’s pages to rank higher on search engines. By monitoring popular keywords, and choosing which niche ones to target, you’re able to generate better traffic which could lead to an increase in conversions. How is this done, you ask? By incorporating keywords into your content marketing strategy, you’re able to offer on and off-page SEO optimization, which develops more opportunities for shoppers to purchase from your website. 

    When using keywords to develop content ideas, be sure to expand the wording to include specific details that have the potential to spark further growth down the road. For example, if you own a bakery and are hoping to target vegan shoppers, you need to be more specific with your choice of keyword phrases. While vegan recipes are a good start to crawl your way up Google rankings, your content should include trending words, such as “cauliflower steak recipe vegan”. For savvy marketers looking to go a step further with their core web vitals, you can include an email subscription section on your content pages to encourage passersby to join the list if they enjoy what they’re reading. 

    While it’s easier to see how SEO and content are hand-in-hand, email marketing also plays an important role in your business (as seen in the above example). Once you have selected your targeted words and have incorporated them into your marketing content, you will then want to further your campaign by creating an email that is also targeted to your heavily searched phrases. Subscribers then hold the opportunity to share the content that they receive, which can help in establishing backlinks that directly affect the efforts made through your SEO strategy. So, aside from asserting yourself as an industry leader, you’re able to use all these digital marketing efforts to rapidly grow your email list, which allows your audience to organically advertise, bringing your business around in a full circle back to your original SEO creation. 

    Do you have any further questions about how an SEO e-commerce agency establishes your brand through digital marketing? Drop a comment below to spark a conversation.