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    Will you be trying these 3 digital marketing consumer trends?

    Every year we experience revolutionary digital marketing trends that help to lay a foundation for the future of online advertising. That said, after two groundbreaking years for online shopping, 2022 is only expected to continue the rise with social shopping adding to the momentum. With these new and exciting developments to the digital world, it has become more important than ever to ensure that your business is communicating with its audience. Listed below are three of the key digital marketing consumer trends to be mindful of in 2022. 

    Work on creating some short, punchy videos

    Whether you’re more familiar with YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat, it’s clear that the landscape of social media has shifted in favour of short and punchy video posts. Since it would be challenging to ensure that your business is relevant across all of the above platforms, we recommend selecting one or two to focus on. Short videos zero in on our fast-paced way of life, which is a direct reflection of the way we consume content. Digital content needs to possess a simple message while also presenting content that’s engaging by asking consumers to participate; examples include the start of a viral dance move, a challenge, or a survey, but at the very least, encourages them to leave a comment. The best thing about these types of social videos is that all business owners have access to creating content like this with the help of their smartphones. Start by filming a few candid videos of your business, some behind-the-scenes, DIY, and other unpolished videos by using the apps to crop, create, and add audio to make it more appealing to your target audience. 

    Ensure that your content is telling a story

    This recurring digital marketing trend is key for a brand looking to market new and existing products. E-commerce selling in the modern landscape requires business owners to dig deep, believe in their products and/or services, and continuously show why what they offer is between than the competition. Part of your delivery should involve some form of storytelling, whether it be debunking myths about your industry, explaining how the product solves consumer problems, or showcasing testimonials through your social stories. While these efforts might not result in direct sales, they’re a great way for brands to put consumer needs at the front and center! 

    Exhibit privacy, transparency, and trust-building 

    Digital marketing trends are at an all-time high, which means that online advertising is also in overload. This means that more consumers than ever are concerned with the interaction that can happen with suspicious content. This is why it’s important to prepare your business for tighter privacy restrictions that may alter the way that they can track users’ behaviour. On that note, Google announced its curtailing of third-party cookies by 2023, which means that many marketers are going to be forced to reevaluate their strategies. While this is not the end of data-driven content, it could be the end of targeted advertising, with a new era springing forth in the trust and transparency between company and consumer. 

    Be sure that as a business you’re communicating with customers about the data that you collect and what it’s used for. This makes it easy for consumers to opt-out if they want which formulates a great foundation for a customer relationship. 

    Which of the above digital marketing trends would suit your business best? Drop a comment below to share.

    2 digital marketing trends to keep an eye on

    While it seemed like the world was stopping at the beginning of 2020, there has been a lot of e-commerce growth since then, paving the way for a variety of promising digital marketing trends to continue evolving far into the future. Those that shopped online pre-pandemic have continued to support this method of acquiring goods and services and for individuals who preferred the in-person experience, many are now comfortable with e-commerce and have become a huge part of the digital revolution. Needless to say, whether you work for an online marketing agency, run an e-commerce company, or simply enjoy perusing digitally for your shopping needs, it’s clear that many digital marketing trends are progressing and revamping the buying process for consumers everywhere. 

    E-commerce sales are at an all time high

    Many businesses that were digitally equipped throughout the pandemic saw their sales soar to an all-time high, with the rise of smaller chains and startups heavily investing in their digital marketing efforts to grab the attention of online audiences. Those that were brick-and-mortar only also jumped into the digital world in order to survive while they awaited the return of their traditional foot traffic. Needless to say, this influx to the digital marketing ecosystem is a great trend for business owners who are prepared to build their brands a powerful online presence. 

    Prompt shipping methods are necessary 

    Shipping has become a growing digital marketing trend that has reshaped the way that businesses interact with their customers. There was once a time where shoppers would get excited simply having the ability to have purchases shipped directly to their homes. Those days have come and gone! Consumers now see shipping as a service they shouldn’t have to pay for and they also expect a much quicker fulfillment. 

    As a result, many businesses rely on fulfillment centers to manage their inventory and streamline any returns to ensure they’re able to keep up with their competitors. Some also offer curbside pickup and free shipping for the ultimate convenience. While shipping can never truly be free, business owners are able to strategically select local fulfillment centres and increase the selling prices of their products to combat these challenges. 

    What other digital marketing trends have you been experimenting with since 2020? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.