Vape E-Cigs (SEO)

The Challenge is a vape and e-cigarette online shop committed to providing smokers with the best vapes and electronic cigarettes, the latest in vaporizer technology, fast shipping, amazing customer service, and excellent prices. Trek Marketing started working with Vape Ecigs in June 2021 to improve their organic traffic, revenue, and conversion rate. Their goal was to improve their online presence through SEO and organic marketing by focusing on the manufacturer's branded keywords while improving their own to improve direct traffic.

How We Helped

Trek Marketing was involved in making the website from the very beginning. Trek Marketing helped the designer choose a design, create the website structure, set metadata information, create a backlinking strategy, lay out the content plan, etc. We began targeting branded keywords of the manufacturers and started popping up on the first page for these high-volume keywords in a couple of months. This helped us improve website traffic while improving our own branded keyword search volume.

The Results

Trek Marketing started working with a brand new website from scratch, making them one of the most popular Vape & Ecigs shop online in less than a year. Between Jan 2022 and December 2022, Trek Marketing was able to achieve the following:

  • Increase in organic revenue
  • Increase in views from organic traffic sources


Increase in organic revenue


Increase in views from organic traffic sources