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    Social Media: How to use YouTube for business

    YouTube for business

    YouTube for business

    When most business owners think of social media promotion, they think about using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to endorse their company. However, because of YouTube’s intuitive design, it’s actually more social and influential than you may think. While some consumers are accustomed to a visual learning style, others respond better to an aural (auditory) or verbal (linguistic) approach. That’s where YouTube has the chance to shine! Below are some tips to try when you are using YouTube for business.

    Keep regular content flowing

    Popular YouTube channels remain popular because a high volume of content is posted on a regular schedule (daily or weekly). If you want to succeed in using YouTube for business purposes then you will need to craft tons of videos in order to use this advantageous marketing tool to its fullest potential.

    Highlight a clear Call to Action

    At the end of your video, or where you place necessary links in your video’s description, you should also include a call to action. This will allow viewers to respond to your video and leave you some feedback.

    Use YouTube to engage with your audience

    As your channel becomes more popular, you will notice a much larger audience is viewing your content. Naturally, with more people comes more opinions. Use this as an opportunity for you to see any patterns in your feedback and comments as well as make a habit of promptly responding and personalizing yourself as a business owner.

    Get creative when it comes to titles

    People search YouTube comparable to how they search Google, so your description, keywords and phrases are essential when using YouTube for business. Flashy titles, tags and category placements allow the pathway that once separated you and your audience to narrow in the direction of your branded content.

    Post your content to other social platforms

    Just because you’ve created your videos for YouTube, doesn’t mean they have to exclusively remain there. As part of an effective social media strategy, posting content to all your channels gives you a wider range of viewership and allows you to spread the word much faster.

    Are there any other ways that you have successfully used YouTube for business? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.


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