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    How to digitally market your cannabis business?

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    Legalization in Canada and many American states have set a blaze of accessibility to those seeking herbs or hemp-infused topicals both medically and recreationally. That being said, while the cannabis industry is booming with new, innovative sectors, such as politics, finance, health, wellness, cosmetics and even fashion, marketing cannabis to people looking to buy weed online can still prove to be quite difficult especially if you are trying to use Google Analytics or paid advertisements through social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That being said, if you’re a cannabis connoisseur who’s wanting to grab your slice of the “edible” pie, then it’s about time that you learned the ins and outs of marketing cannabis.

    What is the advertising roadblock for cannabis?

    While Canada as a nation has legalized recreational cannabis, most the world, including 19 states in the U.S., have made little-to-no progress in legalization. This means that social and advertising platforms have to limit their cannabis-related content and advertisements to appeal to places where it remains illegal. While marijuana prohibition is a real thing, there are things that you can do as a business owner to overcome these hurdles.

    There is a way to find organic reach

    Just because there are restrictions when it comes to advertising that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways that you can get the word out digitally for people to buy weed online. Since cannabis-related brands are hitting a block on paid advertising, they’re able to also try other digital marketing strategies such as posting organically through various social media, taking advantage of the old-fashioned ways of public relations or using SEO methods to get broader exposure.

    Cannabis marketing on Instagram

    Instagram is not only a platform for posting the most aesthetically pleasing travel and food photos, but it has also transitioned into an exciting digital mall. While most cannabis retailers aren’t allowed to cash in on this opportunity, that doesn’t mean that they can’t build their audience organically.

    Here are some Instagram tips:

    • Focus on your organic reach by establishing visually appealing photos and using popular/branded hashtags.
    • Be quick to respond to your customer concerns and comments.
    • Work with an influencer to create a word-of-mouth marketing scheme.
    • Utilize the stories feature to highlight promotions and unboxing events.

    Cannabis marketing on Facebook

    While Facebook possesses a stricter policy on the promotion or sale of drug-related products, they’re still some ways that you can market your cannabis business.

    • Organic is always the first place to start, just keep at it on a regular schedule to create traction.
    • Use the messenger feature in order to enable a fast response time to your current and potential customers.
    • Promote exclusive deals and offers through your business page and your messenger app.
    • Use Facebook stories to highlight your products.

    What are the rules on the other popular channels?

    • Twitter: No paid promotions are allowed on Twitter but you can start conversations through the use of trending hashtags.
    • Pinterest: Probably one of the strictest platforms, Pinterest does not allow the promotion of anything THC-related.
    • LinkedIn: Some paid promotions are allowed because it serves as a platform to report industry news. Although be sure to use strong visuals in order to grab your audience’s attention.

    Do you use social media to find a good place to buy weed online? Drop a comment below to let us know.