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    How to Increase Engagement on Facebook

    increase engagement on facebook

    Posting on your Facebook page is an excellent way to keep your customers informed of what’s going on with your business. However, if you’re merely posting text, images, and video content without engaging with your audience, you are not utilizing the platform to its full potential.

    What Is Facebook Engagement?

    Social media engagement refers to various actions that your fans or followers perform on your page or profile. For Facebook, it can be liking a post, leaving a comment, responding to someone else’s comment, sharing your post, or clicking on an image, link, or video.

    In addition to engaging with your audience, it also leads to increased organic reach, which can help you drive additional traffic to your page, and eventually, increase sales. If you’re struggling to increase engagement on Facebook, here are three easy strategies that can help you.

    Initiate a Conversation

    A popular method to start a conversation on Facebook is to use content to engage your audience. For instance, if you schedule a blog post on your Facebook account, accompany it with a question, as demonstrated by one of our customers, Zeus E-Juice. Instead of merely posting a link to that week’s blog post, we asked their customers a question and invited them to share their personal story: “Has vaping helped you quit smoking? Share your story in the comments section below.”

    increase engagement on facebook 2

    Host a Facebook Live Broadcast

    Hosting a live broadcast can help you increase engagement on Facebook, but it is essential that you promote the event in advance so that people can plan to attend. Sephora, for example, hosted a demonstration, followed by a Q&A session with makeup influencer, Samantha Ravndahl. Not only did they give their audience a heads up, but they also made it clear what the broadcast was going to be about and encouraged fans to come up with questions ahead of time.

    Sephora increase facebook engaegment

    Respond to Customer Comments and Questions Promptly

    Social media is fast becoming the most preferred channel for customers to communicate with companies, which means that you will often get comments and feedback, both positive and negative. Making sure that you respond quickly makes the potential or current customer feel like their input is valued and that their concerns have been acknowledged. Whenever possible, aim to provide your audience with a satisfactory answer, illustrated by the example below.

    article increase facebook engagement

    What strategies do you use to increase engagement on Facebook? Share your tips in the comments section below.