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    3 ways to write engaging website copy

    You could possess the best product(s) and service(s) on the market but if your copy doesn’t lure your visitors into wanting more, it lacks the engagement needed to make sales. Since the following three tips aren’t specific to any one type of website, it’s time to immerse yourself and learn some content writing techniques that can be used regardless of your industry. 

    Write benefit-driven rather than feature-driven copy

    While it’s good to possess some copy on your website explaining your company’s accomplishments and distinctions, some businesses have far too much content boasting their brand, which distracts visitors from purchasing. Although it might sound harsh, people don’t care about your company, they only care about how it can solve their problems, and while there are fiercely loyal consumers out there, it takes time for your company to build up this type of following. 

    To distinguish what we mean, benefits are the outcomes or results that users can expect from your product’s experience, whereas, the features are some sort of functionality that your product has. It’s important to know the difference and ensure that your website content writer does too!

    Write using the customer’s voice

    The tone and style of your web copy defines the voice of your brand across all of its channels which is why it’s crucial to establish and maintain this editorial consistency. Not only does powerfully persuasive writing reach prospective shoppers, but it also resonates with their wants and needs creating a hierarchical structure of relative importance and satisfaction. Simply put, if the voice on your website is in line with the experience or expectations of your customers, they will want to purchase your products or services. 

    Be sure to A/B test copy on high-value pages

    While nobody knows your business better than you, that doesn’t mean that you should gamble with big decisions based on how you think that visitors to your site will behave. This is why website content writers often work alongside a search engine optimization team to test elements of campaigns, such as landing pages. Not all copy is created equal and the pages with killer conversion rates are the first that need to be addressed.

    Here are some web copy elements that you might want to test:

    • Questions versus statements in headlines
    • Headline length
    • Short-form versus long-form copy
    • Language and/or word choice
    • Points of view

    If conducting an A/B on your web copy seems like a daunting task, consider hiring a website content writer to handle the development of your new website content.

    Are there any other methods that you use to formulate engaging content? Drop a comment below to add a tip!