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    4 ways to improve on your email marketing

    email marketing

    email marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most influential digital marketing techniques available in terms of receiving wide-spread reach and engagement. Maybe it’s because emails are often a less intrusive form of advertising or perhaps it’s because they’re packed full of exclusive promotions that customers are able to take advantage of. Regardless of how we break down the significance of email marketing, it’s important that it be made a part of your digital marketing strategy. Because, whether you’re in need of an extra push to get yourself started or you’re simply looking at ways that can revamp your strategies, here are a few ideas that you can use to start improving enticing more clicks.

    Be goal oriented

    In every aspect of your life goals help to motivate and keep you on track, so, why should running your e-commerce business be any different? If you hope to have a successful email marketing campaign, it helps to define and lay out what you’re hoping to achieve and when you’re hoping to achieve it.

    That being said, if you’re just starting out with email marketing, you need to ask yourself what you’re expecting? Then again, if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, before you begin your campaigns, you’ll need to determine the purpose and then craft or hiring someone to complete the work. Is it a welcome email or an engagement email? Are you nurturing an ongoing campaign or simply wanting to boost traffic to your page? All these questions and more can really help to define and drive your emails in the right direction.

    Define your target audience

    When you are able to determine the gender, age and overall demographics of your audience before launching an email campaign it can drastically affect your open rates. Because let’s face it if the people you’re reaching out to aren’t all that interested in your products or services, why would they bother to click and buy? So, once you’ve created a subscription list it may be worth segmenting your clientele into smaller lists that allow you to send re-engagement emails to your regulars.

    Make your emails personal

    It’s important to personalize all the emails that your company sends. Why do you ask? Well, not only can this build a sense of trust with your email subscribers, but it can also increase your chances of receiving a higher open rate. So, we recommend that each email be coded by a professional programmer to include personalized features, like a customer subscriber’s name in the headline. Something as simple as this configuration has the power to make your regular customers feel more appreciated and also allow new, potential customers feel an added element of professionalism.

    Create some automated emails

    Many of our digital marketing clients rave about automated emails. Not only does this allow you to promote your business at every monumental turn, but it also gives you more time for other tasks. So, before you launch your email marketing campaign it’s important to have automated emails, such as a basic customer complaint reply email, a welcome email and possibly even some a few emails that can promote changes on your site (ex. a blog is posted). This allows your customers to have more opportunities to engage.

    Are there other ways that you’ve worked on improving your email marketing strategy? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.  

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