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    Social Media Marketing: How to Use Instagram for Business

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    How to Use Instagram for Business

    Instagram users use the popular visual platform to discover content and brands that appeal to them. How can your online store capture their interest? Here is how to use Instagram for business.

    Set Up an Instagram Business Account

    Creating an account on Instagram is easy. Simply download their app and sign up using your company email address or Facebook login if you are set up as an administrator. Go to your profile and click on your settings. Scroll down and change select “Switch to Business Account.” Doing so will enable you to input important business information like your store hours, business address, or phone number. A business account also provides you with access to real-time metrics and valuable insights into your followers and their interactions with your posts.

    Develop a Visual Theme for Your Account

    Since Instagram is a highly visual medium, your photos, videos, stories, and captions need to have a cohesive look and feel for maximum impact. It’s always a great idea to include the colors of your logo, for instance, so that customers can quickly and instinctively recognize your brand. Or, maybe you want your feed to have a particular hue to evoke a certain emotion when customers are browsing your images. Deciding on a theme will help you choose the most appropriate photos and filters for your feed.

    Post Visually Captivating Photos and Videos

    Even if you don’t have a professional photographer on staff, you can create visually appealing photos and videos within the app using filters and editing tools. Mix it up and get creative! While you can focus on showcasing your products, you don’t want your account to look like a collection of ads. Instead, share candid photos of your staff, snaps of your beautiful office space, inspirational quotes, or behind the scenes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with stories. You can, for example, do mini how-tos or tutorials to show your customers how they can use your products.

    Don’t Neglect Captions

    Captions serve a multitude of functions. They provide more information about your posts and are a great way to show your company’s personality. You can engage your audience by asking questions and include hashtags to categorize your content. Since people can now follow hashtags, using them also means that you increase your discoverability on the platform.

    Follow Users

    You’re probably wondering who your business should follow. One way to start is to identify influencers in your industry; follow them and people who follow them since they are also likely to have an interest in your brand. Another option is to use relevant hashtags and find out who is interacting with posts containing those. The goal is that the people you follow follow you back, so make sure you also like or participate in discussions in order to get noticed.

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