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    Coming up with content marketing ideas

    content marketing ideas

    Coming up with fresh content marketing ideas can sometimes be a tedious task. Needless to say, a fantastic idea is the driving force behind any business.

    Traditional marketing has become less effective over the years because audiences have learnt to tune it out. People are getting tired of being bombarded with new products and services. Instead, try providing your audience with relevant and useful information.

    What is content marketing?

    Content marketing takes a more educational, rather than promotional, approach. Stop always trying to sell your product and try telling a story.

    Although marketing aims to create brand awareness, content marketing isn’t just about the brand, products or services your company provides. It’s about your audience and their needs.

    Create content marketing ideas that consist of a variety of educational articles, videos, memes and even post conversations that answer popular consumer questions. This provides your audience with a wide array of content that is focused on your niche and is hard to find anywhere else. It’s also a good way to show that your product or brand is authentic, therefore making it more desirable.

    Providing this kind of content to your audience will allow you to develop credibility, which in turn, makes you an authoritative resource for your customers. This will gradually strengthen your consumer relationships with your brand.

    So where do you find ideas for the month of July?

    Ask yourself, “what’s trending in the month of July?” Well, summer is in full force and people are more interested in camping and road trips, rather than spending time cooped up indoors. Focus your energy on creating relevant content that contains information they can use.

    Try taking a look at any holidays or special events that take place in July. If any of them resonate with your brand, start by creating a blog or even a video relating to that festivity. For example, July is national grilling month, Canada’s birthday and has a dedicated day just to celebrating ice cream and all of its glory. Use these ideas to create informative content for your business.

    Successful content marketing can…

    • Build an engaged audience
    • Allow you to acquire new customers
    • Increase revenue with existing customers

    Are you new to content marketing? Take a look at our services page to find out about how we can help you with your content marketing strategy.

    How do you get creative and find ideas for content marketing? Tell us in the comments section below.